Well… it sure has been a while hasn't it, but I finally got off my lazy ass and have started writing the (hopefully) long awaited sequel to Dead and Gone! I recommend any new members who haven't read Dead and Gone prior to reading this go read it NOW. Or you will be confuzzled beyond belief.

Theme song: Starlight, by Muse.


In the city of New Olympia, a large group of people had gathered around a small cemetery, all wearing black or dark clothes. Many cars were parked outside the graveyard's gates, and another one was just pulling up. It was a red truck like car, with seven young teenagers in it; they were all decked out in black as well. As they stepped out of the car, everyone turned to look at them. They were who they had been waiting for. The teenagers walked towards an area of the cemetery filled with around thirty or forty foldable chairs, all facing towards a small wooden coffin.

The people soon went over to the chairs and sat down, all bearing sad and sombre looks on their faces. The teenagers took seats at the very front, along with a small old lady, holding a small furry dog.

An elderly man dressed in black, with a small white stripe in his collar, stood behind the coffin, and began addressing the people gathered. With every word he spoke, the people in front of him grew sadder, girls were crying into their boyfriends' and parents' arms, even fully grown men had tears in their eyes.

At last, the man stepped away from the coffin, and took a seat next to the old lady with the dog. One of the seven teenagers now stood up, regretfully having to leave his girlfriend, who wasn't holding up very well. He stood up to the microphone that was positioned behind the coffin and began to speak. "For those who do not know me, I am a friend of the deceased, Jay. I knew Herry well. He was extremely kind and always thought of his friends first. He died far too young, he could have been something great, but his life was sadly cut short. Herry man, we're gonna miss you."

Many more people stood up and gave speeches, and slowly the hours passed on, and soon the people had gathered around a large rectangular hole in the ground. Two large men picked up the coffin and gently lowered it in the hole. As it was being lowered the smallest of the teenagers, a young red haired girl threw a bouquet of flowers into the hole. She then stepped back towards a purple haired boy standing behind her, who placed a hand on her shoulder. The coffin finally came to a stop, and slowly the two men, along with some of the people attending the service, began to fill in the hole with soil.

People were now starting to leave the cemetery, returning to their jobs and everyday lives. But the seven teenagers still remained. They were sitting on the grass around the newly dug grave. "I never expected to have to say goodbye to one of us so soon…" The brown haired one who had spoken earlier said.

"I always expected it to be done by Cronus, not someone as well, goat like, as Pan." A purple haired boy added, earning a stern look from his red headed girlfriend. This was when the ginger haired girl spoke up.

"I just can't believe Herry's mother didn't even care enough to come to her own son's funeral."

You see, Herry had long been technically declared an orphan, after his mother refused to look after him, saying she didn't want the responsibility. She was just too young. So the woman's mother had taken him in, not wanting him to be sent to some orphanage where she would never get to see him again. And this way, if her daughter ever changed her mind, she'd still be able to see him. But she never did. She never once came to see the boy. Not even at his own funeral.

As for Herry's father, his mother was, to put it simply, a slut. No one knew who the father was, not even the mother.

"That is pretty sad… Herry's probably rolling over in his grave as we speak." Replied the red head. After she said this the cemetery went quiet, you could almost smell the sadness in the air.

"Hey, I've got an idea, how about we get out of this place, it's giving me the creeps, and I've had enough of all this depressing talk about Herry. We should go do something to take our minds of it."

"Archie! That's a great idea, but what are we gonna do?" A young blonde girl questioned (AN/ yes, Freendo is still here…).

"We could go shopping?" A blonde male suggested.


"Hunting?" The red haired girl suggested.

"I've had enough death for one day…"

"We could go sailing?" The brown haired leader of the team proposed. Five of the other teenagers sitting around him all nodded their heads eagerly, they all thought it was a fantastic idea. But that still left one person…

"Do we have to?" Archie moaned.

"Yes, yes we do. And I thought Scamander got rid of your fear of water?" The youngest member of the team asked.

"That, was only temporary, and you just brought up a wonderful point. If we go sailing, Scamander could show his ugly face again, and we'd all be screwed!" He replied.

"Oh, come on Archie, don't be such a pussy, you're being more paranoid than Jay! And that's saying something." Retorted the narcissistic member of the team.


"Archie, please, just come. If Scamander shows up I personally will kick his ass from here to next Tuesday,"

"Thank you Atlanta but…"

"If you don't come, I will lock you in that plane thing Heph made and make sure Odie pilots it, and I will make sure to leave some presents from Dionysus in there for him…" (AN/ Dionysus is the god of booze BTW.) Archie's eyes widened considerably as she said this, while Odie mumbled something inaudible, which was more than likely an insult.

"OK fine I'll come…"


If you didn't guess, this chap was Herry's funeral. Cause I needed something to get the ball rolling. Next chap gets A LOT more interesting (and violent :3). It also should be a bit longer. Not sure how long it will take tho…

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