A/N: Jenna Sommers is learning each day to be a better parent. She deals with many challenges and this week's challenge is the flu. Will Jenna successfully survive the week?

Parenting Skills

Chapter 1

To Jenna's surprise parenting was not that bad. Jenna wasn't good at a lot of it but she put her best effort into it. Some things on the other hand she exceeded well in.

After living with her niece and nephew she seemed to understand a lot. She knew when they were upset and angry or happy. She also knew when they were sick.

It was 6:30 AM. It hit Jeremy first at breakfast.

Jenna walked downstairs to find the TV on and Elena pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Morning Elena!" Jenna said happily.

Elena turned her head towards Jenna, "Morning Aunt Jenna!" She chirped and hurried over to grab her school bag.

"Where's the fire?" Jenna laughed.

"Caroline's making me go to school early, I'll see you later!" Elena waved and darted down the hall out the door.

Jenna sighed and shook her head smiling. She then headed over to the refrigerator and got the orange juice. She placed it on the counter and noticed Jeremy there. His head was rested on his hand. His other hand was holding his spoon in his cereal, which appeared, barely eaten and completely soggy.

"Jer?" Jenna asked quietly.

"What?" He winced.

Jenna studied him and something just wasn't right.

"You okay kid?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." Jeremy sat up and swirled his cereal.

Jenna bit her lip and reached over to touch his forehead. It was hot. She slide her hand down to his cheek and Jeremy slapped it away.

"Aunt Jenna stop I'm fine!"

"No you're not. You have a fever Jer."

"Just what I need." Jeremy muttered angrily.

Jenna sighed, "Okay two options one is to go straight to your room and straight to bed. Option two is I get some blankets and pillows from the closest and set you up in the family room."

Jeremy grunted, " But Aunt Jenna I have to-"

"Jeremy I refuse to let you go to school with a fever! You barely touched your breakfast and I'm sensing you have a major headache right now so it's either couch or bed."

Jeremy groaned, "Coach I guess."

"Couch it is."


Twenty minutes later Jeremy had removed his jeans and slid under the blanket in his boxers and t-shirt flipping through channels. Jenna gave him a glass of water and some toast. As she got ready for class she heard him coughing and this worried her.

"Call me if you need anything okay?"


"Drink the water okay and eat!"


"Jeremy are you listening to me?"


Jenna sighed heavily and kissed the top of his head, Jeremy groaned.

"Be good." She warned and left.


Around ten thirty she was heading to her next class when her phone began to ring. Jenna looked down assuming it was Jeremy but instead it was Elena.


"Hey Jenna it's me."

"Elena is everything okay?"

"I started not feeling that good when I got to school and Stefan said I had a fever so I checked with the nurse and she said I did. They won't let me leave without a guardian signing me out so can you-"

"Not a problem sweetie, what about your car?"

"Stefan said he and Damon would take care of it."

"Okay I'll be there in ten minutes."


With only one more class today Jenna decided to skip it as she drove Elena home who was looking feverish and pale against the window. They entered the house to Jeremy who was sitting up.

"Jer?" Jenna asked. She then looked at Elena, "Go get changed and I'll make you a bed on the other couch."

Elena nodded and went upstairs. Jenna walked into the room where Jeremy sat.

"Jer, honey, what are you doing?"

"I think the remote was talking to me. I had to turn off the TV to listen but he won't speak anymore." Jeremy replied who sounded very congested as he hit the remote on the cushions.

Oh joy. The fever was making him hallucinate. It had to be the flu.

"Okay well then I'll try and fix the remote and get you some medicine. Try to sleep okay?"

"Okay thanks Aunt Jenna!" Jeremy replied quietly and coughed.

Jenna sighed heavily as she went to the kitchen and put the remote on the counter. She then went to the closet and got blankets and a pillow for Elena and then she got some ibuprofen for Jeremy.


Just as Jeremy swallowed the pill Elena came downstairs wearing her purple and white checkered sweatpants and purple tank top. In her right arm she held here teddy bear. Jenna pointed to the couch and Elena scurried over. Jeremy meanwhile was overloading the garbage pale with his tissues.

Jenna Sommers huffed; this was going to be a long week.