Dark Lineage

Rin Okumura didn't like cemeteries. In particular, he didn't like the one behind his old house. But either way, Rin avoided going there where possible. It was only on special occasions that he would go to that cemetery, and, should he have done so, he had always taken someone with him, usually Yukio. However, he couldn't keep avoiding that place forever because, unfortunately for him, one extremely important person to him happened to be in there. "Hi Dad…" he murmured forcing a cheerful smile. There was only a stone in front of him, he didn't have to convince anyone but he tried to look happy anyway.

"It's been a while, I know…" Rin knelt down. "My days are a little complicated, sorry. I can barely walk outside of my room now and I run the risk to be punished coming here but…" His expression turned sad. "I needed to talk with someone that can't hurt me anymore. Do you mind if I bother you for a while?"

The silence was the only answer and Rin sighed deeply, "Do you hate me, right now? I don't want an answer but, you know? When you're fifteen, when you're a lonely boy and you're the dark prince of the Hell and you decide to love your twin brother and to give birth to his children… you begin to think that everyone will hate you."

Rin placed a hand on his lower stomach. "Will they fall in Hell with me, Dad? Will the Heaven push them away? Because they're innocent, you know that, right Dad? Dad?" Rin didn't want to cry again, he didn't even know why he had ran away. He just needed to feel loved by someone and his father had loved him even when Yukio had hated him so… "I see… You're really gone, right?"

What did he claim coming here? His father was dead, his tomb couldn't talk to him or hug him. He was alone, he was completely alone with two demon-children inside him and fifteen years of life. He sat on the cold pavement holding his knees against his chest sobbing violently, "Yukio… Yukio…" He called trying to find a reason… a good reason… to forgive him again, to trust his twin brother, his lover, his children's father again. "Yukio…"

"Look who we 've here!"

Rin felt his heart stop for a while, he didn't move.

"Our little beautiful prince, we're so lucky!"

Rin lifted his eyes just to see the three demons at his side. "It's been a while, right my prince?" A boy with red hair said. Rin could clearly see his fags and his fine pupils, there were two horns on his head and a tail wrapped around his waist. The other two guys didn't look so scary but Rin knew they were two demons, he could feelit. The guy with the horns bent down, "It's a pleasure to see you again, my prince."

Rin reacted at the end, he pushed himself up taking three steps back. "I don't fucking know who you're!" He shouted. The demon laughed loudly showing his four fags very well, "Oh… don't you remember me, my prince? I'm the loyal servant that has tried to take you to my dark Lord."

Rin blinked two times grabbing his sword. "I don't know what you're talking about! Leave me alone! if you know me so well, you know that I can kill you easily."

"Are you sure, my prince?" The demon asked coming closer. "Are you sure to be able to use the Hell's power, now?"

Rin grinned, "Of course I…" He was extracting the sword when his eyes fell on his middle section. He heard Mephisto's voice talk in his head, Your body can't stand the flames because one of the baby is human, probably. The arrogant smile on his face died quickly and his hands stopped in the air. I can't use the flames! He thought in panic. If I use my power one of the baby will…

He stiffened looking up at the three demons in front of him, the red-haired guy laughed like a crazy man again, "What did happen, my prince, you're afraid of something maybe?" He asked sarcastically, "You looked so terrified even when we've tried to burn your face! You looked so helpless and innocent, your human side is really funny for us, you know?"

Burn my face?Rin widened his blue eyes in disbelieve. "You're… You're…!" He wanted to wrap his hand around his stomach protectively but he restrain himself, "You're Astaroth."

"It's a great honor to be reminded by you, my prince" The demon bent down again walking closer slowly, "But we're here for a good reason so, we'll be very happy if you won't fuss too much, now!"

Rin held his breath retreating, "Stay away!" He shouted. "Don't you dare to touch me or…"

"Or?" Astaroth asked. "You can't use your flames, can you?"

Rin opened his mouth trying to reply. "Don't lie, only bad babies lie and you're a good one, right?" Astaroth smiled sweetly and he looked creepier than before. Rin was trembling, he wanted to stop but he had never been so fucking scared because it wasn't about his life, it wasn't onlyabout his life anymore! "Stay back…" He growled, he wanted to run, to scream but he knew it was futile. If someone could hear him… a simple human couldn't do anything against three monsters. "Did he order you to take me?"

Astaroth tilted his head continuing to smile. "Our Lord gave us an order, yes! But we don't want to take you home, today… it's not necessary."

Rin looked at the tomb beside him. Dad, he called silently, he begged. Dad, please! He was only a teenager, a little too cheerful sometimes but he was old enough to understand when something bad is going to happen and Rin didn't really know how to save himself and the little things inside him. Dad, please! He could only beg the dead ones. "What do you want from me?" Rin shouted.

"We want to free you from that little nuisance inside you!"

Rin's heart stopped, he looked down at his stomach pressing his right hand against that little spot protectively. "Don't you dare…" He said with trembling voice. "Don't touch me or you'll regret the day you're born!"

Astaroth laughed. "Poor, poor Rin! He is all alone, he is helpless and he has to protect two little life! It's so tragic…"

"Shut up!"

"Where is the father, my little prince?" Astaroth asked sarcastically. "Where is the precious brother you believed in?"

"Shut the hell up!"

"Where is that traitor of Mephisto Pheles? He didn't even see you leave his fucking Academy, he has always been a loser!"

"I don't fucking care about him!"

"And the miss with the big tits? You trusted her, she was the only one to not judge you when you've committed incest and you've got pregnant."

"Stop it!" Rin held his head between his hands. "Stop it…"

"You used to be so strong, so stubborn, so naïve, my precious prince." Astaroth lifted his hand up caressing Rin's cheek sweetly. "You used to be so perfectly human, and you don't know how much you're perfect now with this deep despair in your eyes. With this shattered soul."

Rin pushed that hand away taking another step back. "Don't touch me, aga…" He couldn't end, the other two demons has grabbed his arms pushing him against the cold pavement. The sword fell on the earth rolling away from him, Rin widened his eyes trying to free himself but he could do nothing without his flames. His middle section was completely uncovered, helpless and Rin held his breath when he saw Astaroth bend down to caress his lower stomach. "It is so sweet…" he murmured staring at his body. "Our Lord is so happy about it, you know? He suffers because he would be really happy to take care of you right now. You're young for the humans but you're almost an infant for the demons, your father is so worried about your conditions, he doesn't want to suffer needlessly…"

"Needlessly?" Rin asked arrogantly trying to kick the demon off of him, but Astaroth stopped him. "Just because you're so young, my prince…" He murmured gently, "You don't really know what you're doing keeping a little demon inside you."

"I'm strong, I can…"

"Yes, you're strong but not enough for two twins…" Astaroth smiled devilishly. "And your dear father's heart will break if you'll die giving birth not only to our second little prince or princess but to another useless human like your brother, as well. He is a lovely parent and he doesn't want to risk his precious child's life for a human baby."

Rin froze, he stared up at the demon over him and then he lowered his gaze on his body. You're strong but not enough for two twins… He doesn't want to risk his child's life for a human baby…The truth hit him like a mortal wound, he shook his violently trying to free himself again. "No! NO!"

Astaroth smiled. "I'm sorry, my prince but your father doesn't need another rotten fruit with his blood."

"NOOO!" Rin began to cry loudly using all his strength but it wasn't enough… Yes, you're strong but not enough…"No! No! NO!"

"In this world… In the demon's world" Astaroth lifted his right hand over his head. "There is a place only for the true progeny of the dark lineage."

Rin felt the pain in his stomach, he felt the blood on his clothes and on his skin, he felt that demonic hand violate his body looking for the rotten fruit. Rin felt like a sort of tear and it hurt, it hurt like hell but he didn't have the strength to scream anymore, he only cried.

Yukio… Yukio… Yukio!

Astaroth lifted his hand again, it was covered with blood, Rin's blood. The young demon wanted to closed his eyes, he wanted to lose consciousness, he wanted to die! Because it was worse than the death itself. The demon's fingers were wrapped around something. Close your eyes! Closer your eyes, Rin! A voice in his mind said but he was powerless, he was like a doll right now. You don't want to see what that monster is holding. Closer your eyes! CLOSE YOUR EYES!

Astaroth opened his fingers looking at the bloody little thing right before his eyes, he stared down at the younger demon's stomach: the blood was still on his clothes but the wound was healing very quickly. He smirked satisfied, staring at the little creature in his hand. He laughed. "It was a boy!" He exclaimed laughing showing the thing to his young prince. Rin didn't realize at first and then he widened his eyes beginning to breath fast, too fast.

You had to close your eyes…

Rin shook his head slowly praying to wake up and find out that it was only the worst nightmare of his life.

Why didn't you close your eyes?

"No…" He sobbed. He wanted to vomit, he wanted to cry desperately but he didn't feel anything. He was too horrible, it hurt too much. His soul wasn't able to understand what was tearing him inside. "No… no… no…"

You knew what he was holding in his hand. Why didn't you close your eyes?

"Now… now…" Astaroth said throwing the bloody thing on the earth next to the younger demon. Rin couldn't help but turn his head to stare at it. "No…" He wanted to touch it, he wanted to hold it against his chest like it was still alive, like it was still a baby boy. My baby boy…

Why are you hurting yourself so much?

"Aaaaaaah!" He shouted until his lungs hurt. "Aaaaaaaah!"

You're punishing yourself because you weren't able to protect your precious child.

Aruthor's Babbling: It's short, it's a mess and I didn't re-read it at the end... but I hopo you don't hate me bacause of that. Now... you know because Yukio and Rin have had only a baby boy and not two little twins. Yes, I'm a monster. Yes, I hate myself. Se you soon!