Title: Lashes

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Blaine has pretty eyelashes—Kurt realises it. Futurey fic I suppose...

Warnings: Sex...

Spoilers: Season 2

Wordcount: Tiny! 277 words

A/N: Someone, somewhere asked me to write something about Blaine's eyelashes and since everything else I'm meant to be writing is shelved while I try to twist myself out of a massive, annoying writing slump and I wait for the beta to not be sick of my craziness anymore, I figured I should try to write something different. Something short. So this is 277 words and smutty and very random and not very anything, really. And I just kind of wrote it to write something that wasn't a whole bunch of pressure to write well and in depth and with purpose. And now I'm attaching it here so you can all read it if you like...

Blaine has ridiculous eyelashes. It's a stupid thing to be noticing now, after so long together and while they're wrapped around each other and tangled in the sheets—maybe he knew but had forgotten.

Kurt's breath catches a second longer than it should as he watches Blaine's eyes slide closed and his lashes fan out over sweat-slickened, pink-stained skin. Long and dark and sticking together, they flicker and still as Blaine holds his eyes shut and lets a noise slip past his lips.

They are lashes any girl would be envious of and they're Kurt's to stare at and brush his thumb over and kiss.

Blaine's rocks his body hard against Kurt's sudden stillness and snaps his eyes open to stare back. "What?" he asks.

"You're stunning."

Blaine chuckles then and Kurt gets to admire him blinking slowly as he blushes redder. "Then why have we stopped?"

Kurt rocks his hips hard and they both gasp. "No idea." He leans in close and presses as much of himself against Blaine as he can, ignoring the now almost discomforting heat and the dull throb of muscle fatigue. Rocking harder, urgent now because they've stretched this out over too many hours and going to bed early has turned into getting to sleep some time in the wee hours of the morning. Before they grin at each other over coffee tomorrow morning, they'll glare, all grumpy and aching.

But now…Kurt buries his fingers in Blaine's curly, sweaty hair and runs his mouth across a hot cheekbone, kissing and nuzzling and sure he can feel the tickle of Blaine's eyelashes against the tip of his nose. "Stunning," he whispers.