This is a fanfic of the Fighter's Destiny series, games for the Nintendo 64. The games were famous for its unique point based system for a mixed martial arts game.

I decided to add both of the character sets from the games into the fanfic and changed up a few things; in example, Ryuji and Saeki are 2 different people despite their similar looks. Things about the characters will be explained later, and all of the characters from the characters will appear at least once.

This is the first time I made a fanfic for Fighter's Destiny, and I might be the first person to make one, so bear with me.


Chapter 1 - The Big News

A motorcyclist comes up to a pole on a 4-way intersection in the middle of the night. Hardly anyone is around at this time of the day; only other motorcyclists around at this time of day, around the world.
They get paid $20 dollars the hour they do this, working 6 hours on the night to post up flyers at every post poll. They all would be willing to do this, to also get free seats for the big event.

The event happens every 3 years, giving enough time for the players to practice enough to win the grand prize. The grand prize changes at every event, depending on the country the event takes place in.

This time, it's in the United States. The United States always hands out the same prize every single time it lands here, regardless of city: cold hard cash. And it's always the same number of money: $6,151,996.

Why an exact number? No one knows, not even the Company that hosts this event. Only the Government of the United States knows.

Rings are set up around the world, never torn down due to the strength it has left and the labor it cost to build it up. It'll only be a waste to break it down. Several were made only as training stages, and it gave the Company more time to do what it needs to do other than labor. Some rings made up, were one of the famous ever made.

The last event took place in the Coliseum in Rome. The ring was set up, 9 meters in length and 6 meters in height, directly in the middle of the space. The Champion, and the "King of the Ring", was a Spaniard Warrior named Leonardo, or "Leon" as what the tournament called him. He defeated a youthful fighter, who hailed from Japan, using his special move, also his signature move, the Plasma Heel Break. It didn't count as a Special Down, that would give him 4 points, but as a Ring Out, only giving him 1 point.

His hand broke his fall, not giving him a concussion if he landed his head on the ground. Leon's winning cheer: bringing his arms apart, up in the air, and yell out, "Si! Gane! Usted dijo que yo nunca iba a ganar! Pero mira me ahora!" He does know how to speak fluent English, but his win made him win in his native language.

Whether if he wanted the prize or not, he won a Lamborghini.

Now, more people seemed to be interested in the tournament; the teens and adults training in their yards, in training facilities, in dojos, in the official rings of the company when no one's looking. For the company, it's good to see so many youthful fighters to join in on the action. This will increase the lifespan of both the company and the tournament of the month.

Who wants their company to be shut down?

For most of the motorcycles has gotten their city done; they are ready to take off to the next city. For some, their shift ended. Many will hear, or see at least, when the tournament will start.

The motorcyclist took out his cell phone, and typed in a number. He put the phone in his ear; the other line picked up. "Hey," he said, "how long are we gonna do this before our shift ends?"

"In about 2 hours," the other man answered, "Then we'll get our week's pay…"

"Alright, I'll meet you at the alley."


The Company name will be said later in the next chapter. The motorcyclists might only appear in this chapter. I also haven't created an outline for this story to know what to type out, so this will be typed up from scratch. Again, just bear with me for later chapters.