"Wind Whisper!" my human, Sun Eagle, laughed, trying to find me in the woods. "Come out sill ole girl." I neighed back at him tossing my head at him. I emerged from behind the tree. Sun Eagle ran up to me and hugged my neck. I nickered at him.

"We must head back, girl." He mounted me. I gave that my cue to started running back. He grabbed chunks of my wind blue mane. I looked back at him as we charged through the forest. We arrived at the hill before the valley is created, where our village lies.

Sun Eagle dismounted and started the trudge down the steep cliff into the grassy basin. I followed him carefully down the tight trail. We reached the bottom safely and he walked back to him human friends.

"Wind, where have you been? What on Earth were you and Sun Eagle doing above the valley walls?" asked the eldest mare, Horizon. She had a Chesnutt body with yellow hooves and her mane and tail were yellow and chestnut.

"We were playing in the forest. It's not my fault, that's where Sun Eagle wanted to go." I argued and turned my back from her.

"You have a say in what goes on." She interjected. I ignored her, Horizon had the best advice at times but she could get annoying. I walked silently over to both my friends and my mate, Strong Night. I nuzzled his neck and he returned the favor.

"You have been gone for quite a long time." He pretend lectured. He was all black and his mane and tail were black with a few strands of orange that matched his eyes. The others laughed with us, three mares and a stallion. The mares' names were Little Flower, Waiting Moon, and Meadow Dancer. The stallion's name was Two Rivers.

Little Flower had a light pink body with spots of sunshine yellow. Her mane and tail were the sunshine yellow as well. Waiting Moon was all white and her mane and tail had a few traces of sparkles. Meadow Dancer was a dun with a forest green stripe down her back and light zebra stripes on one of her back legs, her hair was the same forest green. Two Rivers looked a little like me but he was paint. His body was white (like mine) but he had splotches of ice blue. His mane and tale were ice blue with a few segments of dark blue.

"Wind! Wind Whisper!" called Sun Eagle. I franticly looked around because he heard I was in need.

"Waiting Moon! Meadow Dancer! Two Rivers! Strong Night!" called the other humans. We looked at each other in confusion on why they needed all of us. Strong Night quickly reared and galloped towards his human. We all did the same as we dashed around the village. I got a slight glimpse of Sun Eagle as I ran past a teepee.

"Wind Whisper!" he called to me again. It was hard to hear because all of the other humans were calling to their horses too. I ran over to him with a new found speed. He mounted me right as I pulled up to him.

"The army, sweet girl, it's the army." He said calmly in my ear. This got me enraged; they won't get away with it this time. I reared up onto my back legs and punched the air with great force. I came down and sprinted to where Sun Eagle was telling me. I climbed a slight hill. From the top I could see the men from the army. There were about 20 or more in a weird formation. I neighed loudly into the sky to alert my fellow horses.

Strong Night ran up beside me with his rider, Solid Oak. We both looked at the soldiers riding nearer and nearer to us as our riders talked.

"What do we do?" asked Solid Oak. He sounded really nervous; this was all of our first battles. We haven't had a battle like this in about 10 months and we weren't old enough then. Our jobs during the last battle we to take all of the woman and children into the forest above the valley.

"We need the others." Sun Eagle said as calmly as he could. I could still hear a twinge of tenseness in his voice. Many others of the tribe's horses approached us. Chief Walking Stick cantered up to us on his horse, Brave Boar. A bay stallion with candy-apple red socks, mane, tail, and muzzle.

"We shall fight strong for our tribe. We shall win the battle today." Chief Walking Stick said to the group of about 30 horses standing on the hill. "We out number them, but they have great weapons. We did not have time to paint our horses or ourselves before we fight but the sun shines greatness down upon us."

"Fight for our people," Brave Boar encouraged us. "Listen to what the chief has to say, he is very wise." All the horses nodded back at them. In the corner of my eye I could see the packers make their way towards the wall, Little Flower was amongst them carrying a teepee and supplies by sled.

"I have a plan." Sun Eagle said, he was always one to come up with plans. "We all run back like we are scared, about half of us take off to the sides, and once they charge at us, we charge back. The front runners will hold them back but once I let out a war cry you guys come in from the sides." Walking Stick and Strong Boar nodded with agreement.

Our war party galloped back down the hill, everyone was yelling and screaming. The army came running at us and Sun Eagle turned me around. I ran straight at what I interpreted the chief of the army.

"Look it's my little pony, what is she going to do? Blast me with the power of friendship." His chestnut stallion laughed at me. I was furious and Sun Eagle could feel it, he tensed up and gripped my mane in one hand and his Tomahawk in the other. I reared and kicked the horse right in the face. I let out a quick laugh, Sun Eagle quickly let out the loudest war cry I had ever heard (not that I had heard any.) About 15 more men appeared out from nowhere and charged right at them.

The chestnut was so shocked that we actually had the knowledge to make a strategy that he didn't even see me when I head-butted him to the ground. The army chief landed on his butt, steaming. Right as I reared up to crush him, Strong Night came and trampled right over both the army chief and the chestnut horse.