"Hermione, breathe! It's just going to come out of your belly button. It won't hurt that bad..." Ron attempted to soothe me. I stared daggers at the ginger boy whose hand I was grasping.

"Babies don't come from belly buttons, you arse!" I yelled. That prat was actually trying to talk to me when I was laying in a hospital bed, getting ready to give birth!

"Really? That's odd, where do they come from?" Ron asked quizzically. I growled at him and dug my nails into his hand. "Ow! Hermione, that hurt." Ron stated sternly and yanked his hand away.

"Go! Outside! Go call Ginny and tell her what's going on!" I yelled and pointed at the door. Ron pouted and reluctantly walked out the door.

Ron's POV

Geez, what's her problem? Hurting my hand just because I thought babies came from her belly button! Where else would they come from? Her bum? That's just silly. They probably come out of her ear. Yeah, that's where they come from. I sat in the hallway looking around. What did Hermione mean by 'call'? It was probably a muggle thing. I sighed and went to the lady who was at the front desk.

"Hello, by any chance do you know how I would alert my family about my girlfriend having her baby?" I asked politely. I used my manners, just as Hermione taught me.

"Oh! Of course! Where do you need to go?" The nurse asked urgently. I told her the address for Hogwarts. She said a spell and I was hurdling through a black tunnel, before appearing in the Gryffindor common room. Ginny and Harry were lying on the couch snogging like there was no tomorrow.

"Gross!" I exclaimed and they jumped apart. They both were wide eyed and looked shocked to see me.

"Ron! I thought you were going out with Hermione today? Bloody hell, did you forget her there?" Ginny demanded and placed her hands on her hips.

"No! Hermione's having the baby! Now!" I exclaimed.

"Ron, don't be silly. She still has two months of her pregnancy left." Harry sighed. I started jumping up and down and flailing my arms.


"Is she really?" Ginny whispered. I nodded vigorously and Ginny grabbed onto Harry and I.

"Let's go then!" And we apparated back to the hospital. I dragged the two down a hallway and in front of Hermione's room.

"We'll stay here. Good luck." Harry said and patted me on my shoulder. I took a deep breath and walked into the room. 2 doctors and three nurses were in the room with her, hooking wires up and such.

"What's going on?" I asked Hermione softly as I walked next to her.

"I'm going to have the baby in a few minutes." She stated with a pained expression on her face.

"You look like you're hurting?"

"It hurts like hell, Ronald!" She snapped. I stayed silent and watched as they set the room up.

"Okay," The doctor began. "Are you ready to get a baby out of you?" He said with a smile and Hermione nodded quickly. She propped her legs up on the two side bars of her bed and the doctor put his hands under the blanket.

"Whoa! Get your hands above the blanket!" I cried.

"She has to give birth! I'm a doctor."

"I don't care if you're a bloody doctor, keep your hand above the blanket." I snapped. The doctor began to shake his head and Hermione dug her nails into my hand again.

"Ronald, shut up!" She yelled through clenched teeth. I sighed irritably and turned to the doctor.

"I don't want any roaming hands, just get the baby and remove your hands. Got it, pervert?" I asked sternly. The doctor closed his eyes and took a deep breath before returning his hands under the blanket.

"Alright, I need you to push for me... Now!" The doctor said and Hermione grasped my hand even harder. Her face was beat red as she pushed something... Whatever that meant. Her nails began to dig into my skin and I yelped.

"Bloody hell, Hermione! You're hurting my hand!"

"And you not using a bloody condom is hurting me! JUST SHUT UP, RONALD!" She yelled and gripped my hand even tighter. I stayed quiet for a few minutes then heard an annoying crying.

"Hey! I hear a baby! Where's it coming from?" I asked, looking around. The doctor raised a baby from under the blanket and one of the nurses wrapped it in a blanket! It was so tiny! The nurse handed the pink bundle to Hermione and she turned it so I could see as she swooned over it.

"Awh! Hi, Rose. Silly baby, how'd you get under the blanket?" I asked softly and brushed Rose's cheek with my fingertip.

"Ron... Think about it." Hermione said and turned to me. I thought for a moment, then realization hit me.

"Wait... Babies come from down there? That's bloody disgusting!" I cried. Hermione shook her head before turning back to Rose.

"Do you want us to weigh her and clean her up for you?" One of the nurses asked politely and Hermione nodded before passing Rose to the nurse. We waited for a minute before the nurse came out. Rose was clean now and had a little band around her wrist.

"We thought we would have to keep her overnight for a few weeks, but it looks like she's fine... a healthy 7 pounds 8 ounces. That's odd for a premature baby. But it's a good thing! You'll be able to take her home in a few days." The nurse strolled out of the room. Hermione and I stared at Rose and chatted about how we did good. Ginny and Harry walked in after about 15 minutes and Ginny started jumping around and 'awh-ing' at us.

"You three are so cute together." She said while looking at us. I was lying next to Hermione in the hospital bed with one arm hugging her close. Rose was being supported by Hermione between us. Ginny added softly, "Like one little family."

The end! I thought this was the perfect ending. I had originally planned to have a different ending to the story, but this just seems like perfection to me. Add me to your author alerts! I'll have new stories out soon! Hope you enjoyed this story just as much as I enjoyed writing it! Review!