June 2008

Alex Rodgers goes in to another of those nondescript government buildings which dot the DC landscapes.
After passing security he goes to the top floor of the Dept of Agriculture building. Using a special Key card he goes through a very well secured door. After passing row upon row of busy individuals keyed to their computer screens, he stops at the office of one Alexander Grady, Chief administrator. So it is says on the brass nameplate. Opening the door he scans the room. It is fairly small as gov't offices go. There is a file cabinet in on wall. No windows but still had plenty of light streaming from the above sky lights. A large mahogany crafted desk sits in the middle of the room. It looks very much out of place with the gov't issued furniture plus a large Persian Rug another anomaly.

Alex stands on the side of the wall observing which he had been trained to do. There was a very large man squinting at his computer screen and issuing oaths at the machine. Alex Rodgers looks down at the man.
The Man finally tiring of the futility of his quest looks up. He has dark blue eyes, silver hair with streaks of brown and red. Creases in his face show a roadmap of worry and concern. Shoulders bunched together still having definition and musculature. Large hands grips the sides of the desk as if the desk as some wounded animal which needs to be put down.

"Alex" says the man, "good I am glad you are here! The Old Man was getting impatient!"

Alex snorted and said, "Yeah, I know how he is like."

The man rooted through some files sitting haphazardly on his desk. Finally, he got fed up and looked at Alex, " I cant find a &*&$%*^& thing on this desk any more!"

Alex smiled and said, "You could put on your reading glasses"
He pointed to the top of his head the man following his gaze reached up and pulled the glasses down from their perch on the top of his head.

The man continued rooting for another 5 minutes finally he found a thick file squinting at it he recognized that was not it! Oh there is is he exclaimed!

Alex being bored by this non action whipped out his cell phone and started playing a game it was one of those new Cell phone apps which was all the rage.

Finally, the man hands the correct file to Alex interrupting his game!

"Oh Man!"Alex exclaimed, " was going for the high score too! Alex pouted!

The man behind the desk said "Tough! This has priority! It comes from the Old Man himself!"

Alex picked up the offered file" What two pages? What kind of operation on has two pages in a dossier!"

The man replied, "one which has no body looking to add information!"

Alex waved the folder around stating, "what good it this? I could get better results if Wikied the name of the subject!"
Alex quite cross at his boss thought this dossier was a joke! It must be he thought but yet the Old Man wants him on it? Him the best agent the CIA/NSA had ever? This is a joke!

"Ok Boss enough of the fun and games Ha Ha we all have gotten the joke the Old Man is angry with me! Look That night in Budapest she meant nothing to me!"

The man Alex called Boss grimaced and said, "This is no joke! This person is needing our protection! You are assigned to get close to the subject and use all your abilities to keep this person safe without outing your true reason ok? This is going to be one of your hardest assignments! Your cover as the rich playboy author is still active correct?

Alex said, "Yeah it is active. I like writing. It works to remove those bugaboos which other agents live with nightly!"

The Boss looked at him and said, "Go get out of here are you not supposed to be somewhere soon?"

Alex left without the file, and said to himself, "Katerine Beckett you are mine!"

The next day Alex ran to catch the Acela Express which would get into Grand Central around 7 seven that night!

Damn Alex said to himself I going to miss Alexis's recital!

Alexis is his pride and joy. The person he lived his whole career for. His Daughter of 14 and growing up fast!
I can not believe that the Old Man is doing this to me he mused while sitting on the train heading to NYC!

A two page dossier! He looked at his cell phone. He brought up the name" Katherine Beckett!" Hmmm so she grad from NYU then did service academy then took a position with NYPD? Now a homicide detective? and I am suppose to protect this person? How? What is my in? Hmmm reads Russian literature... Strange a Police officer with Culture! Heh! Has a very dangerous job but how can I get close to her? I guess first off I need to do some surveillance. This is mighty thin

So Miss Beckett what are your likes and dislikes? I see by the recent photo you are attractive, Cute face and those Green eyes! very stunning! Alex thought of all the ways he could get involved in her life without her suspecting anything! The Old Man is crazy! Protection on this nobody police person! What is the catch? The Old Man did nothing without a good reason! Hmmm something about her face Alex starring at the picture there is a sadness crossing the face. The picture had captured a micro expression. Alex studied the photo. He brought up an app to zoom to various parts of the picture so Alex could discover what other hidden meaning was lurking there

At 6 Alex stopped what he was doing and called Home.

Hey Sweetie, Alex said into the phone

Hey Dad, the voice so young a sweet replied " Are you going to make the recital? You know I got first chair!

That is great sweetie but I am going to be late the Train comes in at 7 and there is still a 30 min drive to the auditorium.

Alexis voice quivered a bit when listening to the news of her father's late arrival. "That is ok Dad I am not involved in the first 20 mins anyways! I do hope to see you in the audience sometime soon though!"
Her voice brightened then when she said, "Do you wish to talk to Grams?"

Alex said, "No, you can relay this message to her. I am sure she will be taking you to the recital soon!"

Alexis said, "Ok Dad I got to go and get ready! See you soon!"

Alex closed the phone and again brought up the picture hunting searching for anything to clue him in what she had hidden from the world. Hidden from everyone except me Alex thought!

Wait a minute the file said she read my books! That is the in! She's a Fan Girl! Great but now just appearing for a shoot will not work How can I get close?

Alex mused for another 30 minutes has the train came to a halt. Picking up his suitcase he exited from the train to hail a cab. Another 30 Minutes he was entering the auditorium.

Alex scanned the stage and spotted his Pride and Joy sitting watching the conductor! Looking for the signal to start her part of the piece.

Alex pulled out his phone and started videoing from the back of the theater the performance. He zoomed in on his Daughter's concentrating face. Then she began to move her bow with the precision which she had honed over these past years. The pride which came to Alex's face was illuminating.

Martha noticed her son Richard standing a few feet away. She called to him softly so that not too many other patrons were disturbed. Finally, she got his attention. Alex moved to sit next to her.

Alex continued videoing the rest of the performance! After the performance Alex stood to help his mother up and go to locate his wayward daughter!
No need there was a red comet streaking toward him!

Wrapping her hands around his big chest she hugged him tight! Alex's arms wrapped around his daughter's thin frame saying Hi Pumpkin! Great performance!

Alexis after Hugging her father started talking very fast on how the performance was not up to her usual standards and that the second chair was flat and the conductor was rushing everyone like he had to be somewhere soon!

Alex looked at Alexis and said, "Slow down girl! I am glad you had a good performance! How about I treat everyone for a dessert at a very special place for both my special ladies!"

Alex chose to go to a small diner with his special ladies to get milk shakes and maybe a sundae!

Alexis being a vegetarian wanted to have soy milk for her shake!

Alex chuckled to himself Yes it is true the world famous ladies man is nothing but a Dad and proud of it!

Alex busied himself with the business of fame for the next two weeks occasionally getting a email from that unlisted website. Opening the encryption key he read the content.

Hmmm Alex said to himself, The Old Man wants to know if I have made any progress with the assignment! All his regular ways of getting her attention had gone unnoticed so that meant he had to follow her at a discrete distance of course.

Alex sent an anonymous email back saying no luck in contact using other methods for this mission. There that should hold them off for awhile! As Alex busily looked at the pictures of the brunette he had been taking.

Here is one where she is at a particular gruesome crime scene! Alex studied all the photos. He noticed she is standing to the side before entering the crime scene eyes closed. Alex studied this picture closer she is holding her breath! What is this a ritual? Alex thought!

Alex started tailing her He noticed that she was in charge of a group they seem to be taking orders from her. One a medium build Hispanic short crew cut style hair. Hmmm Alex thought Special Forces I know that type well! Alex mused about his last encounter in the hills of Afghanistan dealing with drug dealers what was that logo Yes,a Black Dragon! Yes, they were the Dragon group! They were quite a crew!

Alex looked at the group gathered the ME had walked up to her a short Black woman sort of young seems to know what she is doing. She is pointing at the body Katherine is looking where she is pointing. Another person shorter than the Hispanic white patsy in color Possibly an Irishman. That makes sense Alex thought to himself Irish Policeman! How stereotypical!

Over the weeks Alex tailed them watching for any hint of danger!

One day in a mid November Blizzard she was called out to a crime scene in a cold abandon warehouse. The wind was really howling. Alex looking at them saw they were enjoying coffee.

Man Alex thought I sure wish I had some of that!

All of a sudden there was movement to his left a suspect Black male holding a gun pointed at the detectives. Quietly, Alex slipped behind the man and shoved him forward. His legs hitting the ice made him miss his shot and alerted the group to his presence. Alex kicked the assailant once again making him skid on the ice laying on his stomach! The group now investigating found the unconscious assailant.

Alex slipped away to observe how the ME described the man must have moved too quickly on the ice. Thus knocking him out. The gun retrieved was the murder weapon.

The Hispanic Man said, "Bro, this is my lucky day!"

The shorter Irishman asked "why"

The hispanic replied, "not only did the ice cause the shooter to fall but we have our Murderer too!"

The Irishman thought it was too neat.

Katherine looked at the shooter and saw what might have been a smeared boot print but it was so messed up that even CSU could not make anything from it!

Alex had a book launch coming up so he enlisted some local help just so he could keep the detective in view. Alex thought there got to be an in some way! This is so not working! Alex was almost caught by the detectives twice in the past few weeks.

His help alerted him on the night of the launch something is up with this latest crime scene! Alex thought this might be it! Alex listened carefully to what his help described to him. Murders like my books interesting! This could be it Alex thought.

Getting ready for the book launch Alexis and Martha in the Limo. He got ready to give them what the fan wanted the Rich Playboy Author! Hitting the red carpet the paparazzi were flashing photos everywhere and yelling for an quote! Rick Castle had arrived! Rick now talking to the press gave them a little hint of the surprises he had in store for his loyal fans!

Gina Cowan his ex wife and publisher for Black Pawn introduced him to his adoring fans!

Alexis tired of the glitz knowing full well this was not her Dad busied herself into a Physics Book. While sitting at the bar Martha her Grandmother was standing next to her saying that book sales are looking grim! Grabbing another flute of the bubbly!

Rick as everyone is now calling him stood next to his mother and daughter talking about how bored and predictable his books are becoming! "That is why I shot Derek Storm in the head! Gina complained so loudly when I told her!" Rick exclaimed.

Alex saw a signal from one of his helpers that the Police are heading his way!

Rick continued to say., "for once I would loved to have someone come up to me and say something different!"

Kate walked up to Alex and said, "Richard Castle, Detective Beckett NYPD I need you to come with me.

Alex whipped around and starred into those greener than green eyes he has been watching from afar for the past 6 months! As Rick he asked, "Where would you like me to sign?"

Kate turned him around and cuffed him to take him down to the police station.

Alex yelled at his Mother to take care of Alexis and he would be back soon it must be some misunderstanding!

Alex as Rick surveyed the precinct and the holding cell he was now sitting in . Alex mused to himself as interrogation cells go this one is fairly cheerful! Of course that brought the memory of a not too pleasant interrogation by the hands of some ex Stazi working for a human trafficker a few years ago. No, that was not a good place! Alex inwardly shuddered keeping those memories at bay!

Detective Kate Beckett his assignment has walked into the room!

Kate began, "Mr. Castle do you know why you are here?"

"Because you are a rabid fan girl and want my autograph? By the way you do have the most beautiful color green eyes!"

Kate seeing this was going to be tougher than she thought said

"NO, Mr. Castle what can you tell me about your whereabouts"

Alex said," What time?"

Kate getting angry said,

"There is two people I deal with every day ones who make my life easier and ones who make it harder!
Those who make it harder wish they did not!"

Kate laid out the photos of her latest crime victim!

Alex looked at the picture Yes his intel was correct someone was using his books as a template for Murder! Alex kicked himself in the head! Why did I not think of this sooner! I am sure there is a bunch of lowlifes I could have offed in the way of my books to make it seem I was not connected! Oh Well, I got my in anyway!

Alex spoke after looking over the crime scene,"Yes, I recognize this from Flower on her Graves However, if you notices the flowers..."

Kate cut him off, "OK so you admit knowing this victim?"

Alex said, "What? No! I am not connected in anyway with this gruesome acts! Who is this person?"

At this point Kate was interrupted by a Hispanic Detective Esposito another Murder had happened just like his book! As the Hispanic pointed at Alex.

Alex smiled and said, "I was here for his one so release me and I can try to help you!"
Alex put on his most disarming smile at Kate the same one which got him in trouble in Budapest !

Kate seeing his dazzling smile had her stomach lurch as the butterflies were let loose in her body!
Kate looking not amused rolled her eyes and said to the Hispanic detective

"He is clean let him loose!"

Alex then introduced himself to the Hispanic detective and asked, "Is she was always this way?"

Esposito said "Nah, she was nice to you. She must like you!"

Alex then rubbed his wrists to get the circulation moving in his hands and wrists.

Alex spotted the Captain of the precinct and moved to ask him some questions.

Alex introduced himself, "Hi I am Rick Castle, I see you have someone copying my books and committing murder though they are fairly obscure ones at that. I would like to help you catch whoever is doing this. I am sure my knowledge of these types of murders would be a valuable asset to NYPD. Plus as a world famous author I would write a piece telling of the heroics of the people in NYPD."

The captain thinking about the offer said, "Mr. Castle you have a deal!" Alex shook his hand.

The Captain motioned to Kate who was standing at the white board. The Captain said to Kate, "This is Mr. Castle he has graciously will lend us assistance on this case!"

Kate started to protest but the Captain pulled ranks and said,"It is done detective, now play nice!"