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'Heavily demonic voice'

'Fox talking'

"Fox thinking"




Chapter 33 – Chaos

The village was in chaos. In the space of twenty four hours or so the village had been infiltrated, a gigantic spectral beast-man had appeared, easily noticeable from any distance, Sasuke Uchiha was kidnapped and on top of that Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's brother, perished along with a important aspect of the village's past, Danzo Shimura along with two clan members Fu Yamanaka and Torune Aburame, who were both very adept in their respective clans technique, some abilities of which were unique only to them. To top it all off the Uchiha clan district was damaged severely however that wasn't as pressing as the fact that there were no Uchiha left in the village.

Tsunade was understandably frustrated; how this entire debacle had occurred so quickly and right under her nose to add insult to injury, baffled and annoyed her. To add to that her perve of a teammate had apparently gotten a lead which more or less amounted to the reveal of the location of the leader of Akatsuki which was, out of all places, in Rain, a village supposedly in the middle of a civil war.

'No Jiraiya, you can't go, you need to stay here, especially after this huge shit storm has just gone down, if you leave now other villages may just think invading us is a smart idea. Danzo had his enemies so losing him is a neutral change, while some may want to invade us now thinking we are weak, many more no longer want to with Danzo's death. Plus, while losing both Uchihas is a major blow, as cruel as it sounds, having Kakashi still here will keep some people at bay. All that goes out the window however if you head off half-cocked in The Village Hidden in the Rain of all places and manage to off yourself. No, that is final.' Said Tsunade firmly with a slight scowl.

'No huh… if I remember that is what you always said to me after I asked you out on a date.' Said Jiraiya nostalgically.

Tsunade's expression softened a bit remembering simpler times.

'You never did get the message.' Whispered Tsunade with a smile.

'Well you can't blame me, I wasn't the master of attraction I am now, of course I would pester you, you were my teammate.' Said Jiraiya.

'I never did understand why you never pestered anyone else; I mean even on your journeys I'm sure you met lots of beautiful women, even with your high levels of perverseness.' Said Tsunade thoughtfully.

'Oh that's right… reminded to warn Naruto if he ever needs to go near Nadeshiko Village.' Said Jiraiya with a chuckle before pausing with a frown on his face.

'While it is true I did meet my fair sure of beautiful women, none of them could ever measure up.' Said Jiraiya sadly.

Tsunade frowned for a minute thinking that "measure up" meant their bust was not large enough for Jiraiya but glancing at him she saw only melancholy plastered all over his visage without any perverseness.

'Measure up to what?' Asked Tsunade curiously.

Jiraiya sighed and closed his eyes breathing in deeply before turning to look at Tsunade. Tsunade maintained his gaze momentarily, seemingly searching for something but then Jiraiya abruptly turned to face out the window again.

"To you, Tsunade." Thought Jiraiya softly as the image of a smiling Tsunade appeared in his mind.

There was a knock on the door which made Tsunade shift her gaze from her teammate to the door, before she said come in; she glanced back at where her teammate had been previously only to notice he was gone.

"Jiraiya." Thought Tsunade sadly before steeling herself and saying come in.

Naruto, Fuka, Sai and Kakashi entered and stood at attention waiting for Tsunade to speak, some more relaxed than others,: Kakashi and Fuka and some seemingly bored: Naruto and Sai.

'Now I am sure the four of you are wondering why I called all of you here.' Begun Tsunade getting a small round of nods.

'Well first thing is first, Fuka with the death of Itachi do you plan on leaving the village now?' Asked Tsunade seriously.

'Not if I can avoid it, while I have yet to acclimatise to the village, Itachi wanted me to come here, I might not know why, and most likely won't ever but I don't want to go back to roaming the nations.' Said Fuka in a rare moment of seriousness.

'Very well in that case I grant you the rank of Special Jounin due to your skills in espionage.' Said Tsunade before throwing a flak jacket and headband at Fuka which she deftly caught.

'Um do I have to wear the flak jacket?' Asked Fuka with a grimace of distaste.

'You are not obligated to why?' Asked Tsunade.

'Well camouflage green will go terrible with my hair.' Said Fuka getting Naruto to chuckle and Tsunade to pinch her nose in annoyance.

'Fine whatever.' Said Tsunade not wanting to dwell on it.

'For the record your hair would look great no matter what you wear.' Said Naruto with a shrug.

'It looks even better when I don't wear anything.' Said Fuka with a sultry tone as she licked her lips causing Naruto's face to go the same shade as her hair.

'Moving on, Sai, I am well aware that you are a shinobi of Root, with Danzo's death you have the chance to start over, I won't hold it against you and am giving you the chance to decide what you want to do now, choose carefully as this is a onetime offer.' Said Tsunade with an intense stare.

'Well if it isn't not too much trouble I would like to be on Kakashi's team, he is the most senior ANBU member after all and his team, more specifically Naruto, is interesting, the red harlot not so much.' Said Sai with an obviously fake smile.

'H-harlot you say?' Questioned Fuka with a twitching eye.

'Very well that is acceptable.' Said Tsunade stopping a possibly disastrous fight.

'Now with that said, with Sakura still unfit for active duty and with Sasuke missing, effective immediately, you four are now a team and here is your first mission.' Said Tsunade throwing a scroll at Kakashi who promptly opened it and gave it a quick read through.

'Hmm fire temple, very well, team, pack for about two weeks worth of supplies, we may only be there for a few days but the mission parameters are fairly open-ended and we may end up having to stay there for a while. Meet at the gate at four.' Said Kakashi before disappearing.

Sai disappeared in an inky body flicker leaving Fuka and Naruto.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Thought Fuka with a frown.

'What's wrong?' Asked Naruto in concern having never said Fuka ever look genuinely worried before.

'It probably isn't anything…Tsunade what exactly is the mission?' Asked Fuka in apprehension.

Normally Tsunade would have bristled at being referred to so familiarly by someone she barely knew but her tone made her hold that thought.

'To investigate the grave sites of the former Twelve Guardian Ninja which have recently been disturbed.' Said Tsunade.

Fuka's frown increased and she disappeared in a body flicker of red hair which disappeared after a moment.

'Problem?' Asked Tsunade with a raised eyebrow.

'Not sure…I'll get back to you though.' Said Naruto before pausing.

'Hey listen Tsunade, when are we going to go after Sasuke, I know we don't know where he was taken but aren't we going to do anything about it?' Asked Naruto holding back his irritation.

'*sigh* Naruto you may have gotten stronger but you still haven't gotten smarter. Right now Sasuke is completely off our radar. We have no idea where he is and so far Jiraiya's spy network has nothing on him. I can't just send out swarms of ninja out to look for him.' Said Tsunade tiredly.

'So we just let them take him? Come on, he is one of us, how will it look if we just let people sneak into our village and steal our ninja?!' Shouted Naruto.

Tsunade slammed her palms on the desk, minus her super strength so she didn't destroy it and levelled a stern glare at Naruto.

'Look brat! We can't do anything about him if we have nothing to go on. I know he is your teammate but there is nothing you can do for him now. If we get a lead then I will let you know but don't let your emotions get the best of you.' Lectured Tsunade.

'Control huh…you have no idea how much control I have, although I don't know how you can sit there with yourself, if Jiraiya was kidnapped, as low as the possibility may be, I know you would send people after him. I suppose you have to lose a three-on-one battle to get any respect in this village.' Said Naruto calmly before leaving closing the door behind him without a sound.

'*sigh* Jiraiya, I never did understand what you saw in me.' Muttered Tsunade as she returned to her internal musings.

-line break-

'My plans ruined, all because of that impudent brat, things will not end here, no the world has not seen the end of me.' Thought a heavily bandaged man as his eye glared heavily in front of him before he shot a blast of black flames at it, disintegrating it.

-line break-

Sasuke was blindfolded and tied up when he woke up. Sending a small pulse of chakra out of his body he found he wasn't in fact hampered in any way but, he was in an unfamiliar location.

'I see you are awake.' Said a deep voice which Sasuke did not recognise.

'Who are you, furthermore where am I and what do you want with me?' Asked Sasuke calmly despite being in a compromised position.

'Me…I am many things to many people, your brother once called me his teacher, I taught him things he never would have known. I have transcended time and have control over space. You however, can call me, Madara Uchiha.' Said the man.

'I don't even need to see let alone use my Sharingan to know that what you just said is a lie. Madara Uchiha, founder of The Village Hidden in the leaves along with Hashirama Senju… you must think I am a complete idiot if you think I would believe that.' Scoffed Sasuke.

'Interesting, you are unlike your brother, he accepted who I was rather easily…perhaps that was because he wanted another Uchiha to help him with the massacre.' Said the Uchiha thoughtfully.

'Bastard you took part in the slaughter of my clan voluntarily!' Raged Sasuke before a kunai nicked the side of his head cutting of his blindfold.

Sasuke stared heatedly at the man before him, a mask, not too dissimilar in design to the one of the person he had seen in Itachi's Tsukuyomi so long ago. While his hair was much shorter their build was identical something his angry Sharingan eyes did not miss.

'What do you want with me clan slayer!?' Shouted Sasuke in anger.

While Sasuke had accepted the massacre happened and that Itachi did in fact have to kill much of his family, including their parents, Itachi was forced whereas this person had volunteered, something with made Sasuke sick to his stomach.

'Hoho it seems you are just as immature as I expected, truly a child such as yourself could never understand the truth to this world.' Said Madara.

'Itachi told me the truth, he told me everything! You are nothing but a sick demented freak!' Shouted Sasuke.

'Oh I'm the sick demented freak? Let us review shall we, you clan was butchered by Itachi with my assistance. Itachi did so to save his little brother, you. He accepted hate and disgust in the place of your love and admiration. The entire village branded him as the greatest traitor since me, even worse than Orochimaru, someone who experimented on and killed his own people. He suffered with an agonisingly painful illness for years taking numerous drugs just to cling to life in the hopes that one day, he would have the death he desired, to die at your hands and have you be seen as a hero. To add insult to injury even through his suffering he still managed to give information to Jiraiya, to protect the village. Now tell me, how did the village receive him?' Said Madara.

'Did they cheer for him? Did they sing praises about him? Did they even understand the amount of suffering he went through just so they could see another day? No. They spat on his sacrifice and the sacrifice of your clan!' Said Madara trying and succeeding in riling up Sasuke.

'Itachi did it willingly, he loved the village!' Retorted Sasuke.

'Ah yes, that he did, he even threatened me, saying that if I went after the village I would have to deal with him… funny though, now. Especially, since he is dead.' Said Madara sinisterly.

'W-what?' Asked Sasuke in shock.

'Indeed he committed suicide to take Danzo down with him along with his two top agents.' Said Madara dropping bombshell after bombshell.

'Even more interesting is with Sarutobi and Itachi dead as well as Danzo; those two councillors think that no one will ever confront them on their actions.' Continued Madara.

'While I may have killed my fair share of Uchihas, they turned their backs on me first so they brought this on themselves. Besides, I had only the best of intentions in mind for the clan but they rejected me and flocked to Hashirama, little did they know that Tobirama loathed the Uchiha and once he became Hokage he forced them into a corner under the guise of a military police force, the truth was he didn't trust us and I had foreseen this and tried to warn them but alas, a clan renowned for their vision was truly blind.' Finished Madara dispassionately.

'Why are you telling me this anyway?' Asked Sasuke having finally regained his voice after hearing Itachi killed himself.

'Ah I thought that would be obvious, to avenge Itachi of course. While you claimed to be an avenger of the clan in your youth what you ought to be is an avenger of Itachi's sacrifice. Think about this, everyone in the village will now once again think Itachi is a traitor for killing Danzo, add to this his previous crimes and Itachi will be hated even more. Is this really the fate he deserves? Tell me, should a hero be seen as a criminal? Should someone who gave their life to protect and serve others have his own life callously disregarded? Deep down, you know the truth; this world is cursed and twisted, heroes seen as scum and cowardly murderers seen as great legends. Deep down, you know what you should do now.' Said Madara before disappearing in a swirl leaving Sasuke alone with his thoughts.

-line break-

'Well Madara?' Asked a man with purple eyes as the Uchiha appeared in a swirl.

'Oh I think things are going rather well, the Leaf is truly foolish and because of their ignorance they will lose all of their precious Uchiha. Itachi may have died for them, but Sasuke will make them pay for his death in their blood.' Said Madara.

Pein, Madara and Konan stood inside a spire close to an opening allowing them to see outside, to see the rain never cease to fall from the sky over the Village Hidden in the Rain.

'Are you planning on sending anyone after Shukaku again?' Questioned Madara.

'No Shukaku can wait, Deidara and Sasori have cornered the three tails, he should be within our grasp very soon.' Said Pein.

'Hmm interesting what of the two, four and five tails, any news?' Asked Madara.

'Ah the four tails has been recalled into the village, he did get along with that little man better than five. As for the two tails, Kakuzu and Hidan are not too far from her location.' Said Zetsu as he appeared from the ground behind Madara.

While this conversation was going on Konan, while seemingly paying close attention was lost in her thoughts.

"Is this what he meant; that Uchiha boy has been so easily swayed to Madara's cause because of his brother's death and there is now a very good chance that he will now try and kill them. If we do use our weapon and create numerous people just like him a war is sure to start. This is not right at all…I don't know why I thought this would work in the first place. When we worked together, Nagato…Yahiko and I we were able to sway many, true Hanzo went against us however now Nagato has merely replaced him. The people down there, are they truly happy to be under our leadership or is it merely because we are not as power hungry as Hanzo?" Thought Konan sadly as Madara and Zetsu left.

'Come Konan, we will head to Mist and take out the six tails.' Said Pein.

Konan nodded as Pein made to leave and jumped out the opening in the tower.

"What are we doing?" Questioned Konan before dissolving into paper and following after Pein.

-line break-

Fuka, Naruto and Sai were gathered near the gate waiting for Kakashi. Sai's taunts of "harlot" and "dick-less" were met with silence, each member too absorbed in their thoughts to care.

'Alright team lets head out; if we keep a good pace we should be able to reach the temple before sunset.' Said Kakashi earning a round of nods before the group took off into the woods.

The tension within the group was palpable and for half an hour nothing was said between the four. Kakashi, while finding the silence to be a nice change of pace found that he much rather preferred some conversation to none.

'So Sai how about you tell us a bit about yourself, since you will be with us for the foreseeable future it may benefit all of us to hear about your skills and aspirations as well as your preferences.' Said Kakashi hoping to break the tension.

'Sorry Kakashi-senpai but I don't swing that way.' Said Sai with a smile making Naruto snicker slightly easing the tension.

'He meant your likes and dislikes.' Said Naruto with a laugh.

'Ah thank you dick-less, in that case: I like completing my missions, I dislike failing my missions, my only hobby is painting and I have no aspirations. I utilise ink based Ninjutsu and my imagination is my only limit as well as how fast I can draw in the heat of battle.' Said Sai.

'Painting? That is odd, to my understanding all Root members were trained to have no attachments to anything, a hobby such as painting is intrinsically emotional.' Commented Kakashi.

'Yes well, I wasn't perfect.' Sai replied.

'You think getting rid of your emotions make you a perfect ninja?' Asked Naruto sternly.

'Indeed, that is what I have been taught.' Said Sai with a smile.

'You were taught wrong.' Said Naruto bluntly.

'Oh and why is that?' Asked Sai.

'Emotions are a liability in the heat of battle and important decision making but without them a person cannot grow. For instance a ninja without emotion would be incapable of determining the actions of people who rely heavily on their emotions. An Aburame for example will not be able to predict the actions of an Inuzuka whose companion was injured. While they may see it as something insignificant such as one bug being killed in a hive, or even be able to predict the Inuzuka may react in anger, they will never be able to judge the lengths to which they would go for revenge.
It is the same in battle, for normal ninja, a ninja whose comrade was hurt may become a hindrance, however due to their strong desire to protect and save the life of their friend they will reach new depths of strength: someone who is fighting for a cause that is intrinsically emotional will always give more than one who fights because it is merely his duty.' Said Naruto.

'So are you to say that if someone killed Kakashi you wouldn't lose all rational thought but instead, would be more motivated to avenge him?' Questioned Sai curiously.

'Yes and no.' Replied Naruto ambiguously.

'I'm touched by your concern Naruto.' Said Kakashi sarcastically.

'What I mean is I wouldn't lose all rational thought but I would be more motivated. The thing is, having something to fight for which means a lot to you is much more powerful than fighting for something which you are told to fight for.' Said Naruto.

"I see, you are in fact more interesting than I thought, Naruto Uzumaki." Thought Sai as the group continued on silently to their destination.

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