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*5 years later*

"Okay, so everyone from New Directions and The Warblers are coming over soon, so I want the house to be spotless." Kurt shouted from the master bedroom.

"Of course," Blaine shouted back from the living room.

They had been cleaning all day, making sure everything was really clean. They haven't seen their friends in a few weeks since they last visited Ohio. The only people they saw on a regular basis was Finn and Rachel, who were married now. They only lived a few blocks away from them. They had all graduated college the past year and they decided to move into a house of their own instead of an apartment. Finn and Rachel did the same thing and moved in the neighborhood down the street. They would get together every Friday night and have dinner and hang out for hours. It was always a lot of fun.

"So how do you think they're all going to like it?" Kurt asked Blaine, walking into the living room. He was carrying their new baby with him, Malia. Yes, she was the surprise. They had found a surrogate in the city who was more than happy to carry their child. Blaine was the father, as Kurt wanted the baby to have his curly hair and bright eyes. She was only a week old. The only people that knew about Malia was Finn, Rachel, Kurt's parents and Blaine's parents. They wanted to surprise all of their friends over a dinner.

The doorbell rang. Kurt's eyes went wide. "Oh my gosh, someone's here. Take Malia and put her in her crib." Blaine took Malia out of Kurt's arms and smiled bright. She smiled at her dad, wrapping her little fingers around his finger. He cooed over this and talked to her animatedly all the way to her room. Kurt smiled at his two loves. He straightened out his shirt and answered the door.

"Mike, Tina, Mercedes!" Kurt shouted excitedly to his friends. He wrapped them all up in a hug. "How is everything going?" Mike asked, pulling his jacket off and putting it on the rack. It was October so it was pretty cold outside for New York.

"It's going perfectly!" He smiled, "What about you guys?"

Tina smiled, "Great. Thank you so much for flying down a while ago to attend our wedding, it really meant a lot to us." She squeezed Mike's hand.

"So what's this surprise, White Boy?" Mercedes asked.

"Oh no, not yet. Not until everyone gets here."

The doorbell rang again.

"Wes, David, Nick, Jeff!" Kurt said happily. He hugged them all, catching up with the four Warblers that he was really close with. Blaine came down the hall smiling.

"Blaine!" Everyone shouted, running over to him at once.

"Woah!" Everyone was hugging him. "It's great to see you all." He laughed.

Eventually, all the guests had arrived. They were all sitting around the table eating a fabulous dinner that Kurt had made. After everyone was finished eating, Blaine spoke up. "Okay guys, you all know why you're here. So I shouldn't make you wait any longer." Kurt and Blaine smiled at each other.

Finn and Rachel's eyes lit up, excited that they were going to see their niece again. "You go get your surprise and I'll keep the guests entertained." Rachel said. The couple smiled and nodded before walking out of the room.

They got to Malia's room and looked at their baby girl. She was laying in her crib kicking her feet around and playing with her hands, giggling at her stuffed dog that Kurt had given her. They shared a smile. "She is so perfect." Blaine said. Kurt agreed. "Thanks for making my dreams come true." He kissed Blaine passionately. Kurt walked over to Malia and picked her up and held her close.

Kurt and Blaine walked down the hall with both of them holding some part of Malia. "We're ready, Rachel." Blaine said.

"Okay, come in."

The couple walked into the room, cradling their daughter. The whole room gasped and smiled. Some had tears running down their face. They all got up at once.

"She's beautiful!" Quinn said excitedly.

"Look at her little feet!" Mercedes tickled the tiny feet, causing Malia to laugh.

"She's going to be a dancer one day, I can tell." Mike laughed.

Tina smiled, "She has your smile, Blaine."

"And your curls," Santana smiled.

"Finally! A Dolphin baby!" Brittany jumped up and down, smiling.

"Look at that cute little face!" Puck cooed.

"She's so cute!" Artie exclaimed.

"It's a mini Blainey bear!" Wes shouted. Blaine shot him a look. "Sorry! A little Kurtie Pie!" Kurt shot him a look and just rolled his eyes.

"She's gorgeous." David smiled.

"She can help me fight crime!" Jeff ran over to her and held her little hand, who was now gripping his finger. It made him smile.

"She's an angel." Nick smiled.

"Lor Menari!" Sam said, looking at her. Quinn shoved him slightly. "Babe, I told you to stop speaking Navi." She laughed. They were married now too, and she always joked around about Sam's dorkiness.

"What's her name?" Quinn asked.

"Malia." Kurt smiled.

"That's a lovely name." Tina smiled.

"Auntie Rachel and Uncle Finn coming through." Rachel said, moving past their friends. She kissed Malia's cheek. "Hey sunshine."

Malia smiled and grabbed Rachel's finger.

The group of friends smiled.

Life was amazing.

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