Shi stood beside the skate park, arms folded over her thinly shaped figure, dark raven blue hair blowing gentally in the fierce wind, she blinked twice enjoying the site of the AT riders doing their tricks.

Grinding on poles and soaring through the air, she smiled showing her fangs. She had never seen such a thing achieved by anything other than wings .

She closed her ice blue eyes as the wind faltered her hair falling back into place as she hummed a soft tune, her pale lips twisted into a cruel smile as she moved to her feet, the sun was swiftly setting and all of the skaters were leaving other then a male with electric blue hair "Heh, brave" she commented eyeing him hungrily.

His golden glimmered in the soft light, his blue hair moving around his face as he skated, he seemed like he was average at it, as if he hadnt been skating for a long time.

Shi arched her eye brow, why was he so persistant and what was with that eye patch, she hugged herself rubbing her goosebump ridden arms before moving towards the skate park, she moved her pale arm waving to the young male "Hey There!" she called out.

He instantly froze in his tracks, skidding to a half and barely avoiding a pole as his eyes were raised to her, he smiled. Widely as he waved back he didnt even know the female yet he seemed so kind so gental, so... Edible.

"H-hello!~" he replied his smile was bright as electic blue bangs fell into his golden eye. She took a step towards him, her robe wrapped tightly around her shaping her thin body perfectly, her hair blew in the wind as she smiled hungrily licking her pale lips.

His eyes widened and he grew paler but he remained smiling and he took a step back "Who are you?" he asked softly blinking.

This caused a devious smile to pass Shi's lips "Oh Me? I'm but a simple stranger" she laughed softly to herself as she stepped into the shadows.

Suddenly she was standing behind The younger male
"But, what are you doing out here, cute little snack?" she purred softly, taking a peice of his hair and twirling it around her finger, the At riding child blushed slightly and went to pull away "I c-c-ome here all the time!" he stated pulling away, stumbling a few steps away from the demoness.

Shi smirked slightly, her dark fringe falling into her pale blue eyes "Oh? How cute a child learning to fly, i will enjoy playing with you" she laughed, darkly and took a step towards him grasping his shoulders tightly causing him to squeak in surprise "L-let me go!" he whimpered eyes wide.

She smirked tightening her grip causing the child to squirm "Sorry, cannot do" she stated simply as she forced his head to the side, before sinking her fangs into his pale neck, he let out a soft scream muffled by the pale hand that was covering his mouth.

The child soon fell limp allowing the vampire female to feed, she then pulled away allowing him to slump to the ground before lifting him up and setting him on the bench watching him now asleep and grinned to herself as she turned on her heel 'I'll see you tomorrow, Akito " she grinned knowing the child so well, even though this was the first time, they had met.