Finn Hudson: So here's what you missed: I made some toast but our toaster caught fire and now we're out of bread, so I can't make any more toast. Or sandwiches. It's really sad. Also, Kurt is hogging the bathroom, and Mom's asleep on the couch watching some weird musical.

Rachel Berry: Uhh, Finn honey, why are you recapping everything that has happened in your house today?

-Kurt Hummel likes this.

Finn Hudson: There's nothing better to do. Can't you tell by my status that I'm bored? Why else would I care about what's going on? Yes, I always have a problem when I have nothing to eat but the rest, I don't really care about. And Kurt, GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM ALREADY!

Kurt Hummel: I am getting ready for my date tonight with Blaine, chill out!

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Blaine Anderson: I'm on my way to come pick you up, baby ;)

Santana Lopez: Wanky!

Kurt Hummel: Okay, I can't wait! ;)

Santana Lopez: DOUBLE WANKY!

Kurt Hummel: Shut it, Satan.

Finn Hudson: Why is everyone blowing up my notifications?

Brittany S. Pierce: Did they use a bomb?

Kurt Hummel: No, boo. He means why is everyone giving him a lot of notifications.

Brittany S. Pierce: Oohhh, so it's like herpes?

Kurt Hummel: *facepalm*

Wes Montgomery: Is she serious right now?

Mercedes Jones: Sadly, this is how she always is, but you gotta love her.

Brittany S. Pierce: Who?

*5 minutes later*

Brittany S. Pierce: Is anyone there?

Sam Evans: No.

Brittany S. Pierce: Oh, Okay!

Rachel Berry: Attention fellow Glee members! Considering that it's the first weekend of the summer, and my dad's will be spending their weekend in Cincinnati, I was thinking about having a pool party/sleepover at my house tonight starting at 7:00 pm sharp! Let me know if you want to come!

Santana Lopez: God, even over the internet you're annoying. But count me in, I needz to get my party on.

Brittany S. Pierce: Can I bring Lord Tubbington? He likes to swim.

Quinn Fabray: Britt, cats don't like water…

Brittany S. Pierce: Whoops! I'll still come though (:

Quinn Fabray: Count me in.

Finn Hudson: You know I'm coming, babe (:

Noah 'Puck' Puckerman: I'll bring the booze!

Mercedes Jones: Sam and I are coming…well, not together, he just uhh, told me to tell you.

Lauren Zizes: I'm down.

Mike Chang: Me and my asian babe are coming (:

Artie Abrams: I'm comin', yo.

Kurt Hummel: Can the Warblers come too?

Rachel Berry: Sure! They're fun to hangout with. And Noah, no alcohol!

Kurt Hummel: Okay, well Me, Blaine, Wes, and David are coming.

Noah 'Puck' Puckerman: Come on, it'll be better!

Santana Lopez: Face it hobbit, if there wasn't any booze, we would all fall asleep or yell at you for having such a boring party.

Rachel Berry: Fine, whatever. Noah, bring good stuff!

Noah 'Puck' Puckerman: Of course, that's all I got!

Kurt Hummel: Well this is going to be an interesting party.

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The guests started arriving at Rachel's house at 7:00 like she told them. Finn came in first with Kurt and Blaine. Then it was Quinn, Santana and Brittany. Then came Mercedes and Sam, and they were acting weird. Wes and David showed up a few minutes later. Then Puck and Lauren came, holding alcohol in their arms. They had a lot. Then Mike came in with Tina, who was pushing Artie. It took a half hour for everyone to show up and get settled into Rachel's basement.

"Okay, since everyone is here, let's go swimming!" Rachel said with enthusiasm.

They all walked out with their friends going to the backyard to where her big pool was. They sat down towels and shoes in certain spots of the patio so their stuff wouldn't get wet, while Rachel turned on the outside lights and the pool light so everyone could see. Most everybody ran over to the pool and jumped in all at once, causing a huge splash to form and have water spots all over the patio. Artie was out of his chair but sitting on the edge of the pool with his legs in the water so he didn't feel left out. Kurt grabbed a lean back chair and sat it semi-close to the pool, not wanting to get too wet. He then pulled out a book and started to read it.

"Kuuuuuuurt!" Blaine yelled from the water, looking right at his boyfriend. Kurt glanced up at Blaine, who was now swimming to the edge. "Yes, love?" Kurt answered back, sweetly. Blaine smiled, "Why aren't you coming swimming with me?" "You know I don't like to, it'll mess up my skin" He replied back with a matter-of-factly tone.

Suddenly, Blaine got out of the pool and walked over to where Kurt was sitting. "Baby, the water won't mess up your skin. Even if it did, it wouldn't look bad, really. And…you're even more sexy shirtless" Blaine said with a smirk and a wink. He was now showing his puppy face, knowing that his boyfriend couldn't resist that ever. "Ughhhhh! Fine! I will go swimming with you, only because you're just so damn cute" Kurt said, smiling back. "Yayyyyy!" Blaine said, jumping up and down. "Oh, Blaine, Blaine, Blaine. You're soo mature." He said sarcastically. "But you love me" Blaine smiled. "I know, babe, I know." They gave each other a quick kiss and then Blaine picked up Kurt and threw him into the pool, following him with a jump in himself.

Everyone around them heard the whole conversation and saw the whole thing, so they cracked up when Blaine threw him in. Kurt came out from under the water gasping for air, "Blaine Anderson! I am going to attack you! You won't know when, you don't know where and you don't know how, but I will!" he yelled. "Wanky!" Puck and Santana said in unison, but Blaine looked kind of worried. 'Oh my god, I don't want Kurt to attack me!' He thought to himself. 'Hmm, but then again, that could be awesome. Kurt…all over me…mmm. Okay, Blaine, get your mind out of the gutter, focus. Damnnnnn, Kurt is sooooo sexy. I just want to go over there right now and just, uhh…stop, stop now.' Blaine swam over to Kurt slowly, still kind of worried but yet still kind of anxious to see what he meant by "attack". When he reached Kurt, he looked deep into his eyes and kissed him passionately, leaving Kurt speechless and smiling.

They all decided to play water volleyball. Puck and Wes set up the net and got the volleyball out of a bucket on the patio, tossing it into the water to Lauren. After teams were picked, everyone got on their designated sides and got into position.

They were serving the ball back and forth and there was a really long and very successful time before they finally dropped it. Santana swam over to the ball and was about to serve it when Finn turned around to say something to Kurt. Santana got a smirk on her face and decided something. She served the ball hard and hit Finn right in the back of the head with it. Finn turned around, looking pissed. "Santana, what the hell?" He yelled at her. "I'm a bitch, I've gotz to keep it real" she stated back like it was obvious. Everyone was laughing at Finn because he got hit, not caring that he was obviously still mad about it, it was just so funny to watch. After things settled down, Brittany spoke up. "I once played volleyball with a badger. He beat me, and as payment, I had to make him some mac and cheese. And he ate ALL OF IT. I wasn't happy."

After swimming in the pool for two hours, everyone decided to go inside and get the real party started. They were all spread out across Rachel's basement, people hanging out with who ever. Everyone was talking in small groups, laughing and sharing stories, all of them seemed to be on their phones.

Sam Evans: I look like a raisin

Kurt Hummel: At least you weren't thrown in *bitch-glare at Blaine*

Blaine Anderson: Babe, I'm sorry! ): I love you!

Kurt Hummel: You better.

Mercedes Jones: Don't you hurt my boo, Warbler!

Noah 'Puck' Puckerman: Yeah, we'll kick your ass!

Blaine Anderson: Don't worry, I'll never hurt him, I love him too much.

Kurt Hummel: Awwww! Blainey, I love you too :D

Finn Hudson: Uh, dudes, can you like, stop making out please?

Santana Lopez: NO! it's hot ;)

Artie Abrams: Guys, why are we all on facebook when we're all in the same room, literally a few feet from each other?

Santana Lopez: It's cause Berry throws lame parties.

Rachel Berry: HEY! I resent that! I throw awesome parties!

Wes Montgomery: Not to me mean or anything Rachel, but this party is kinda lame.

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Noah 'Puck' Puckerman: Time to break out the booze!

Wes Montgomery: Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!