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Chapter Three
Worth a Fight

He was knocked down, the 4th time in a row, to the floor, his body down. The one who took him down had a heavy British accent.

"Too easy," he said, "You don't put much of a fight like you say you would." He walks off, leaving him off to let him rise up himself. His friend walked up to him, matching his speed. He had a slight British accent.

"Was it really necessarily to fight the clown?" his friend asked.

"You know if I hear a challenge, then I'll rise up t' the challenge. This certainly was no challenge." He answered.

"C'mon Dixon, you should really stop with all of these challenges. You are really taking these seriously and taking these people down easily."

"I can't just turn down a challenge if it seems so intimidating." Dixon adjusts his jacket, the design having the Great Britain flag on it across the design. It also seems to have black straps that connect to the center of his body. He also rises up his shorts, the design red and squared.

His friend was wearing a short sleeve button down shirt, squared blue. He wore regular sized jeans.

They stop at a television store, where several televisions, some flat screen, some classic, to see some sort of news on the televisions on the display window. They didn't know what the anchormen were saying, because it was in French, but there seemed to be a breaking news alert at the time. It showed a purple skinned man, seemingly strong and buff. He seemed to wear a long black coat, the bottom ending at the ankle. He seemed to be running away from the camera.

"Now see," Dixon started, "that's one worth fightin'."

"Hm," his friend stressed out, "keep dreaming. Even if you encounter him, you won't be able to take him down because he will just run away, then you'll run away just from his appearance."

"I won't cower away just because of how he looks like. If I can take town everyone I challenge, including that stupid blue face-painted clown, I can certainly take him down." He walks away. His friend caught up to Dixon. He looks back at the person on the floor.

"I don't think he seems okay…" he says.

"He's alright," Dixon responds, "His hope depends on it."

Back to the man on the floor, he was getting up. It really was a clown: he had orange hair; his hair was at an exotic style for anyone. His face was painted aqua green and purple, with a blue scar on his left eye, and a purple star on his other eye. His clothing is what a clown would wear…sort of; a diamonded suit with the colors of blue, aqua green, and purple with shorts sleeves. He had strange orange shoes that would roll up to the tip.

He stood up, frowning. "Not putting much of a fight, eh?" He looked at the crowd walking, ignoring him, "I'll show you that I'll make much of a fight!" he puts a fist up in the air, "I'll show you! I'm Pierre! Vous allez manger vos mots putain!"

-About 5 hours later-

He walks out of a room, looking completely different than what he did before. Left half of his suit is red, the other half being blue; his upper body part of the clothing is red on the right side, blue on the opposite side. His hair was cut short, still orange. He wears a 2 point hat, half blue and half red. Instead of the orange shoes, he wears tan boots, flat. His face was repainted; his left eye has a red scar going down vertically while his right eye has a blue star. His lips were red and extended to look like a wider pair of lips.

Overall, his outcome became completely different than what it was before. His voice changed also to a small and dark tone.

"I'm ready," he said. He dashed off quickly to the night ahead of him.

"What is this?"

"Algo de Alemania…something from Germany." Leon looked the instructions page, reading what it only had. The title said, "Robert: Training Robot." At the bottom of it in a smaller size, "Made in Germany."

"A robot or…?" Ryuji insisted.

"Si," Leon responded, "A training robot…o algo como así." He looks down to the moves list and speed duration of the moves. "Most moves are slow; see if you can beat him down."

"How does it…uh…start?" Ryuji asked.

"Pues, no se… a ver…" Leon looked up at Robert. "Standard… Easy difficulty!" He pointed at Ryuji; the Robert looked toward Ryuji, and went to fighting position. Ryuji also went to fighting position, getting ready to fight the training robot.