Kuinshi and Ryuu were walking along the path to Miku's house, as she had not been to their shop for a while. They ran a tailor shop, and brought her a new green obi as a gift. Kuinshi had also cooked up some medicinal soup, just in case she was sick. They chatted the long while there, mostly about the disappearance of their friends. Luka was missing and her husband, Gakupo, was looking desperately for her and their two newborns. They finally reached the house and noticed the door was ajar. They looked around suspiciously, fearing robbery. When they found no threat around the house, they stepped in.

"W-w-what the hell happened here?" Ryuu cried.

There was blood everywhere; left so long it stained into the floorboards. Luka was lying face-up, grotesquely beaten up and battered, beside her a bloody tiny skull. Kuinshi walked and picked up a small baby left lying on the floor. She shook her head sadly and examined it. She mumbled incoherent words to herself. It was stone cold, but Kuinshi held it close to her. Ryuu, knowing that she was a sentimental person, left her there and walked around to examine the situation. Kaito was found, dead, in a pool of…Ryuu turned away, aghast. He took a nearby cloth and laid it respectfully on Kaito, and then another on Luka.

"But where's Miku…?" Kuinshi asked, breaking the heavy silence.

They both called out to her and looked around, but to no avail. Ryuu put his arm sadly around Kuinshi.

"I don't know what happened here. But we should go tell the village…and more importantly, Gakupo."

She replied with a heavy sigh.

As they treaded back to the village, Ryuu kept glancing back at Kuinshi, who held the dead baby in her arms. At first, he was unsure of what to say. Finally, he voiced out his mind.

"Kuinshi, I know it's sad that the little one died. But…why are you still holding that baby? It's already passed on…We should have left it back at Miku's house."

She stopped in her tracks and looked at Ryuu innocently.

"What are you talking about Ryuu? I just thought that it would be a waste to leave this peach back there on the floor. I mean it has such a delicious scent…"