It had been three weeks since the trip to Helsinki, when Chris and Robin had hashed things out. Well, technically it was a mission, but things had ended up in such a way that Robin disfavored the idea that they had been on the clock. Not only had they uncovered a conspiracy, which Leon was currently in charge of handling, but there were the events at the very end of the job - the ones that involved Chris and Robin confessing their true feelings to each other. It had been a monumental time for them both, and to her, it was way too important to call work.

While they hadn't officially declared their intentions or even that they were together, they had been nigh inseparable over the past few weeks. Chris was either at Robin's, checking up on her mental state after her first mission, or she was at his place, making sure that the poison was really nullified. Both very plausible and not easily disputed, and semi-true, but about seventy percent of the time they spent together was used to put the energizer bunny to shame. It wasn't that they were sex maniacs who were only in it - whatever it was between them - for the fun of it, they were simply in the honeymoon stage.

Looking perfectly coiffed, or at least that's what Chris thought, but in all fairness, he always thought that she was beautiful; Robin was lingering by the front door. She should have left a few minutes ago, but she was looking for every reason to stay. A very dangerous venture as of late, especially when one of them had to be somewhere. He had just remembered something she had left behind the last time she had 'visited', so he was standing next to the couch to retrieve it from its hiding place.

"Don't leave your things lying around next time... I almost wasn't able to hide it when your father came over for a surprise visit." Chris tossed her a tee-shirt he had pulled up from the couch cushions.

She caught it, "I was looking for this! So that's where I left it..."

"Robin." He said sternly, a tad annoyed at her for acting so carefree about the situation.

She clicked her tongue, "Tsk, fine, I'll be more careful when I leave my clothes here... Even when I have to leave here half-asleep….."

"You know, we wouldn't have to sneak around if you just told your father about us," Her trying to blame him for a situation that was ultimately her fault didn't improve his mood, but he kept his cool.

"You know," She was obviously trying to blow off the fight, "I still wonder how I even made it home without a shirt."

"Robin," He warned her, his patience ebbing faster than a broken dam.

Knowing that she wasn't going to win this round, she sighed in defeat and apologized from the bottom of her heart, "I'm sorry. But you know why I'm so afraid to tell my father about us... Once he finds out, he's going to kill you, then he's going to kill me. Well, maybe he won't kill me, but you're definitely screwed."

He had been trying to convince her tell Barry ever since the plane had landed, but she was resilient as Teflon to the idea, which he suspected was in part because of the thrill she got, "I swear, one of these days, I'm just going to tell him myself."

She scowled at him, "You are not going to even hint that there is an "us"."

"And why is that?" He challenged her, doubting that she could back up her threat.

She smirked deviously, "Because I control the sex."

"... You do realize that that means that you're cut-off as well?" He grinned cheekily, knowing that she was too much of a physical being to last long.

Robin glared him, "We'll just see about that. Let's just see who cracks first..."

"You're on," Chris shook her hand, sealing the deal.

That was probably the third time they had had that fight this week, which made it a slow week, and the first time they had turned it into a challenge. It was interesting that Chris wanted to tell Barry about them, especially when Robin didn't even know that there was a "them", but he had his reasons, such as honor. After all, Barry was his best friend and been there for him for as long as he could recall. Chris owed him the truth. Though death was a legitimate reason for Robin to not want to tell her father that she was seeing his best friend, her absolute refusal to approach the subject was confusing to Chris. But she knew why she didn't want to do it. Telling Barry would make things real, and if they were real, Chris might feel obligated to stay with her for her father's sake, and she didn't want that. Chris might even have loved her at all - after all, what was a better aphrodisiac than fear? She wanted him to be sure before digging his grave...

Less Than Seventy-Two Hours Later...

Standing outside of Robin's room, her family once again out of the house, Chris stood with his hand against the door, the wood cool and sleek to the touch, doing his best to keep from entering her room. The pressure was already building at the base of his spine, the waiting to be back in her bosom to do it again murder. Inside her room, Robin had already cracked, but she had found other ways to keep herself from going to Chris - If only it was working! Unable to stand it any longer, he barged into her room, seeing her writhing on the bed, hand working on the other side of her zipper, a deer-in-the-headlights look on her face.

"Chris?" She choked, caught between her embarrassment at being caught this way and her desire to just forget the stupid challenge and be back in his arms.

Unfazed by the sight of her in that way, already more than familiar with every square inch of her body, he crawled on top the bed with her, "This was idiotic."

"So stupid," She agreed, wrapping her arms around his neck, mashing her tongue down his throat.

Fuck it, nothing was worth this kind of torture...

... A Little Bit Later

Barry had come back home from work a little bit earlier than usual, wanting to surprise his wife with dinner for once. Such a sweetheart! Walking up the driveway to the house, he saw that Robin's light was on, so that meant that they could make dinner together - they didn't do enough father-daughter activities these days, so this would be good for them. Going straight up to her room, he paused outside the door, hearing strange noises coming from inside her room.

"What is that?" He asked himself pointlessly.

Opening the door with unreal sluggishness after a soft tap, Barry entered the room, "Honey?"

Resting her elbows on the top of the bed so all that could be seen was her bare shoulders up, she smiled brightly, "Hello, Daddy."

"What are you doing in here?" He asked, looking around for the source of the noise.

She looked at the floor next to her, lost for an excuse, "I was looking for something... To wear?"

Buying her bull, he turned to leave, "Alright. Just come to the kitchen when you're dressed."

"Oh, I'll be coming," She smirked, chancing a glance at the floor.

"Huh?" He turned back around, hearing only a mumble.

She shook her head, "Nothing. I'll be there soon."

Nodding, he left the room, closing the door behind himself. Sinking back down behind her mattress, she hissed at Chris, "You have three minutes."

The End

AN: When he is standing outside of Robin's room, trying to stave off the urge to succumb, is a reference to the Puscifer song "Rev 22:20". I've been playing that song at least three times a day, every day for the past two weeks now, and I needed to put it in somewhere, so viola! And yes, there was a lot of smex, but remember, this was an M-rated fic. And I think that this was a pretty good epilogue. Better than my others... Anyway, I probably should have just let it end in the last one... Well, I regret nothing!

To Recap This Chapter: Chris and Robin get in a fight over telling Barry, and Robin cuts him off from sex. However, they both pay for that hasty decision. Less than three days later, they crack and are back in the saddle again. Barry happens to come home early, but he remains oblivious to the relationship.

Song: By my all-time favorite band (though that could be debatable since my discovery of Puscifer. And there always is Slipknot.) H.I.M., "You Are The One".

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