Two weeks later:

Midnight was the security shift change-over at Team Rocket headquarters. So for a moment in time the grounds were completely empty.

The sounds of my own breathing and the beating of my heart were the only things to be heard as I made my way through the underground storehouses. They went on for miles, and for someone in a hurry, only seem to take longer still.

Eventually though I reached the place I was looking for and rolled open the heavy, steel door. The room was virtually pitch black with the exception of a single computer monitor that left a green glow across cold, steel flooring. Wires and heavy equipment hung from the ceiling, all focused on one spot at the other end of the storehouse. It was this jumbled mess that I approached without hesitation.

"We only have a five minute window," I stole a glimpse over my shoulder, "So we have to make this quick."

His head nodded in the darkness, watching me silently under his veil of metal and wires. "What do you need to hear?"

"Why?" I stopped, licking my cracked lips... fighting with every ounce of will power to keep my emotions in check, "Why didn't you make me forget?"

Mewtwo regarded me for a moment more, as though to assess whether I was ready to hear this information or not. "Don't forget, I have seen the future too and you have the power to change it. It was imperative that you remembered him."

"And what about Lance?" I croaked, "He can't remember."

"And it must stay that way... for his own safety."

I wanted to fight him, to urge him to reconsider and remove the block Mewtwo had put on Lance's memories. But I knew better than to question the psychic.

"I can't bare this, Mewtwo. Knowing that I can't see my own son... my own flesh and blood grow up."

A three-fingered paw extended from the shadows, carrying what looked to be a simple, grey rock. But I knew better.

"The meteonite."

"Take it," said Mewtwo. "It is a small fragment, so you will only be able to use it once."

"But I don't have my powers anymore, Mewtwo."

"Your ability is still in you as it is still within Lance. They're just being lain dormant for the meantime... until you're ready to have them again. Lance will remember..."

My tears were flowing freely now and I didn't bother to fight them any more. "Thank you, Mewtwo."

The clone gave me a brief nod before retreating back into his shadowy prison. "Take care."

I turned to leave. Knowing that I could never mention my son again, but as my hand brushed the command station that kept Mewtwo in his prison, and my eyes fell on his Dark clone guard I found my feet refused to move.

"One more thing..."

Grabbing Dark-Mewtwo's pokéball from the shelf I called the clone over and it disappeared in a beam of red into the ball. This I handed into Mewtwo's care before turning and leaving the store room.

That night a massive explosion rocked Team Rocket headquarters, and not one but two of Giovanni's most valuable Pokémon vanished without a trace. By that time, I was back in Viridian city, standing in the subway underground, my hand hovering over a payphone. I pulled the crumpled piece of paper from my pocket and dialled the number.

"Hello?" A voice sounded sleepily over the phone.

"The last time we spoke you told me if there was anything I needed, you were more than willing to assist," I said quietly. "I need your help."


It was around midnight when I woke with a start. The mansion we were staying in had a lot of creaks and weird sounds, but it was the sound of voices that alerted me. I rolled on my side in a bed meant for a king and spotted light coming from under the door, so pulling my self upright I ignored the scratches the bruises that had come with dealing with a resurrected Archeops the previous day, and slipped from my sheets.

Tiptoeing to the door, I opened it just a crack... just enough for me to spot four figures talking with hushed whispers down stairs. The two I was expecting to see were Professors Juniper and Fennel; as this was Fennel's mansion-turned-research-lab we were staying at. The other two however... I did not expect to see. None other than my own half-sister Kair stood with a much older man with thick, red dreadlocks and a poncho.

The man was in the middle of attempting to convince a nervous looking Fennel to start up her dream machine. In return she would be guaranteed data beyond her wildest dreams.

Fennel's face glanced from the man to Kair, the words, "Who is this woman?" practically vibrating from her lips.

"Kair?" I couldn't hold it in any longer.

The group turned to face me as I quickly made my way down the stairs.

"You know her, Ash?" Fennel questioned me with suspicion.

Still though, I found myself glancing from Kair to the others in the room until Kair nodded, "It's alright, Ash. You can trust us. This is Alder, Unova's Champion... I know him because he is acquainted with Lance."

I settled at that point. Kair was dressed in normal clothing so there really wasn't anything to worry about.

"Kair is my sister," I filled Fennel and Juniper in... the words feeling so strange on my tongue. Honesty... it had become strangely alien to me.

"And you are?" The Champion named Alder scratched his head.

"My name is Ash."

His eyes watched me with intrigue. "Ash... is that short for something? Ashton?"

I cringed, "Its... just... Ash. I hate it when people call me Ashton."

But the old man simply smirked, "Ashton it is."

"Well..." Fennel's sigh broke us from the small-talk. "I suppose I could get the machine started up." She signalled us forward into her lab. "This way."

I fell into step beside Kair as the women got to work on their machine which was more or less a giant cylinder reminiscent of an MRI machine.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her.

Kair was holding what looked to be a stone... until my memory kicked in and I realised what it actually was. "Is that a meteonite fragment?"

"Yes... I'm about to use it... to find someone I lost. Someone very close to me."

"Your son? He is missing again?"

Kair immediately paled at this and she turned her full attention on me, staring at me with wide eyes. "How...? Mewtwo... he didn't make you forget?"

This time it was my turn to stare at her stupidly. "What do you mean?"

"My son, what is his name?"

"Silver," I replied honestly. "I think..."

She swallowed, fighting the urge to cry and practically choked. Then she did the unexpected and yanked me into a hug that verged on spine snapping.

"You can't tell anyone about this... that you remember Silver. Not even my... our... father. It is imperative that you keep this secret."

"S...sure... but why?"

"Just trust me on this, Ash." She turned to the others in the room, "Its adamant that word of my presence here tonight doesn't leave this room... for the safety of my son. Alder and Ash, you have never met ok."

Promises were given and Kair was led to lie down in the machine. Wires were placed on the stone and Fennel's Musharna was called and ordered to release a Dream Mist over Kair.

Kair offered me a smile as plugs attached to wires were placed on her head and chest. "Ash, you're a good kid. Don't do what I did. Don't get caught up in Team Rocket. And don't ever change..."

She drifted off into a dream trance...


The terrain was the same as before, it was the giant toy room that I now know belonged to N. Silver appeared before me... older and stronger. Those intense... silver eyes staring into my very soul.

"What's going on?" he asked me. "Why did they take me away again?"

"Because they want to change you, Silver. To mould you. But you can't let them do that to you, do you understand? Do not let Ghetsis mould your future."

"I'm scared."

I pulled him into a tight embrace, desperate not to see him leave me again. "I know what it is like to grow up under that training regime, Silver. I was there once. When... when you are old enough... when you are strong enough I want you to run... run away and never look back do you hear me? I won't stop looking for you."

The meteonite stone that had brought me to this place was beginning to falter and wane, and Silver's touch became fainter. We began to fade.

"I love you silver, with every part of my being. Please remember me. I will find you again..."

Author's Note: And that, my friends is the end of the Inheritance Series! It feels so weird! It played such a bit part in my life for so long! It's not a happy ending I know. :(

I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read, fave and review this series, you guys are incredible and its you who have kept it going for this long! I love you guys! You inspire me!

I had hoped to have the prologue and first chapter to Silver's story ready but I haven't even gotten around to writing them yet so I do apologize for the delay! Be re-assured though, it will happen! And it will be epic!... I hope. So stay tuned :D!