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It was the night after everyone was locked inside the school. Stiles had snuck into Scott's room, waiting to talk strategy about the whole "killing his pack" thing. Stiles had been thinking about it all day and really needed to talk to Scott about it. He was worried more than ever. He sat at Scott's desk waiting for him to come home from his date with Allison. He heard the front door then footsteps followed. Scott entered his room and jumped when he saw Stiles there.

"God, Stiles! Give me a freaking heart attack!" he half shouted at his friend who evidently, ignored his comment and started talking.

"Look dude, I think we need to start thinking of a plan to keep your emotions in check, now more than ever. I have a feeling that when the time comes…Allison might not be enough to bring you back." Scott shook his head and looked away.

"No, no, she is all I need. Trust me. When we were in the school, and I almost killed you guys, she still brought me back. Even though it only helped a little bit that time, it's better than nothing."

"But that's just it, Scott! We have to have 'better than nothing.' She won't be able to bring you back every time. You know why? Because you'll want to kill her too." Scott's face contorted with anger. "Don't say that! I would never hurt Allison!"

Stiles lifted his hands up in the air in defense. "Whoa Scott, easy now. See this is what I mean; your emotions are ever more on edge. We need a plan, strategy, something!" Scott started pacing in his room. He tried to think of a plan, but his mind kept going back to the thought of him hurting Allison. The thought made him want to throw up. But most of all, it made him mad. He was mad that he was cursed with this damn thing. He was mad that everything he touched got hurt. Most of all, he was mad that Allison was in danger because of him. His blood boiled inside himself with self-hated and anger. He felt like he needed to punch something, anything. He looked back at Stiles, who had noticed his friend's sudden change in mood. Stiles started to slowly approach Scott.

"Easy now, Scott. See, this is what I was talking about…" Scott put his hands to his head.

"Shut up, just shut up! I need to just…" His sentenced slowly drifted as his fingernails began to grow into claws and his eyes started to change. Stiles backed up against the wall.

"Scott, relax. Just think of Allison." He said in a calm, yet shaky voice. But the more Scott thought of Allison, the more he thought of hurting her. He let out a growl of frustration and eyes Stiles across the room. That urge to kill someone started to creep into his stomach. That lust to spill blood and rip apart limbs. He tried desperately to fight this feeling, but it was overtaking him. He jumped over to Stiles and gripped his neck, pinning him against the wall. Stiles tried to pry his hand off, but it was clearly not budging.

"Scott," he said in a raspy whisper. His claws were digging into Stiles' neck while his grip slowly tightened. Scott's eyes gleamed with satisfaction with the weak figure in his grasp. He could hear the rapid heartbeat of his friend; smell the sweat that started to form on his forehead. He could see the fear etched onto Stiles' face and felt his legs squirming beneath him. Stiles was terrified, and he was right to be. Scott menacingly smiled at his friend as he licked the blood that started to trickle from his neck. Stiles let out a panicked gasp, thinking that Scott was going to bite him. He felt his tongue skim his neck and he felt the immediate urge to vomit. His heartbeat quickened. Scott noticed all these changes and laughed. He looked Stiles, and then threw him across the room. Stiles roughly hit Scott's desk, knocking over everything that lay on top of it. Stiles tried to run out of the room but Scott was too quick. Scott ran in front of him and grabbed Stiles by his shirt and threw him out the second –story window.

Stiles landed on the ground with a thud. He immediately felt immense pain in his arm, chest, and legs. He could already tell that his arm was broken and that he had at least sprained his ankle. He started to stand up but it was far too painful. He decided to crawl instead. So, in a panicked state, he tried to make it over to his jeep, hoping to escape. Scott watched his friend pitifully try to crawl away and smiled.

"This is fun." He said to himself. He jumped out of the window and landed on Stiles' back. Stiles cried out in pain. Scott grabbed his arms and pinned them above his head with one hand. Stiles started to shake.

"Please Scott. It's me, your best friend, Stiles." He said in a pleading manner. Scott only responded by dragging his claw down Stiles' back, slowly and painfully, digging deep into his skin. Stiles screamed in pain while a few teardrops trickled down his cheek. Scott leaned down and licked those up, too.

Scott looked down at him and whispered in his ear. "I could kill you right now, you know. But what fun would that be?" He said as he continued to scratch Stiles' defenseless body. He reached the back of his pants and grabbed the top of it. "I could torture you slowly. Beat you. Cut you. Chase you…rape you."

Stiles' breath caught in his throat at the word 'rape.' Scott's hand remained at his pant rim and he started to shake even more.

"Please, Scott. Please don't!" he shouted as more tears rolled down. The thought of his best friend raping him made him rather wish he was dead. Scott flipped Stiles over onto his back and grabbed his neck again. He looked down at his prey. Then a thought crossed his mind. No, he wouldn't kill the little weakling. Well, not yet at least. He would relay a message to the others, letting them know exactly what they were to him. At that thought he slowly ripped Stiles' shirt open to his bare chest. He took one claw and began to slice the soft flesh. He held one hand over Stiles' mouth to minimize his screaming. He needed to concentrate, after all. Once Scott was done, he leaned down to him and whispered "run" into his ear. Stiles immediately stood up and started limp/running toward his car.

"Now for the chase." Scott said. As Stiles was running, he started to dig for his cell phone in his pocket. He grabbed it with shaky, bloody hands and pressed his dad's speed dial. 'Damn it! God damn voicemail!' he thought in his mind. After the beep, he started to leave his message.

"Dad! Goddamn, pick up!" he yelled in hysterics. "Please help me, I'm at Sc-" but before he could finish Scott pushed him against his car, knocking the phone out of his hand and causing it to break. Stiles dropped to his knees in front of Scott.

"Please Scott, please. Don't kill me…" he said as he started to cry. "I don't want to die. Not yet. Please! I'm begging you."

Scott looked down at the sad sight before him and something inside him changed. That urge to kill, suddenly just vanished. He was left with confusion, looking down at his broken friend. Scott's face was plastered with fear and panic.

"S-Stiles?" he asked, as if he was making sure his friend was still there. He tried to crouch down to his friend but Stiles only backed up in fear, tears still streaming down mixing with his blood. Scott began to tear up with guilt.

"Please Stiles, I'm…I'm so sorry." He said as his tears came quicker. Stiles looked up at Scott and opened his torn shirt for Scott to see.

"What did you write?" was all that he could manage to say. Scott looked down at Stiles' bloody chest and read the single word that was scarred into his flesh.


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