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The bell had just rung for the end of school and Naruto needed to get home fast. He had seen the twins in their cheerleader outfit and needed to work off some steam. Who were the twins? They had been the girls Naruto had liked since Jr. High, and fallen for in High School. It also didn't help that the two of them were extraordinarily hot. They were Hinata and Shion. The two didn't really act like the other. Hinata was bashful and nice, while Shion was more outgoing but also nice in her way. Naruto had befriended them before they had become cheerleaders, but he was just a nerd so the minute they became cheerleaders they lost touch with them. He did see them when he helped them with their homework but he figured they were just using him, which after they left, left in an attitude of lowness about how easily he was played. It also didn't help that they had two douche boyfriends. Sasuke and Neji. Shion with Sasuke and Hinata with Neji*. The thought made him depressed since those guys always made fun of him and the two did nothing to stop it. Just like today when they called him a sissy when he did his poem in English. It had gotten him an A and humiliation from the two as they got the entire class to laugh at him. Their own poems were more like bad porn and immediately got Fs. But all of that didn't matter; the twins didn't stop the two of their boyfriends from making fun of him and Naruto left the room heartbroken. He wished he hadn't fallen for the twins but knew that he stilled loved them even if it hurt. So he was just going to go home and try to imagine them in his own ideal light. But before he left he heard someone call his name. Two someones. He turned around and saw the twins approaching him. He started to get nervous and looked at the ground. They came up to him with smiles.

"Hey Naruto, how are you?" Shion asked.

"Good I guess." Naruto said quietly.

"That's good. Listen me and Hinata need some tutoring, so can we come over?" Shion asked.

"I don't know, I'm a little tired and I really just want to go home have some time to myself." Naruto said not completely lying.

"Please Naruto we really need your help." Hinata pleaded giving him a pout. Even though Naruto wished he never fell for the two and knew he would end up feeling terrible once they left he couldn't resist their plea.

"I guess." He said softly.

"Yeah, thank you Naruto." Hinata said.

"Yeah thanks Naruto, we'll be there in an hour once we go home and change into something more comfortable." She said and with that the two of them left. Naruto just sighed and started to make his way back home. He just hoped that the lesson would be easy and they would leave soon.

An hour later the doorbell rang at Naruto's apartment. He went to his door and opened it. His eyes almost bugged out of his head at what he saw. There was Hinata and Shion in short skirts and shirts that showed their belly buttons.

"Oh Naruto, can we come in?" Hinata asked.

"Uh, yeah sure." He said motioning them in. They got in and went to the table putting down their stuff. "Uh, so what do you need help with?" He asked

"Oh just the usual stuff, math, science, English." Shion said. Naruto just sighed. Naruto started to go over the stuff with them and by the end they still weren't getting it.

"I still don't get it Naruto." Shion whined.

"It's simple really all you have to do is-." Naruto started.

"Can't you just give us the answers? Please Naruto." Shion pleaded giving him a pout. Naruto couldn't resist and wrote down the answers. He looked at the paper and realized what he's done. He'd given them the answers. He was just their tool.

"Excuse me." Naruto said as he got up. Shion and Hinata just looked up at him surprised and confused as they watched him go to the bathroom. When the door he looked at the mirror. Out of the corning of his eye he saw tears started to form. He sniffled and wiped his eyes. He splashed water on his face and took a deep breath. He opened the door and went back to the table.

"Everything alright Naruto?" Hinata asked.

"Yeah, yeah, but can you two please leave I'm feeling a bit tired and don't feel up to this right now." He said. The two of them looked up at him shocked.

"You've never asked us to leave even when you were tired. What's wrong Naruto?" Hinata asked worried.

"Yeah, you've always been nice and courteous to us. What's wrong?" Shion asked.

"Nothing, just please leave." Naruto said as he went to the door.

"No not until you tell us what's wrong." Shion said. Hinata nodded.

"No." Naruto said simply. The two of them were shocked. He had never said no to them. Not even when they were younger.

"What do you mean no?" Shion asked.

"Oh now you don't know what know means, should I tell you that too?" Naruto asked sorely. Hinata and Shion were getting more and more shocked at Naruto' attitude. He'd never acted like this.

"What's wrong with you Naruto? Where's that kind guy who would always help us even if it messed up with his schedule or he was tired, huh?" Shion asked.

"He got sick of being you punching bag." Naruto said coldly. The two of them looked at him confused.

"Punching bag, we never treated like a punching bag." Shion said.

"Oh really? Then what's this huh? You two come over here asking me to help you and what happens? I just give you the answers. I help you to the point of cheating and what do I have to show for it? Two girls who don't give me the time of day when I'd give them the entire week and who don't do anything while their boyfriends spit on me. That's all I get for falling for you two." Naruto said with tears down his cheeks. The two of them looked at Naruto; shock written on their faces.

"You've fallen for us?" Hinata asked.

"I liked you two since we met. I fell for you two when we started high school. And look what it got me. Now please leave and never try to speak with me again." Naruto said as he turned the door and was preparing to open it when he felt two pairs of arms around him.

"We're so sorry Naruto. We didn't know. If we had we would have come over sooner." Hinata said.

"What do you mean come over sooner?"

"Silly, we came over here to tell you we broke up with our boyfriends to be with you. We just didn't know if you liked us in return. Why do you think we went home to change into these clothes?" Shion said.

"Bullshit. Don't lie to me." Naruto said. No sooner had he said that was he turned around and his head brought down into a kiss with Hinata. It was Naruto's turn to be shocked. He felt Shion get behind him and start to kiss his neck. Hinata separated from him and looked him in the eyes.

"It's the truth Naruto." She said. Naruto didn't know how to react so he went on instinct and kissed Hinata again, but this time with force. She started to moan into the kiss and was about to start using tongue but Naruto pulled away from her making her groan in disappointed and look to see what happened. Naruto had broken the kiss and turned around and kissed Shion the way he had to Hinata. Shion then pulled away and got next to Hinata. The two took his arms and pulled him to his bedroom. They pushed him down and started to switch back and forth from kissing him to kissing his neck. The two soon got off of him making him snap out of his trance and look up to see them stripping for him. The 'dance' was not making it easy for Naruto to control himself, especially when he saw that the two had come prepared by not wearing underwear. E almost came when he saw their naked forms. Both were so beautiful he couldn't help but stare. Shion smiled at his look and went up to his ear and whispered.

"Why don't you take us stud?" she said in a sultry voice. That was all Naruto needed as he grabbed Hinata and Shion and threw them on the bed. "Silly Naruto you need to get naked too." Shion said. Naruto looked at her and started to strip. He was a little nervous that they wouldn't like what they saw, but did it anyway. Oh and did Hinata and Shion like what they saw. Not only was he in good physical condition, but he was also well endowed.

"Wow, you're big Naruto, bigger than Sasuke at least." Shion said and Hinata agreed about her former boyfriend. Naruto looked slightly heartbroken.

"You guys slept with them?" he asked looking down.

"What? Oh God no! We only went as far as third base. They were pressuring us too much and we didn't like them that much. People just kept pressuring us to go out with them is all." Shion said. Naruto looked relieved. Then he thought a moment and looked confused.

"Um, who do I start with? I mean I love you both equally I just don't know who to start with." Naruto said.

"I say Hinata first. She was the one who said we should come over today so I say her." Shion said smiling. Naruto looked at Hinata who nodded. Naruto went over to her and kissed her. He pushed her down and added tongue. After a while of tongue battling Naruto started to kiss his way down her neck to her breasts. He kissed and licked them, while he kneaded the lonely breast. Hinata was moaning at his actions, which was all the encouragement Naruto needed. He kissed his way down and stopped at her core. He looked at it before giving it a long lick making Hinata shudder and moan. Naruto continued to attach her pussy until she couldn't hold it anymore and screamed Cumming into his awaiting mouth.

After swallowing Hinata's essence Naruto positioned himself at her entrance and with one final nod from Hinata he broke through. Hinata gasped in pain and tried to hold back tears. Naruto saw this and did his best to comfort her with kisses and soft words. She eventually got over the pain and nodded for Naruto to continue. He started out slow but soon both of them were wanting more and with a beg from Hinata for him to go faster Naruto started to lose control. Naruto thrust into Hinata frantically trying to keep the feeling of intense pleasure going along with Hinata's moans of passion. Soon Naruto warned he was about to cum to which she brought his head down into a kiss until they both came. Hinata laid there as Naruto pulled out of her feeling like she was in heaven and only reacted when Naruto pulled all the way out of her giving off a moan of disappointment.

Naruto turned his attention to Shion who was smiling and fingering herself as she watched her sister and love go at it. She smiled at Naruto.

"You don't need to butter me up Naruto just go for it." She said as she took her fingers out of her pussy and spread her legs to welcome him. Naruto just nodded and positioned himself at her entrance before thrusting in. Just like Hinata, Shion cringed in pain but she told Naruto not to stop and continue. Naruto did so but slowly to make sure she was all right before Shion started to beg him to go faster. With that beg Naruto starting to thrust into Shion like this was the last night he could ever spend with them. He continued to ravage her and soon realized she was a rough type and so bit into her neck to mark her as his. He continued his actions until just like Hinata he warned Shion he was close and was again brought into a kiss until they both came. Shion just lay there her body numb from their throws of passion. Naruto pulled out her and went to Hinata and sucked her neck until he saw a hickey there, maker her as his also. He then lay between the two as they snuggled into him. He smiled.

"I love you two." He said giving a kiss to both of them.

"I love you too Naruto." Hinata/Shion said. The three of them drifted off to sleep happy and in each other's loving embrace.

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