Librarians and Pools

By: RavenHeart101

Summary: Puck never should have taken that summer job out in Westerville. Making out with your best friend's stepbrother's ex-boyfriend was never a good thing. But damn did he always have a thing for librarians...

A: N – Don't ask where this came from because I won't be able to tell you. I love Klaine, I hate Kurtofsky but something about this pairing (which I shall now call Bluck) attacked me and it won't let me go. I'm ashamed to call myself a Klainer. -sobs- Does anyone want this to be a one-shot series?

Warnings: Slash. Slight bashing of certain characters. Probably OOC. Almost sex scene, if I can ever bring myself to write one there will be one. Swearing. Plenty of other things I'm sure.

Maybe it was because of his mother's never ending pressing for him to get a job and stop sitting around all day on his ass or maybe it was because Lauren called him lazy before calling things off. But, whatever it was, it lead to Noah Puckerman restarting his pool cleaning business.

At first everything was fine. It was perfect even. It was exactly how he remembered it. He would clean the pools of some of the hot women in Ohio who simply weren't satisfied in the least by their husbands and then he would get paid in two ways. Sex and money. Perfecto.

Until he got a call out to Westerville, Ohio. It wasn't any problem really; the woman on the phone said that she'd pay for his gas as long as he did as good a job as her friends said he would. Puck had smirked and said that he'd do a magnificent job (although maybe not in so many words) and promised to be at her house at twelve o'clock sharp. It was going to be simple. He would show up, clean the pool and then get some from the smokin' woman on the phone.

Until he found out that she was a freakin' Congress woman and that her husband was a freakin' Professor at freakin' Case Western Reserve University who came recommended from freakin' Harvard. No way in all hell was he going to do a Congress woman, no matter how smokin' she was. "Right this way, Mister Puckerman." They had a maid. Puck couldn't believe it. They had a goddamn maid! And she wasn't even hot. She was short and plump and had a Spanish accent that would have been heaven if it belonged to anyone else that wasn't a big chick. Not that he had anything against big chicks (he dated Lauren for almost four months and Mercedes for like a week), he just didn't particularly like this one.

But damn it if he didn't pass out the moment he caught sight of the pool. If he thought the house was impressive as hell the pool made him want to drop dead. This was totally going to pay for a shit load of alcohol once he was done with it. Enough for two years. He would have to call Santana to set up a party of some sorts because this was freakin' insane. Like awesome insane, but insane all the same. It was going to take him ages to clean the whole thing. "Misses Anderson says that you may stay for as long as you needed." The Spanish maid just kept on talking. Puck just wanted to get to work. That pool was amazing... "Call if you need food or drink."

And then she was gone and Puck was left to deal with the beauty of a pool in front of him. And day-um was he about to have the time of his freakin' life. A smirk passed over his face, his dark eyes glittering with something that could be called amusement, entertainment, and accomplishment. Sure he wouldn't get laid after this job but he would be getting a shit load of money. And that was fine with him. He'd just have to call up one of his cougars and make a stop by their house later in the evening.

While the net floated in the water he took a moment to think over the developments that happened over the summer. Finn and Berry had finally made it to second base, Sam and Mercedes were going at it (even if they refused to confirm anything), Santana was holding out for Brittany, Artie was pinning, Mike and Tina were going strong, and Kurt had broken up with his prep boy for Dave Karofsky. Which was, quite possibly, the most pathetic thing he had ever heard in his life. Prep boy was good to Kurt. Karofsky was an ass. No one should be with him. Puck wondered, for a moment, if him and Quinn were the only sane ones left in Glee Club. Not that Puck was anything close to sane.

He paused when a shadow passed by a window in the upper part of the house. Third floor, as far as Puck could tell. Car doors were slamming from the front of the house and someone who sounded suspiciously like Hummel was speaking kind of loud. "Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me!" Puck didn't want to seem like he was spying (which he totally was but he would deny it if he had to), but he moved his head to the left a little, so that he could view the inside of the freakin' huge mansion. And it was Hummel. Standing in a way that made him perfectly visible to Puck. "You have no idea how much this means to us." And suddenly he was speaking softer and the person he was speaking to was still out of sight until Hummel leaned forward to kiss the person on the cheek and Puck found himself cursing his luck.

Blaine fucking Anderson.

Heh... go figure.

It wasn't like Puck had anything against the guy (the few times they had actually talked the guy seemed fine) but he did have something against Hummel and Anderson together. They used to seem so happy but now Hummel was in a fairytale relationship with Karofsky and the last time Puck checked Anderson wanted almost nothing to do with the pair. But then he remembered the dopey look Anderson used to always wear around Kurt, and the smile he used to wear whenever he saw him and the way his eyes sparkled whenever Kurt said anything and he remembered that random piece of gossip he had actually paid attention to. Rachel had said that they were in love. Or at least one of them was in love, because Hummel definitely wasn't. At least, not anymore. "Have a good time." He heard Anderson say in what was obviously a fake happiness. And he knew Kurt noticed (if anyone knew the prep boy it was his ex).

"Are you okay, Blaine?" Kurt's voice had dropped to something dejected. But Anderson seemingly perked up and came into view and Puck may not have known the guy but he was obviously hurting more than he wanted Kurt to see.

"A little headache." A complete lie but Kurt didn't seem to notice. "I just need some sleep and it'll be gone. Up all night practicing for this gig I got on the other side of town." They paused and stared at each other for a long time until Kurt reached over and gripped Anderson's hand in his own. Puck was pretty sure that wasn't good for Kurt to do when the guy was obviously still trying to get over him. "Seriously, have a good time." Anderson had subtly removed his hand from Kurt's until it was dangling onto his side. Kurt smiled one more time, pecking Anderson on the cheek one more time before almost skipping out the door with some envelope clutched in his hand.

Puck took the time to admire what Anderson had on. He looked smokin' as hell when he didn't dress up in the prep clothes (although he did look hot in those too, what could Puck say? He had a thing for uniforms). And Puck could totally say that because he was a stud and he could easily point out another stud when he needed to. Anderson may not be as studly as him but he was damn close. Closer than Finn, anyhow.

His yellow suit shirt was opened and his dark colored jeans clung to his ass perfectly. His Converse matched his shirt perfectly and his hair was undone. It was no wonder Puck hadn't recognized him until like five minutes ago. The last time Puck had seen the guy his hair was a fucking helmet from all the gel he had put in it. And then Anderson turned around and... wow. The guy was wearing glasses. Black rimmed, oval glasses that fit perfectly. And a pink undershirt. But the glasses... they were hot.

A flash of recognition passed over Anderson's face when he caught sight of Puck. Suddenly, Puck realized that he was without a shirt on and, before Anderson had noticed it, he was totally running his eyes down the sight that was Puck's abs. And once he did notice he was blushing like hell and clearing his throat and shifting to a different foot and Puck found himself smirking. "It's okay to look, man. I got no problem."

A mixture between a cough and a laugh passed through Anderson's lips. "Sorry." He muttered, closing his eyes for a moment and shaking his head to compose himself. He took almost cautionary steps toward Puck, stopping when he could effectively lean in the doorway leading out to the pool. He wrinkled his nose at the mess that it held. "You're cleaning our pool."

It wasn't a question but Puck felt like it needed an answer. "Yeah."

Anderson nodded, his curls flopping on top of his head. His eyes studied Puck for a moment or two. "You're not fucking my mom."

And if Puck was surprised by the curse word he didn't take the time to show it. "Wasn't planning on it man."

Anderson stared at him for a moment and Puck felt his feet unconsciously shuffling. He cursed his feet, they never should shuffle like that unless he was in front of his mother or Quinn. The last time he had felt so nervous was when he was asking Lauren out. And he totally wasn't thinking of Anderson in that way. Not in the least. No matter how hot the guy looked at the moment. "Okay."

So now it was awkward. But it was some sort of comfortable awkward because Anderson knew plenty about him from Kurt and probably Rachel or Santana or one of the girls from the club and Puck had obviously seen that Kurt was over and Anderson was still in love with him. Therefore, they just stood there and stared at each other for a good ten minutes until Puck decided that it was awkward enough and went back to cleaning the pool. Another ten minutes of absolute unnecessarily awkward silence passed where the only sound was Puck's waddling through the water with the net. "So what was Kurt doing here, man?" Puck didn't want it to sound rude, but he really was wondering. Plus, he figured he needed something to break the silence.

"I don't really think that's any of your business." And maybe it wasn't, but Puck wanted to know. It was obvious that it was something that Anderson wanted to talk about. Well maybe it wasn't obvious but it was obvious that he wanted the awkward silence to end as much as Puck did. Just because the only think the unfortunate topic only ended up causing more awkward silence was something that couldn't be controlled. Puck swished the net some more, throwing out a particularly nasty looking beetle with a shudder. Anderson sighed and shifted so that his arms covered his chest protectively. "I had bought tickets to see Rent at a community theater awhile ago. I had no one to go with anymore so I figured I'd give them to Kurt."

There was more to it. He figured he'd give them to Kurt and Karofsky because he had bought the tickets for him and Kurt. Sadly that never worked out and, as far as Puck could tell, wouldn't work out until Kurt got his head out of his ass and saw that Karofsky was just as much of a jerk as he was before his sudden revelation. Not that Puck was suddenly bitter or anything. He honestly could care less what Kurt did. "That's cool of you, dude." He commented dryly. "I would have kept them and brought Rachel or somebody."

Anderson shrugged, walking over so that he could plop into one of the chairs at the edge of the pool. "Rachel's not really talking to me at the moment." The silence was a question that took Anderson a few moments to answer. "Somehow it's my fault that me and Kurt broke up."

"Last I checked Kurt chose to date Karassolot." A small smile broke out over Anderson's face and Puck took a moment to notice how great it looked on him.

"Too bad you and Santana are the only ones that think that." He sighed again, and fell back into his seat. And damn it all if he didn't look so pathetically hurt that Puck wanted to hug the guy. And Puck didn't go around hugging people. Especially not his best friend's brother's ex-boyfriend.

"To be fair I don't think Britt and Tina really know what's going on. And Lauren could care less." Anderson hummed in response, nodding to say that Puck had a point. This silence was less awkward and more comfortable than Puck felt like pointing out. "So what are you doing this summer?"

"Besides pining after someone I can't have?" Anderson asked it was a snort, glancing up at Puck through his lashes. His heart was beating faster for some weird reason. "I help out at the library down the street."

"Dude..." Puck smirked at him.

Blaine moaned (that totally did not do anything to Puck), glaring up at him. "Oh not you too. I've heard enough of it from Wes and David already. And Jeff."

"Dude..." Puck continued smirking. "Dude are you a fucking librarian?"

Blaine nodded slowly, a small smile coming across his face along with annoyance. When the hell did he become Blaine anyway? "Yeah..."

"That's kinda hot."

And it was. It was kind of really hot. Puck was actually a bit jealous because why in all heaven did he not think of that? Being a librarian meant that he looked nice and sensitive and hot damn he could have been laid by so many people. But Blaine was blushing again and Puck almost felt like he should pick him up and throw him into the very dirty pool. "Uhm... th-thanks." Blaine had his hand clenched in a fist holding onto his nice yellow shirt.

"No but really dude... you must get laid a ton."

Blaine blinked at him. Was his blush permanent? "N-No. Not really." He was actually looking at Puck as though he was insane now.

"What?" And Puck was slightly offended because, dude... librarians were freakin' hot.

"I'm gay."


"I'm gay, Noah." And whoa... Blaine totally just called him Noah and that was totally not cool because there were only four people that called him that: his mother, Sarah, his nana, and Rachel. Blaine definitely had no right to call him that. Just like he had no right to make it sound so fucking hot. Why was everything about him hot suddenly? Was it because of the librarian thing? Puck was pretty sure it was the librarian thing.

"And, Blaine?" Blaine really thought he was insane now.

"Think about it for a second, would you?" And dude was he annoyed with him? He was totally annoyed with him! "I'm gay. This is Ohio."

Oh. Puck felt like an idiot now. "Still dude... You're like Megan Fox hot and stuff. Why not?"

Blaine laughed. He actually laughed. Puck felt accomplished. "There aren't that many gay guys in Ohio."

"So you and Kurt never did it?"

And there he was, blushing again. Dude was a freakin' virgin. That was against like all the rules. Blaine was too hot to be a virgin still. "Not that it's any of your business but no. We did... stuff but..."

"You're still a virgin." Puck laughed in his face. "Dude what the hell?"

Blaine was getting annoyed with him again. "Well excuse me if I didn't want to push him into anything-!"

"You're smokin' dude. You two totally should have done it."

Blaine snorted. "Why? So that it could be another thing I'll miss? It wouldn't have solved anything. He still would have left." And there was the seed of the problem.

"Dude, Kurt's an idiot."


"No, like really really idiotic. I thought the guy had enough brains to know that Karofsky's still an ass. He's like the biggest ass I know. And coming from me that's got to mean something, right?"

Blaine may have been cooling down but he still looked like he was ready to hurl a chair at Puck's head and watch him drown in his big, fancy pool. "What's your point, Noah?"

He really wanted to know why Blaine was still calling him Noah. "Kurt made a jerk move. He ditched you for the guy that caused you two to meet thinking that he'll get this Beauty and the Beast fairytale ending."

"I'll never be able to watch that movie again."

Puck flashed a smile at him. "But the fact is that he'd never going to get that shit. Karofsky's going to do it with him and leave him." Puck shrugged uselessly, not bothering to think for a second the effect that his words were having on the Warbler. "You'll find someone better, dude."

"My name's Blaine." Oh, so he was just as annoying as Kurt with that. Puck found himself smiling at that. There was something adorable about the guy's annoyance. "And-"

"Kurt was perfect?" Puck snorted. "Like hell he was. He ditched you the first chance he got." Puck shrugged and went back to working. Until he found himself losing his balance and falling face forward into the dirty as hell pool water with a shocked looking prep boy staring at him from the edge. "Oh fuck!"

Blaine stifled a laugh with a cough. "Are you okay?" He reached out a hand to Puck when the self proclaimed bad-ass had a genius idea. Blaine was too depressed. He needed to lighten up.

Puck placed his hand in the offered one, taking a moment to notice the shiver that traveled through both of their bodies as their hands and eyes locked. Puck smirked again and he could tell the exact moment Blaine realized what was happening. Hazel widened and his feet tried to go backwards unsuccessfully. He landed in the water next to Puck with a splash. His glasses floated off his face and off to his side. "What the fuck Noah!" Puck felt hands shove against his chest as he laughed. Long and hard laughter. Blaine was pissed at him and he was wet and he was fucking hot.

Before he gave himself much time to think about it Puck was kissing the guy's lips. His tongue was in Blaine's mouth. His hands were gripping the boy's shirt to keep them close and he felt Blaine's hands flailing for some sort of leverage. They found his chest and they felt remarkable planted there. Until a rather hard shove pushed him backwards and away from the offended Warbler. They stared at each other, the anger in Blaine's eyes disappearing and being replaced with shock. "You're straight." Blaine pointed out breathlessly.

"I'm a stud, babe."

"Puck..." Now that was more like it. No more of that Noah crap.

Puck grabbed him by his waist, pulling him close enough that their legs banged against one another. But Blaine continued to keep his distance. "I'm a stud, babe." His breath ghosted over the prep boy's ear and Puck felt the full body shiver that left him smirking. His lips pressed against Blaine's neck moving the boy so that he was pressed against the wall of the pool. Blaine's breathing was coming faster and Puck noticed that his eyes were shut and his hands were so obviously clenched into tight fists. "And you're hot."

A tortured sound passed through the wet lips as Puck bit down on his collar, pulling the fabric of his shirt away, pealing the over shirt off his body and throwing it up onto the pool's edge so that one yellow sleeve touched the water. "You're straight." It was panted and Puck wasn't really sure why he was doing it but his hands were all over Blaine's body. His freakin' body.

"Do labels even matter, babe? Can't we just enjoy it?" He was pushing up Blaine's shirt now, kissing his jawline until he pulled way and stared into the other boy's eyes. Filled with lust.

"You got a girl pregnant."

"You made out with Rachel."

"You... wanted to have sex with my mother."

Puck smirked at him. "You wanted to have sex with Kurt."

Blaine stared at him with wide lust-filled eyes for a long moment before practically lunging for him. Oh yeah... librarians were hot.

A: N- See? Don't ask where it came from. I couldn't tell you. And it kind of sucks ass. And... yeah. Anyone want me to write more for this? Because I'm pretty sure I can either make it a one-shot series or a chapter-like story. Because there's more for it that I'd love to put in. But I'm not going to do it if I don't get confirmation that it's going to be read. And don't worry. My other stories will be updated when I find the time and inspiration.