This is my first Fan Fiction and follows the Naruto story line with one difference. The difference... meeting Kyuubi early, one week before the graduation exam to be precise. Naruto is 15 because in canon he is stated to have failed the graduation exam three times. Some writers make him enter three years younger to balance this out but I am making it so he is three years older than the rookies.
To give a few ages as an example.
Naruto : 15
Sasuke: 12
Tenten: 13

Any major divergence doesn't really happen until the Chunin exam arc but the wave arc does have a few twists and turns. Hope you enjoy it and if you are unclear about anything or find a mistake or anything review or PM me so I can change it. Fair warning the start is pretty cliché and you might think I am overpowering Naruto but honestly he was extremely weak to begin with so I am really only bringing him up to standard.

Lastly it seems that people still do not get the message. Quotation marks can be either one mark 'word' or two marks "word" neither is correct over the other. It is solely authorial choice. If you cannot handle this then don't read on as frankly I am tired of being insulted for using single quotation marks to denote speech and double quotation marks to denote thoughts and being told how dumb, stupid, illiterate etc. I supposedly am.

Enjoy the story.
SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan.

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'Heavily demonic voice'

'Fox talking'

"Fox thinking"




Chapter 1 – The Meeting

A boy around the age of fifteen was walking down the street. This boy however was no ordinary boy. He had blonde spiky hair, deep blue eyes and three whisker-like marks on each of his cheeks. He wore an orange jumpsuit along with goggles on his forehead and was about one metre and a half in height with a small build. His name was Naruto Uzumaki. The one aspect which made Naruto so unique is that inside of him was sealed the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox which attacked The Village Hidden in the Leaves fifteen years ago on Naruto's birthday of October tenth.

Naruto walked along the street, the gravel crunching under his sandals, with shops on sides of him selling food, clothes and other necessities. The shops themselves appeared to look like small houses. Naruto was heading to the Ichiraku Ramen Shop after another day of being unable to succeed in the basic tasks required of him by the academy.

'*sigh* Why can't I do anything right. Everything I try to do is a failure' Naruto said out loud. They were practising jutsus today and Naruto failed miserably in trying to produce a clone once again much to the amusement of his classmates.

Naruto looked around and noticed those who were looking at him at the time gave him glares filled with small amounts of fear and overwhelming amounts of hatred. He sighed and kept walking.

"Why am I looking around to see if anyone is listening? After all no one cares about me anyway and wouldn't even blink an eye if I started talking to myself." Thought Naruto bitterly.

-line break-

After wallowing in his depressive thoughts for a while he finally arrived at the Ichiraku Ramen Shop.
The shop was a small square building with flaps hanging of the base of the roof at the entrance, as well as a lantern on the right. Inside there was a counter and ten bar stools with the kitchen behind the counter.

'Hey, old man Ichiraku.' Naruto said cheerfully, becoming much happier than he was before as he was now in a ramen shop which serves his favourite food: ramen.

'Naruto good to see you, the usual right?' asked Teuchi. Teuchi was a man in his forties and had a small pot belly. Teuchi wore an apron and a chef's hat and always seemed to have a happy demeanour which made it difficult to see his eyes as well as black hair which was starting to turn grey.

'You better believe it old man!' Naruto said loudly as he jumped up on one of the stools.

'Coming right up. Also since I know it's your birthday, today it's all on the house.' Teuchi said happily.

'Really!' cried Naruto, his eyes swimming with happiness with a small amount of drool escaping his mouth.

'*chuckle* Yep. Ayame and I also got you a little present.' Said Teuchi cheerfully before he went to make Naruto his ramen while Ayame came out from the kitchen.

Ayame was Teuchi's daughter and wore similar attire to her father minus the hat and in place wore a white bandana. She had long brown hair and brown eyes.

'Oh what is it!' asked Naruto practically jumping of the stool, all thoughts of the academy forgotten.

'Here you go, Naruto.' Ayame said happily handing Naruto an envelope. Naruto opened the envelope and couldn't believe his eyes.

'Ten whole day free meal vouchers 'said Naruto before he lowered his head with his bangs overshadowing his eyes. Eventually Naruto looked back up and was on the verge of crying from joy. 'Th...Thanks a lot you guys.' Said Naruto just about to cry but instead gave a big smile.

-line break-

Naruto finished twelve bowls of ramen and headed home. On the way home he noticed the villagers staring at him even more aggressively than usual and tried to understand why they hated him so much, unable to think of a reason he smiled at them and kept on walking which somehow caused them to become even angrier.

'Honestly what have I ever done which could make all these people so angry. My pranks aren't that annoying are they?' Mused Naruto internally.

Finally he arrived at his apartment, if you could call it that it. His apartment was leaning slightly to the right with a small ten centimetre diameter whole on the roof which he had to patch up himself with whatever rotting lumber he could find, the power died every six hours and the hot water for the house only lasted for five minutes at a time, but still it was all he had. He went in and had a quick shower before getting for bed. Naruto was asleep in no time and that's when things got weird.

-line break-

"Where am I?" thought Naruto. He walked around in the darkness eventually finding what looked to be like pipes. He saw a red light in the distance and quickly rushed ahead. He followed it and eventually came across, what looked like a jail cell with a piece of paper on the middle which said – seal.
Naruto then thought he heard a sound, so being a fifteen year old boy who had absolutely no idea where he was or how he got there he did the obvious; he asked 'Who's there?' There was no reply until the sound of a deep sinister laughter.


Now scared and a little annoyed Naruto asked again 'Who's there?!'

'HAHA Puny human it is I, The Nine-Tailed-Fox.' Boomed a loud and deep voice filled with malicious undertones.

Naruto, who was pretty scared, asked frightfully 'What do you want? For that matter why are you here? I thought the fourth killed you how are you alive?'

'GRR silence! Don't mention that accursed man around me again!' Growled the fox.

Naruto was shaken and the fox grinned at that.

'Now, now you don't have to be scared, however if these bars weren't here you would be!' Said the fox.

'Fine I'm not scared now what are you doing here.' asked Naruto most fear gone from his voice.

'You've got guts kid and I admire that, also since it's your birthday and you have shown me that you have some backbone, I'm going to give you a little present.' Said the fox with a devilish grin.

'Well, what are you going to give me?' asked Naruto mildly curious but still suspicious.

'Come closer to the cage so I can give it to you.' Said the fox.

Naruto tentatively took steps closer to the cage until the fox stuck his claws in between the bars of the cage. Naruto jumped back barely in time.

'I want to give you a quick and painful death and escape from here!' Shouted the fox angry at having been unable to reach Naruto.

'Hey what the hell are you doing you stupid fox?' Screamed Naruto angrily.

The fox growled for a minute before breathing out and deciding to be a little bit more, nice.
'Well foolish human since I can't kill you or escape, I figured we could work out a deal and I could give you something in exchange.' Said the fox.

Naruto wasn't too trusting so he narrowed his eyes at the fox and asked 'What am I going to get?'

'Well for one thing I'm going to let you use my chakra and not disrupt your own because I don't want my vessel to be a failure and by reflection make me look pathetic.' Began the fox before being interrupted.

'Wait! Are you telling me I couldn't do anything right because you were stopping me and it's your fault that everyone sees me as a loser? Asked Naruto absolutely enraged and didn't even care that he was mouthing off to a being which almost destroyed the leaf village.

'Yes.' Replied the fox nonchalantly.

'W-why?!' stammered Naruto

'For fun. Don't forget that I have been trapped in here for fifteen years with nothing to do.' Said the fox smiling and showing all of his huge and razor sharp teeth.

'What that's ridiculous. You are one sick fox for making me deal with all of this trouble and making me fail at everything I try to do.' Growled Naruto.

'Perhaps, but it's because of you, I, the strongest tailed beast has had to be trapped inside the belly of a puny fleshy body for fifteen years. Therefore consider what I've been doing pay back.' Retorted the fox unhappily.

Naruto couldn't say a thing and couldn't believe someone had fun torturing him all his life but understood that the fox had been trapped for a long time.

'Now, if you're done complaining I'll tell you what else you are going to get.' Naruto didn't say anything. 'Good.' Said the fox before disappearing for a second and came back with one of his tails wrapped around something which he pushed out of the cage.

'This is the summoning contract for demon foxes. No one has ever been allowed to sign it, but seeing as how I'm trapped in here I might as well give you the contract. Plus if you learn to summon me I'll be finally allowed out of this cage.' Said the fox with a faraway look.

'Wait if I summon you how do I know you aren't going to go crazy and destroy everything?' Asked Naruto, suspicion laced heavily in his voice.

'Insolent brat I am not a mindless beast bent on destruction, well usually. Muttered the fox.

' In any case if you summon me I will be partially tied to your will and thus won't be able to do something which you have directly said not to do like destroying this puny village.' Said the fox.

'Hmmm I don't know. How can I trust you?' Questioned Naruto.

'Idiot, I'm giving you the chance to fulfil your dreams and you're questioning me! Fine even if you don't trust me Kit, just release the summoning and I'll be right back in here.' Growled the fox in irritation.

'Ok nine-tails. Oh and what's Kit?' Asked Naruto with his head tilted to the side.

'What I'm going to call you from now on which is usually what foxes refer to their kids as, Kits. Also call me Kyuubi. At least for now anyway.' Finished the fox.

'Ok whatever you say.' said Naruto nonchalantly.

"I can't wait to show everyone how good I am." Thought Naruto already imagining what he was going to do.

Naruto bit his thumb and got blood on all his fingertips and wrote Naruto Uzumaki and pressed his fingers under it all at once.

'One more thing Kit, Don't summon me unless you really need to because right now it would drain all your chakra putting you in a dangerous state. Although on the other hand, go ahead and if you die I'll be freed.' Said the fox while taking the contract back with another tail now that it was signed.

'Ok! However there's no way I will let you free. However one day I am going to have to do something to get rid of all that hate inside you.' said Naruto while thinking about all the possibilities of being able to summon foxes.

The fox was surprised that Naruto cared for it.

"Hmm he is different than the others." Thought the fox.

The fox showed Naruto the hand signs or in his case claw signs and Naruto memorised them after the fourth time he saw it. Naruto left Kyuubi's cage and went back to sleep to the sound of the fox laughing "I can't wait until he realises that since he signed the contract and accepted my chakra I am now able to talk to him at will and see, hear, smell and experience everything he experiences as well as know his thoughts. Tomorrow morning is going to be fun." Chuckled Kyuubi before curling up and going to sleep as well.

I know it's short but it is an introductory chapter.