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Jasper lay awake, thinking about Edward, who happened to be down the hall listening to his new vinyls. Edward was very excited about his most recent purchase. He loved music and these new discs had been out for a few years now. Edward loved how you could listen to the music for a full 25 minutes, unlike the old ones where you needed to flip it over every 10 to 15 minutes.

Jasper could easily hear the emotional music as it drifted down the hall. They were alone in the house, everyone else having gone out to hunt.

Edward was laying on his bed as well. He was allowing the music to engulf him, allowing his body to really feel the music. The cello was always a passionate instrument for Edward. The sound of it did things to him, things he normally didn't allow himself to feel. Being the only unmated among them, he had needs. He would indulge in them only when absolutely needed, and God, he needed it now.

As the music continued to play, Jasper suddenly felt excited and his cock started to twitch with the passion that was suddenly around him. Startled, Jasper realized these waves of passion and need were coming from Edward's direction.

Edward felt his hands roam over the soft fabric of his shirt and the toned feel of solid muscle that lay underneath. He relished in the way his body responded to his touch. He quickly undressed and laid back across his king sized bed, onto the bedding, very thankful he had allowed Esme to purchase him the unnecessary bedroom set.

Jasper was becoming overwhelmed with the emotions wafting down the hall. He normally gave privacy where privacy was needed, but Edward had caught him off guard and he now felt powerless to leave. Jasper reached down, palmed his hardening cock, and moaned.

Edward's body naturally froze when he heard the moan. Listening to the thoughts in the house, Edward heard Jasper's unneeded breathing pick up, becoming more shallow. So hard... fuck! He listened to Jasper's thoughts.

Edward suddenly became even more turned on, hearing Jasper as he imagined what Edward was doing to his own body.

Was Jasper naked like he was? Was he twisting his nipple and feeling his flesh pebble and the ache in his cock? Edward's hand started moving slowly south down his body...

Jasper felt as if he was hit with a hot wave of lust. Never had he felt so turned on. Did Edward know he was naked and stroking his perfect body thinking about him? So good... always..Uggghhhh...

Again Jasper was hit with a wave of lust. "Oh, fuck," Jasper moaned and was assaulted with another wave.

Edward could not believe what he was hearing Jasper think.

Fuck, so hot, I bet he's so fucking hard...

Looking down at this swollen length, Jasper placed his long fingers around his thick cock, tugging gently as Edward let out his own moans of pleasure.

Edward, fuck, I'm so hard right now listing to you and feeling you. Don't stop, please don't stop, Jasper thought as he continued to stroke his dick and twist his nipples. Jasper almost came right then and there with the lust he felt hit him.

The waves continued to crash into Jasper like waves on a beach, one after the other. He felt as powerless as the beach would to stop the relentless waves as they crashed upon the shore. Jasper felt warmth, he felt heat, he could almost see the lust coming at him. Jasper felt wrapped in warmth

Edward was running his hand up and down his aching legnth and tugging on his balls. His chest was rising and falling on the bed, hips bucking into his hand. Edward let out a strangled "ugh...yes!" as he heard Jasper continue his thoughts.

Laying on your bed, skin pale … fuck... up against the bed glowing in the moon light. Beautiful. "Fuck!" Jasper yelled.

Jasper could feel his cock start to leak as his thoughts were carried away with the images in his head. Knowing Edward could hear him was driving him crazy with want. Jasper took a deep breath, not wanting this to be over before it started, whatever this was.

Edward slowly started to drag his fingers below his balls, feeling his tight puckered hole. He dragged his finger back and forth, slowly adding more pressure with each pass until allowing his finger entrance. "Oh, fuck..yes... oh God," Edward whimpered as he imagined another finger slowly pushing in and out of him.

Hit with the strongest wave yet, Jasper began to thrust his cock into his tight fist, imagining it was Edward's tight ass.

Oh God... yes, so good... tight. Waited so...long...wanted... oh, fuck, Jasper thought as he pounded into his clenched fist. Hearing Edward's whimper and the slam of the lust and want in the air , Jasper continued...

So good, so tight, Edward heard Jasper think.

Oh God, Edward thought, suddenly picturing Jasper's dick at his entrance and he let out a whimpered "Fuckkkkk" as his back arched off the bed. Edward now had two fingers working his tight ring and was working on a third. His eyes were closed tight and his breathing was becoming more and more labored.

Edward continued to fuck his fingers as he moaned out "yes... Jasper, oh...fuck yes, harder!"

Hearing Edward say this was too much for Jasper and looking at the swollen head of his cock push in and out of his hand and him picturing himself pounding into...

your tight little ass bent over... "oh fuck" my cock slamming into you... your tight ring... "FUCK" stretched for my cock...

The last image Jasper had of Edward's cock exploding cum all over his bedspread as Jasper fucked him had them both screaming as they came.

"Fuuuckkkkkk!" Jasper yelled as his own cum shot to his chin with the force of it.

Edward now found himself bent over his bed, not remembering having moved in his lust filled haze. His fingers were still pounding his ass as he yelled, "ooohhhh, fuck, Jasper, yes, fuck me!" and coming all over the bead spread just as Jasper had imagined.

Taking a few deep breaths, Edward slowly straightened back up, slipping his fingers from his quivering entrance. The vinyl was skipping, the music having long since finished. Taking one last deep breath, Edward slowly chuckled while running his hand through his hair.

What's so funny, darling?

Edward turned around and there in his bedroom doorway was a very naked, very beautiful Jasper stroking his thick hard cock.

Smirking at Edward, Jasper crossed the space and leaned into Edward, bringing his lips to his ear. "What do you say we try that again?"

Edward shivered as Jasper's breath fanned across his ear.

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