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Dreaming of Bliss

Hakoda sighed as he looked at his daughter's full plate. "Katara, you sure you don't want to eat?"

"No dad. Thanks anyway."

Sokka smirked. "Come on Katara! You have to eat something! You're starting to look like a scarecrow over here."

Katara glared at her brother. "Ha ha, very funny."

"I'm serious! You need to eat!"

Katara shifted in her seat.

"I'm not hungry..."

Sokka frowned as Hakoda patted the young teenager's shoulder.

"It's okay, Sokka. Let her go."

Katara thanked her father before heading up the stairs.

Katara moaned as she belly flopped onto her bed with a grunt. School had been very hard with four pop quizzes and a new project. Then again, everything was always hard on this day.

Katara stared at the ceiling longingly. "Oh, Aang. You would have been fifteen years old today..."

Katara's eyes slowly begin to moisten, but she wouldn't let the tears fall. If she did that then she would definitely start bawling.

Then her brother and father would hear and suggest seeing a counselor, which she had politely refused time and time again. It just seemed wrong to talk to a random stranger about her personal issues. Katara always thought problems like this should be solved with the people you know, but her family had already worked past their grief and everyone was now ready to move on.

Except for Katara. Even though it had been five years, Katara wasn't ready to let go.

Katara turned softly in the bed, slowly wrapping her body in silky sheets. It doesn't matter, because when I close my eyes he will come to me...

And with that, Katara waited for sleep to catch her.


A dark figure was standing outside Katara's house. His dark hair was brushing lightly in his face as he stared at the top window. He could see that the light was out, but he really couldn't tell if Katara was asleep or not. It was a lot easier to talk to her while she was sleeping, because then she wouldn't be able to notice certain details most people noticed when looking at his kind. To her, he only appeared in her dreams. But in reality, He was actually talking to her right in her bedroom.

If the others found out about this Aang would surely be punished. His kind weren't particularly fond of humans.

Aang wasn't really worried though. He had gotten away with it for so long, there was no way anyone would catch him in the act now.

Aang stared at Katara's window intensely. The window then started to rise, opening up under Aang's sharp glare. Once the window was opened completely, Aang relaxed his face as he breathed in slowly.

Aang then slowly raised his arms up then twirled them down towards his feet. Small wisps of air collected around his legs, allowing Aang to perform a high jump. He neatly cart wheeled into Katara's room, his feet lightly connecting with the floor. His feet barely made any sound but if any did escape it wouldn't alert the other humans in the house since Aang had created a sound barrier in the room, as usual.

Aang walked over to Katara, staring closely at the girls eyes. He could tell she wasn't really sleeping, but he knew she was too tired to really concentrate on him once he had her attention. His true form wouldn't be revealed.

Aang sighed as he looked at Katara, the girl he would always love but never truly be with.

He knew it was wrong to visit Katara like this, but it was safer this way. If he spent too much time with her, particularly in the daylight, then the "others" would find out. Any contact with humans was forbidden for Aang.

But Aang didn't care.

Even though five years had passed since his death Aang wasn't ready to let go.


Katara was now sleeping, but not peacefully. She kept twisting and turning, fidgeting and moaning. As she continued to move she felt a cold breeze hit her back. A sense of dread built up inside her, but she ignored the feeling and continued to twist and turn. Katara then gave up with a loud huff of air as she sat up in her bed, frowning.

"Having trouble sleeping?"

Katara gasped as Aang rose from his sitting position.

Katara smiled as she realized that she must be dreaming. Aang looked just as she imagined him looking at fifteen. His dark hair was slightly longer then the last time she saw him. His body was leaner and more toned but not enough to be considered bulky.

"I...I'm very happy to see you, Aang!"

Aang smile was very bright but his eyes looked very sad to Katara. Katara quickly got out of bed and went over to Aang, wrapping her arms around him. "Happy Birthday."

Aang chuckled softly. "Huh, you remembered?"

"How could I forget! Today is very special for me! It's one of the few times I get to see you."

Aang shifted uneasily. "Well, today is a nice day for me, but...I'm not here to celebrate it."

"What do you mean. You're here now."

Aang's grey eyes met Katara's blue ones in a serious embrace. "I'm not alive, Katara."

Katara blinked rapidly. She couldn't believe Aang was talking this way. Most of the time during Aang's visits they would discuss day-to-day things, anything to bring back the wonderful memories of friendship between them. Katara would tell Aang about his parents and how they were coping with their grief. Aang would ask Katara about how she was feeling or about school. Not once though did they ever talk about life or death. Not once was the subject brought up. Never in a million years would either one consider talking about the night they got lost in the woods, the night Aang disappeared. "Well, I hope you didn't finally come back just to tell me that."

Aang sighed. "Katara, maybe I shouldn't..."

"Shouldn't what? Show up in my dreams?"

Aang lowered his head sadly.

Katara smirked. "Well, you should have thought of that earlier. You really don't have any control over this matter. This is my dream, so if I think of you, you'll always come."

Katara smiled at the thought. "I'll always have you in my dreams."

Aang swallowed slowly. He had to pick his next words carefully. "Maybe it isn't really...right for me to be here."

Katara glared at Aang and was about to open her mouth to protest, but Aang cut her off. "Let me finish."

Katara frowned. She crossed her arms, defiantly. "Fine."

"Look, I love being here. I can't even imagine not coming here. But, is this really the best thing for you?"

Katara started to look away, but Aang could see her eyes watering.

"Katara, I think it's time to move on."

Katara stared at the floor so that Aang wouldn't see her cry. "How could you. The one night I see you in weeks and this is what you say? That I can't see you anymore? That I shouldn't be happy when you're here?"

Aang started messing with his hands repeatedly. "Katara, I want what's best for you. Waiting for me to come every day, crying yourself to see a man who is dead. That's not healthy."

Katara stood up, her eyes flashing. "You can't control my dreams, Aang! I can see you whenever I want as long as this," Katara pointed at Aang, "Is in here."Katara pointed her finger at her forehead.

Aang stared at Katara, grey orbs staring into defiant blue swirls. He gave her a sad smile. "I're right."

"Of course I'm right."

Katara smiled, glad that Aang could see it her way. She had expected something like this to come up between them at some point. Luckily she had been prepared.

She wasn't ready for what happened next.

Aang grabbed Katara, pulling her close. Before she could speak, Aang had pressed his lips to her mouth, stopping Katara from making any sounds.

Katara was very surprised. Aang had never kissed her before. As the kissing continued, Katara could feel her heart slow down. Her eyes were starting to feel more and more heavy as jolts of cold started spreading throughout her head. Before she knew it, Katara was sleeping in Aang's arms.

Aang carried Katara over to her bed. After placing the covers over her, Aang backed away towards the window.

He smiled sadly as Katara started snoring loudly. "I'm sorry Katara. But, I think it's time for both of us to move on."

Aang jumped out of the window landing softly in the backyard. He then started running fast towards the woods that laid beyond the road to Katara's house.


The next morning Katara woke up with a smile on her face as the sun streamed through the window increasing the glare that was spreading in her room. Katara jumped out of bed, eager to start the day.

"Good morning, Dad."

Hakoda smiled, glad to see Katara's mood improving. "Good morning."

Sokka glared at Katara from the front door. "It's not going to be a good morning unless you stuff your breakfast down your throat in ten minutes. We're going to be late!"

"What! Okay, I'll be done in a minute."

A few minutes later Katara was huffing and puffing as she met Sokka outside. Sokka raised an eyebrow, he didn't expect Katara to make it. "Well someone is in a good mood..."

Katara smiled brightly. "It's a new day. Can't let it go to waste."

Sokka shrugged. "Glad you're not still sad about Aang anymore." Sokka froze as he realized what he just said. "I mean, glad for today that you're feeling better...and...uh, other stuff."

Katara felt a pang in her chest at the name but she quickly dismissed it. "Who's Aang?"


"Well, who is he?"

Sokka stared at Katara. "Are you serious?"

Katara shrugged and just kept walking. "You don't have to tell me if it bothers you."

Sokka stared after Katara and shook his head. He then sighed as he followed his sister to the bus stop.

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