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Danger has always attracted Duncan. Whether it was abseiling out of Juvy or committing a crime people deemed impossible, the thrill of possible capture fuelled many of Duncan's rebellions. He lived on excitement. There was never a dull moment in Duncan's life. So when his Parole Officer offered him the chance to be on a reality show instead of rotting away in a cell, he jumped at the suggestion. Spending 8 weeks in a mansion seemed like a good vacation from Juvy.

After getting over the initial shock of ending up on a rundown island instead of a swanky resort, Duncan decided to focus his attention to a certain brunette. He saw something more in Courtney, something that was itching to come out from under her constant nagging. He was determined to surface it. For whatever it was, Duncan was certain it was dangerous.

Duncan would often stir Courtney up. Making her angry made an irresistible fire flicker in her eyes, a fire which Duncan has been starting to crave.

On this particular day, Courtney was relaxing in the girl's cabin alone, when Duncan barged in without knocking, and grabbed Courtney by the wrists.

"Duncan! What are you doing?" she exclaimed. Duncan started to see the fire slowly forming behind her scowl; he pressed on. He pushed her into a corner, their faces inches within each other. Courtney started to struggle against Duncan's strong hold, and her anger started to escalate.

"Let go of me!" Courtney exclaimed shrilly, a small tint of red seeping onto her olive cheeks. Duncan grinned hungrily.

"Not until you admit you're hot for me." Duncan replied cockily, pushing her further into the wall, feeding off the dangerous flames that was seeping from her. Courtney's face twisted as she attempted to escape again with no success.

"What? Ew! No way! As if! You're vile! I mean, you're worse than vile, you're... you're-"

Before Courtney could come up with a sufficient adjective, Duncan backed Courtney up further into the wall; their breaths now were colliding with each exhalation. The fire was now radiating off Courtney in a spectacular rage. Duncan was close to cracking her. He savoured every second.

"Come on Princess-"

"I-AM-NOT-YOUR-PRINCESS!" Courtney screeched, extremely close to exploding. Duncan knew she couldn't hold up for much longer. To open her up completely, he leaned in closer, their lips now millimetres apart. He stared deep into her eyes, and Courtney had seemed to have forgotten to attempt to break free.

He smiled cheekily, and while wiggling his eyebrows, he whispered into her ear:

"Do you want to be?"

Courtney had no reply. Even from struggling to get out of his arms she was breathing heavily. Duncan was as well, she had put up a good fight. After they stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds, Courtney seized the back of Duncan's neck swiftly and forced her lips onto his. All of her anger, desire and longing was poured out in this scorching dance between a delinquent and his latest crime.

Duncan was attracted to danger, and danger seemed to be attracted to him.

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