012 woke up to the sight of the man he had seen rubbing alcohol on his wounds. "That armor of yours is pretty tough," the man said, trying to sound casual. "Without it, you probably would have been dead."

012 looked around him, he was no longer in the rebel house, but on an operation table in some form of lab, "Where am I?" he groaned, surprised at the sound of his own voice, which sounded old and weak.

"You are in Dr. Klieners lab," the man said, starting to bandage 012s pellet-hole-riddled chest.

A few seconds later a half bald man with glasses was looking over him.

"Hello my friend," the man said. "I am Dr Kliener, scientist and inventor; now then, what is your name?"

"012," 012 said. "At least, that's my unit number," he decided to keep the part about the two men secret; they would probably think he was insane if he did tell them.

"Yes, I should have expected as much," said Kliener, helping 012 into a sitting position. "I cannot say how glad I am to see that the Combine can be reverted back into their human state of mind, now if only we- oh, hello Gordon. A man in some form of orange armor walked into the room, the moment he and 012 saw each other they both drew out a weapon, Gordon taking out a crowbar and 012 grabbing the mans revolver from its holster. 012 knew this man; he had seen countless videos of him, Gordon Freeman, the bane of the Combine.

Luckily, Dr. Kliener moved between them before they could do anything, "Calm down Gordon," he said. "This fellow here has been converted; he no longer serves the Combine."

Gordon slowly lowered his crowbar, eyeing 012, who had given the man his revolver back.

"Now then," said Kliener, helping 012 off of the table. "We need to…" he never finished his sentence, at that moment a giant explosion shook the lab, making the hallway collapse and trapping the four of them in the lab.

"Oh my," Kliener said, walking over to a wall and pulling it away, revealing a door. "Gordon, you need to find Alyx, last I saw her she was helping Barney with another shipment of supply crates, Tod and I will meet you at the docks, 012, I need you to follow Gordon, he'll need all the help he can get," he then scurried down the tunnel with Tod behind him.

Gordon eyed 012, who nodded, "Right now we need to work together," the ex Combine said.

Gordon returned the nod and headed down the tunnel, which split in two a few feet down. Kliener had taken the left tunnel so they would have to take the left one, unfortunately the left tunnel happened to go right under the kitchen, and the vortigaunts had just caught a new load of headcrabs…