This is my first fanfiction.
it is a My Babysitter's a vampire fanfic because its the first thing that popped into my brain when i woke up.
Warning: in this story there is no age difference. Ethan, Benny and Sarah are 16 and Jane is 12.
Also Ethan and Sarah are already going out.

so now with the story.

Disclaimer: i do not own My Babysitters a vampire. only my OC and the plot.

My Babysitter's a Vampire: Unexpected Help

Chapter 1:

(White Chapel High School, by the lockers, Friday)

"Ethan, you will never believe what I just heard," yelled benny as he ran over to Ethan. "What?" asked Ethan. "Well, Rory was talking to the bio-teacher about the lab we did today and accidently spilled a chemical on him. He's bedridden and won't be coming to school for like three weeks. Isn't that awesome?" Ethan gave a small chuckle before responding. "So how is that awesome for us? It just means that we get a substitute for three weeks and they give out a ton of homework." Ethan turned back to his locker and started to put stuff back in it and taking what he needed back home. "I know, but that means no more of his pop-quizzes for three weeks. C-average here I come."

"Hey," said Sarah coming up behind Ethan and intertwining their hands," what are you guys talking about?" Ethan looked down at his girlfriend and smiled before answering her question. "We were just talking about how Mr. Bruner won't be teaching bio for a while. Apparently Benny didn't hear the announcement during fourth period." Ethan closed his locker then tilted his head in the direction of the school doors. "So do you want a ride home or are you going to walk?" asked Sarah. "Well I'm going to walk home. Grandma wants me to pick up some stuff on the way home, so see ya." Benny turned on his heels and started walking down the street leaving Ethan and Sarah alone in the student parking lot.

"What about you Ethan?" Sarah asked once again.

"I think I'll take that ride, my parents want me to be home early today, for what I don't know."

"Well then let's go."

After walking to Sarah's car, they dumped their stuff on the back seat and got in. the drive to Ethan's house was a quiet one. Both of them didn't say anything and just enjoyed each other's company. About ten minutes later, Sarah pulled into the Morgan driveway. "Thanks for the ride Sarah. Thank god it's Friday, I need a break from all the insanity at school."

"No problem and after what we've been through this week, we could all use a break."

"Yeah. So see you tonight?"

"Of course."

Ethan leaned in and gave his girlfriend a soft kiss on the lips before getting out of the car and heading up the porch steps.

(Later that day – 7:30)

Sarah exited her house and started walking to her car. She opened the door, started the engine and drove to Ethan's house. She made her way up the porch steps and knocked on the door. She was clad in dark-blue jeans, a purple shirt with her favorite white jacket over it.

She was expecting Ethan or Benny to answer the door. Instead a tall guy, around 5'10", with jet black hair and ice blue eyes answered the door. He wore black jeans and a red shirt with a skull with bat wings on the front.

"Hi, you must be the babysitter. Ethan's parents already left. I'm Jesus by the way, Ethan's cousin. Come in, Ethan's told me a lot about you," he said opening the door wider so to let her in.

"Really, what did he tell you?"asked Sarah.

"Nothing major just that you were the most beautiful girl in the world… and some other stuff," responded Jesus leading her into the living room.

"like?" asked Sarah wondering exactly what her boyfriend said about her.

"Like how he likes the color of your eyes when you bare your fangs."

Shocked, Sarah opened her mouth to say something but then closed it when she realized that she was alone. Jesus seemed to have just vanished from sight the second she had blinked. Recovering from the shock of someone other than her closest friends knowing her secret she walked out of the living room and began to head upstairs. When she got in front of Ethan's room, but before she could knock Ethan opened the door and led her in.

"Sorry if I scared you there. Jesus told me you were here when he came back in," said Ethan. Sarah looked around the room and saw Benny playing a game on the computer with his back to her. Jane was on Ethan's bed playing with her Debby Dazzle doll and Jesus was on the edge of Ethan's bed looking outside. Everyone had sad expressions on their faces, except Jesus his was kinda neutral. "Sorry if no one says 'hi' Jesus came today and told us some news about my aunt and uncle. So everyone is kinda upset."

Sarah nodded and went to sit on the edge of the bed along with Jesus so she could ask him something. When she looked over at Jesus she noticed he had a cell phone in his hand and was looking at a picture of himself with two girls and another boy. He quickly locked the screen when he noticed that Sarah was looking at it. "I'll tell you who they are later. Right now, though is there anything that you want to ask me about what happened downstairs."

"Yeah downstairs you seemed all happy and anxious and then when I come in here you're depressed. What happened when you disappeared?"

Jesus smirked a little before answering. "Well I know a little magic so the person that you saw down there was me but just a different personality. I can't really control what personality comes out when I cast a duplicate spell and I can't dispel it until it comes in contact with me."

"Okay so how did it get up here so fast without me noticing?"asked Sarah.

"Shadow travel."

"Shadow what?"

"Shadow travel. It's one of my powers."

Just then Jesus phone started to ring. Jesus unlocked the screen and read the message. " Everyone let's move down to the living room so that when my friends arrive I can explain everything."