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The scream wasn't exactly a scream. Rather…it was a very loud squeal. I ran to check on the two lovebirds out back and found Gilbert tickling my brother.

"Damn, your bro is really ticklish! It's so awesome!" Gilbert said, stating the obvious while continuing to tickle Matt. I chuckled and turned to Dad and Ivan, who came running with me, to reassure them that the two had only gotten into a tickle fight. Dad chuckled and walked back into the kitchen. Ivan, however, pulled me outside and onto the deck. A couple moments of silence and giggles passed before Ivan walked back inside. I followed, only because it was getting dark out and there were mosquitoes wanting to bite my flesh. Creepy, like zombies. I sat down with Ivan at our dinner table. We sat across from each other and we both avoided eye contact. After what seemed like decades, he stood up from his seat.

"Ah…Natalia will get angry if I do not return home soon."

"Oh really bro? Alright then…uh…bye," I replied awkwardly. I watched him leave in silence and once the door shut, I repeatedly face-palmed. Matt and Gilbert walked back inside and apparently saw me, as I felt my brother's hand grab mine.

"You'll only damage you mind more by doing that, Al," He said, chuckling. I sighed and said, "I know but…I'm such an idiot sometimes."

"Aw, does someone need some awesome advice on love~?" Gilbert asked from across the room. Grabbing the nearest object, which was a pillow, I successfully hit him in the face. Matt laughed and patted me on the shoulder.

"Everything's going to be fine, Al. You're not an idiot so don't tell yourself that, alright?"

"Fine…" I managed to whine before heading upstairs to my room. My face was both red from anger and embarrassment. How dare they make fun of a hero like that!

"Alfred, dinner will be soon, alright?" I heard dad call from downstairs. Ignoring him, I jumped on my bed and thought about today's events.

"Matt and Gil are together, Ivan probably feels awkward around me, Pops…reappeared, and Dad's not as mad and grumpy as usual…Today's been a weird day…"

At the dinner table, Matt and I stood shocked at the food. It looked edible for once! I realized why soon after I sat down to start inhaling this stuff.

"Papa! You're here again?" Mattie shouted, getting out of his chair to hug him.

"Oui ~ I figured that your Dad still couldn't cook something decent and I didn't want my children to get food poisoning or something~" Papa's sentence was cut off by a small towel hitting his face. Everyone laughed, although I knew I probably wasn't the only one who was a little nervous about Dad and Papa in the same room. Who knows what those two might do…

"So, how have you boys been?"

"I've been good~ I'm getting A's and B's in school~" Matt said, happy to brag about his almost perfect grades. I sighed. Maybe I could get away with not telling mine.

"Oh," Papa said, continuing the conversation. "That's wonderful~"

Their conversation lasted for 15 minutes and not once was I included. That's fine, I told myself. Let them talk about stuff together. Not much has changed in me, anyways.

Dad and Papa suddenly turned to me. "How about you, Al? How have you been?" Papa asked. I felt a smile slowly creep onto my face. He always made me feel wanted and loved when he was here.

"Well…I'm not doing too well in school…but I'm trying my hardest! I swear!" Dad gave me a look that I couldn't read. Papa just smiled and patted my head. From the corner of my eye, I saw Matt smirk a little. Why the hell would he do that? What if he was up to something…? No, he couldn't be. We we're like best friends, after all. What could he possibly have against a super awesome hero?

Dad and Papa's voices both interrupted my thoughts. "So, Mattieu, tell us about Gilbert~ How'd you two end up together?"

"Well, it was after Al had fallen down the stairs and wound up in the hospital but we were friends before…" My brother said shyly. Wait a second. Did they really know each other before?

"We talked in the waiting room and when you guys made us get food, we realized that we loved each other…"

"Aw, c'mon man! That's so cheezy!" I blurted out accidentally. Almost instantly, my hand covered my mouth and I had hoped that no one heard me for once.

"Alfred! That's rude! Apologize to your brother. Now."

"I thought it was a cute story...there's no reason to be so mean, Alfred." Great. Now they were both mad at me. I quickly muttered out an apology to Matt, who was staring at me like I had murdered someone.

"What? I just said it was a cheezy story…Not like I said, 'You two are a horrible couple' or something like that…" I said, defending myself.

"Yes, but it was still rather mean. You don't see your brother saying things like that to you, do you?"

"No but—"

"Are you saying that we're a horrible couple, Al? Is that what you're thinking…?" I could hear the fake sadness in his voice. What did I ever do to him…?

"No! I just—"

"You hurt little Mattieu's feelings, Alfred. Apologize." Even Papa was on their side. I stood up from my chair, a little furious. "I'm sorry, Matt. I really fucking am."

With that, I left the table and stomped all the way to my room. Dad was calling for me from downstairs.

"Stop being a little whiny baby, Alfred. If you don't come back downstairs in 2 minutes, I'm grounding you." Perfect. Just perfect. My inner self was telling me to ignore him, even though I probably shouldn't, but I did anyways. Who cares if I'm a crybaby with no self-control, anyways? I'm a hero for goodness sakes!

Suddenly, I hear little tapping noises coming from my window, cutting off my train of thoughts. I got up, even more frustrated than before, and open my window. A little pebble hits my head almost instantly.

"I am sorry! I didn't mean to hit your face, Alfred…" I looked down and saw Ivan standing on our lawn. "I left my notebook here and when I rang the doorbell, no one answered…but luckily your light was on! Throwing little stones was my only way of getting your attention, you see…"

"That's…That's alright but I'm kind of in a fight with my –coughSTUPIDcough- family right now so I can't get your notebook, dude," I said. His face suddenly looked a little sad and that was enough to make me say, "But you can…um…hang out in my room until they cool down if you want."

"Da, that sounds pleasant~" Ivan replied, his usual happy demeanor returning. I quickly looked for something to help him get up. God, why did my room have to be on the second floor of the house? After what seemed like forever and a day, I finally found a ladder. Why it was in my room, I don't know. Ivan helped set it down on the ground and climbed up, reaching for my help once he got to the top. I happily grab his arm and pull him into my room. Unfortunately, we both landed on my bed, him on top of me. Talk about awkward.

"I'm so sorry again, Alfred!"

"It's alright dude…just…can you please get off me? I kind of can't breathe down here…"

He chuckles and gets off. We both take a seat in one of the three bean bags in my room.

Tonight would certainly be very…eventful.

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