It was September 24th, 1998, the day that everything changed...

Rebecca Chambers leaned against the square window sill of her cluttered apartment, watching the sun rise behind the breathtaking cityscape around her. Subconsciously holding the dog tags of one ex-Marine Billy Coen, the metal cool in her bare hand, she wondered where Billy was now. Had he managed to escape from the Arklay mountains alive? She hated the thought of a world without Billy Coen, even a world she had no part of, so she hoped that he was still alive and well. Shaking her head, she reminded herself that Billy Coen was dead to not only the world, but to her as well. It had to be that way if she wanted to get over the horrors of the Arklay Mountain Incident.

From its place on the kitchen wall, the phone rang, forcing the young woman back to reality. She left the window with a last glance back, answering the telephone, "Hello?"

"Officer Chambers?" A hesitant female voice asked from the other side, clearly conflicted about calling.

Rebecca had really only met Jill Valentine once, and that was when the remaining members of S.T.A.R.S. had escaped from the Arklay Mansion, but she knew that it was her nevertheless, "Rebecca is fine."

"Rebecca," The nurse wondered if Jill found it odd to be addressing her as an officer after she had resigned from not only the RPD, but from police work in general, "I'm sorry to call you so early in the morning, but I was curious to know if you knew anything about what's going on?"

She knew what was happening, but she stayed in the city hoping that she was wrong, "That's why you've stayed here as long as you have, isn't it? You wanted to convince everyone before it was too late..."

"I can't stay for much longer, I promised Chris that I would meet with him later this month." Rebecca had figured as much, she just wasn't sure when Jill was going to leave the city.

Wrapping the white cord around her index finger, she found herself asking Jill about Chris's plans, "How come he didn't come to me with any of this? After what had happened..."

"Chris didn't want to drag you into everything after all that you've been through," She spoke calmly to the young adult, "After you quit the force, none of us wanted to bring you back into this nightmare."

Rebecca sighed, plagued by nightmare after nightmare regardless of where she was or what she was doing, "I somehow doubt that it matters much. Ever since then, nothing has felt right."

Jill was about to ask what she meant by that, but she was being paged to come into the office, "I think that you should clear out from here as soon as you can. Raccoon City is no longer safe."

Rebecca thought that Jill was probably right, "Good-bye, Officer Valentine."

"Jill. Good-bye, Rebecca." She hung up, leaving the medic with an even worse feeling of impending doom.

First, likely associated with the Arklay Mountains outbreak, there are sightings of "monsters" around Raccoon City reported to the police. Then, the Raccoon City-based newspaper "Raccoon Today" publishes an article of a mysterious masked figure sighted in the North-West Arklay Mountains, along with the discovery of the remains of numerous crows and wild dogs which had been swept down-river. To make matters worse, the Director of the Raccoon General Hospital describes the conditions of the Hospital, where the wards are beginning to fill with people displaying t-virus symptoms from the ongoing Arklay Mountains Outbreak. Conditions within the Raccoon Hospital continue to deteriorate as more people check in by the day.

Oh yes, Rebecca knew what was going on...

Before she could set the plastic phone back on its cradle, the phone rang again, "Rebecca?"

She closed her eyes, completely forgetting about her promise to go to the football game today, "Larry, I - "

"Say no more, say no more. I know that you've been worried about me playing in the game today, but I've been bulking up like crazy, so I should be fine!" Larry's chirpy voice was somehow reassuring to Rebecca, "And having you cheering in the stands for me... The Sharks can't lose!"

She wanted to warn him about everything that was happening, to tell him to just forget the game and leave the city, but he was so excited about his first ever football game, so she said instead, "I'll be there alright. But afterwards, we really need to talk."

He whistled into the receiver, either by accident or as a joke, she wasn't sure, "I can hardly wait. See you at the game, Chambers."

"Don't disappoint me, Glenn." She was brought back to her college days, when they met and he became her first adult friend.

Outside of the locker room, Larry finished his call to Rebecca, the other guys teasing him about calling his girlfriend. Rebecca was just a good friend, the kind of friends that were strictly considered siblings, but the rookie wasn't about to let the other guys know that. Not yet at least. One of the older members of the team, a burly man's man by the name of Jussi Varis came to his aide.

Speaking with a light accent, Jussi wiped pre-game training sweat off of his dark brow, "My oldest daughter calls me before every game. There's nothing wrong with family and friends wishing us a good game."

"That's right. And it's not just you're daughter this time," A sharp voiced female walked over to Jussi, planting a kiss on his cheek.

While Jussi was all muscle, his wife was willow. He had a broad nose, broken at least twice due to his profession, and cold amber eyes. She had an robot-like face with plump lips and warm grey eyes. They both had pitch black hair, but Jussi's was straight and long, and his wife's was short and curly. She was about seven months pregnant, two sons flanking her on either side like soldiers, one about sixteen, the other around thirteen. A four year-old boy was holding the hand of the only girl. Larry found it funny that the girl was the only one who was a mix of her parents, becuase her brothers were either identical to their father or their mother, but she was a combination of both. She had her father's nose, minus the professional hazards, his eyes, though they were more grey than amber, and his hair. She had her mother's lips and square head.

"Everyone, this is my beautiful wife, Kelby. Our sons, Alastair, Onni, Armas, and our daughter, Robin." Jussi made introductions, indicating each person as he spoke. "Robin's a little shy, aren't you Robin Linnet?"

"Robin Linnet?" Nearly everyone was confused by that, but only Larry was curious enough to ask.

"I went through a bird phase when I was pregnant with her, so her middle name is Linnet," Kelby explained, smiling at her daughter, "isn't that right, Robin Linnet?"

The girl nodded, nervously watching the rest of the team. Jussi beamed proudly at her, pointing at the empty stands, "Why don't you all get comfortable? The game shouldn't start for another few hours."

Scratching his neck, one of the guys smacked his lips together, "Itchy... Scratchy."

Another newbie, he was ignored, his odd behavior accepted as normal over the past few days...

A Few Hours Later...

A very female scream rent the air like a knife through skin and bone, the cries of children echoing eerily throughout the roar of the stadium as a riot ensued. Glad that she had brought her gun with her, Rebecca ran through the aisles searching for survivors, ducking, tucking, and rolling to avoid being swept away in the sea of panicked people. Only a few rows from the bottom, she saw two teenage boys trying to pry a girl off of a child's corpse. Jogging up to them, her green eyes couldn't help but trail to the field, to the body of Larry Glenn, his insides being torn out by a ravenous zombie. She looked away, guilty for Larry's death.

Getting closer to the children, Rebecca noticed that the boy had been trampled to death in the panic, and his sister wouldn't budge from his side. Meticulously reaching out for the girl's shoulder, Rebecca noticed that the body of a woman was besides the boy, even more trampled than he was. Judging from the arch underneath her flannel, the woman was in her last trimester. The three of them were dead.

"Children!" Jussi called out to his offspring, reaching the stands just before Rebecca could let her presence be known.

"Mom... Armas..." The oldest son, Alastair, shook his head, dropping his hands from his sister.

The younger boy looked at his father, clearly frightened by what he had just been through, "What happened?"

"Zombies." Rebecca spoke for the first time, drawing looks from the family, "You can call me crazy, but you saw it too..."

Jussi swore, "Then does that mean - "

Just before he could ask what that meant, his youngest son sprang back up, biting his hand. Acting on instinct, Rebecca shot Armas in the head, bits of his blood splattering his sister. Robin looked mortified, almost beyond tears, but she managed to surprise everyone when she started to bawl her eyes and lungs out. Having enough foresight to know that the sound of her tears would alert the monster, Alastair clapped his hand over her mouth, muffling the sound. Onni took a deep breath, going over every zombie movie he had ever seen, thinking of what to do next. Jussi looked between his slain child and the stranger in disbelieving horror, mouthing incoherent half-sentences. His son was clearly dead, but he sprung up like nothing, and if that young girl hadn't shot him, then his entire family would share in Larry Glenn's fate.

Taking Rebecca's hand, he dipped his head respectfully, "You saved our lives. We are forever in your debt."

"I was only doing my job," She said automatically, nearly forgetting that she was now a civilian like the rest of them, "We need to get out of here. The infection spreads fast, even from a..." She looked at the bite mark on Jussi's hand, trailing off.

"From a single scratch," Onni spoke gravely, knowing that his father was doomed.

Jussi looked at Rebecca, then at his children, "Is that true?"

She nodded, "I've seen it happen myself."

He took the hand holding the gun, pointing it at his head, "Then shoot me. I couldn't bear the thought of turning into one of those monsters and attacking my children."

Rebecca was hesitant, not wanting to do that in front of his children, but there was no cure fore the T-virus that she was aware of, so she closed her eyes and pulled the trigger, thinking of Billy, "I'm sorry."

Having no time to wonder why she thought of Billy, Rebecca looked at the children. At least for now, they were in her care...

The Present...

Robin stood in front of the mirror, combing out the post-shower knots. Already dressed in a pair of torn-up jeans and a faded tee-shirt, she gave up on her hair, like she usually did, and just tied the top half back, leaving the bottom half to fall down her shoulders in a sable curtain. Adjusting the brown leather cuff on her wrist so that it covered her tattoo, she left the bathroom.

"Robin, it's time for Barry to get off work," Kathy Burton's voice carried through the bedroom door, "So why don't you go pick him up?"

Rolling her eyes, she muttered that it wasn't her job to pick any one up, "Why do I have to do it?"

Kathy took a deep breath, "Because, miss, he asked for you."

Groaning like any teenager stuck with an undesirable job, Robin grabbed her keys off the dresser, not bothering to pick up the model handgun that fell off it. Kathy watched her walk by, thanking her for taking time out of her busy schedule to help Barry, even though she was ignored. Keys jingling in hand, the plastic purple butterfly swinging freely from her clenched fist, she stalked outside to a beaten green hardtop Jeep. Her Jeep was old, the leather poking out in a familiar way, the paint almost completely covered in dried mud.

Barry Burton used to be an activist, but as his family grew, he took more of a backseat roll until he got a normal job altogether. He was a hero, and, as of December 20, 1998, he became Robin's father. The poor girl had lost everything in Raccoon City, and when she found out that Rebecca was unable to keep her, the world caved in around her. But Rebecca didn't leave her alone before she left - She made sure that Robin would be well looked after. Introducing them in early October, the Burton's and Robin bonded, and not even a month later, adoption papers were drawn, though it took a few more months for it to become legal. Robin loves her family more than anything, and she owes them everything...

And yet, every day she finds herself spiting in their faces...

Robin Burton has a secret, a secret that could destroy everything...


Ok, so here is yet another version of "Jailbait", and hopefully this will be the last. For those of you familiar with "Jailbait", this is obviously already a bit different, and for those of you who aren't familiar with "Jailbait", then that's alright, becuase this is a different story.

To recap this chapter: Flashing back to Raccoon City in its final days, Rebecca is warned by Jill to leave the city, but she holds off becuase of a promise to go to the football game her friend is playing in. A lone zombie attacks his teammates, causing a riot in which Kelby Varis, Armas Varis, and Kelby's unborn baby are killed. Jussi Varis is bitten by Armas, and Rebecca kills him before he deteriorate into a monster, taking his children. Looking ahead to the year 2010, Robin is revealed to be alive, and she has been adopted by Barry Burton. But Robin has a secret...

Disclaimer: Capcom owns Resident Evil, not me. All I can lay claim to is the Varis family... and this work of fiction. Any information used in this story comes from the Resident Evil Wikia, actual game play, and videos (official ones of the games) come from YouTube.