fandom. twilight series
pairing. marcus/seth
theme set. occasions
title. occasions
rating. pg13
notes/warnings. Minor sexual themes

. occasions .

#01 – Anniversary ::
Marcus doesn't count years the same way humans do; they celebrate their first anniversary when they hit twenty-five years, and they go up in multiples of that – when they hit two hundred, Seth feels a great sense of pride about it.

#02 – New Year's ::
Getting Marcus to attend any party is sort of like pulling teeth – even if it's something like New Year's – but then again, he has a different sense of the passage of time than most people.

#03 – Hallowe'en ::
"Why do I get the feeling that my being shoved into a dress is becoming something like a tradition now?"

"I don't see why you're complaining; you look beautiful."

#04 – Firsts ::
Their first kiss is short and sweet, a chaste brushing of lips.

#05 – Middles ::
Seth finds it funny that by the time he's turned forty-five he still looks exactly as he did when he was eighteen, and he finds he doesn't mind it so much – Marcus, on the other hand, is over a millennia old and he doesn't look a day over twenty-eight; they're an odd couple, but they fit together perfectly.

#06 – Lasts ::
It sort of sucks that each of their kisses has to feel like their last.

#07 – Nostalgia ::
There's something about the cliffs of La Push that remind Marcus of a past that he's long forgotten, but there's still that lingering feeling of pleasant familiarity about them and he's glad to be taking them in with Seth – right up until he's pushed off one.

#08 – Rendezvous ::
"You're late!"

"My apologies – Jane followed me far longer than I expected her to."

"Try not to be late next time; it's just as hard for me to slip away as it is for you."

#09 – Death ::
Her death ripped a hole in him and Seth made him whole again; Seth's death destroyed him completely and left nothing but an empty vessel behind.

#10 – Life ::
Seth breathed new meaning and purpose into him, and for that he's eternally grateful; he's going to spend the rest of his incredibly long existence making that up to him.

#11 – Birthday ::
When he turns one-hundred, Seth thinks it's about time that he stop celebrating his birthday (after all, he's not getting any younger), but he can't find it in himself to tell Marcus this because the sex is really, really good.

#12 – Wedding ::
Marcus has thought about proposing before, but both the opportunity and the motivation never gained any momentum; he and Seth are content as they are, but he does choose to officially instate Seth as his consort and that's enough for both of them.

#13 – Spring ::
There's something very beautiful about the change of seasons from the cold of winter in the warmth and life of spring, but Marcus is hard-pressed to say it's any more lovely than the young man he has in his arms.

#14 – Summer ::
Seth has always loved summer, but he's willing to make compromises because there's something inherently hilarious about having a lover who sparkles in the sunlight.

#15 – Fall ::
"I will not let you get hurt; I will be right there at the bottom waiting for you."

#16 – Winter ::
Cupping his hands together, Seth caught a few of the white flakes falling from the sky and turned to Marcus with a smile on his face that took Marcus' breath away.

#17 – Morning ::
I really don't think I drank that much... Seth glanced over and nearly jumped out of his bed; he hadn't realized until just then that he wasn't as alone in it as he'd first thought.

#18 – Afternoon ::
The light is fading from the skies, but neither of them wants to go in; the sky is painted several dozen different shades of red and they just want to enjoy a few peaceful moments alone together.

#19 – Evening ::
"I can't believe that you set all this up so quickly!"

"Well, I could have done much more, but overwhelming you wasn't my intention for a first date..."

"No matter how many times you say it, it's still kind of weird to hear you say the word 'date.'"

"Perhaps you will adjust to it in time."

#20 – Author/Artist Choice – Christmas ::
Each year, Marcus has to think of something he could get Seth for Christmas; it's always difficult since he isn't fond of shopping, but eventually he finds something and the long hours that went into finding it are made worthwhile when he sees his face light up when he opens it.