Part IIa: Kiseki

This part takes place about two years after the story Kodomotachi. A man uses an unknown jutsu on Sasuke and Naruto, but they have no idea what the effects are or what they should be. Eventually they find out and the world seems to turn upside down.

I have to warn you that this story contains yaoi and mpreg.

I advise you to read Kodomotachi until at least chapter 7, so you won't find too many surprises in this story that you will not understand, but of course, that's all up to you. I also have to add that whatever happens after chapter 7 in Kodomotachi might not have happened, or not appear to have happened, in this story because (most of) this has been written before I was further than that in Kodomotachi. Though there might be some hints.

You can decide for yourself if the two stories are related or not; let your own imagination do a little work as well. That's the reason why I call this a side story (part IIa).

And on a last note: officially I've already finished this story at chapter 14. Unofficially I might change my mind and add some extra chapters whenever I feel like it. ^^

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto


Chapter 1: The cause

18th of October

They had already been on this mission for two weeks! Sakura was tired of it. A kunai slipped past her left ear and she ducked, watching how a man with hair as black as coal, tied into a low ponytail grinned at her. His cold grey eyes and the scar running across his face, from one cheek over the bridge of his nose to his forehead, didn't make her get any sympathy for this freak.

It had been pure luck that they had run into the man, who liked to be called doctor, and immediately Sakura had understood why he had been so difficult to catch. He threw jutsu after jutsu at them, all his knowledge of the human body and more. Dark jutsus, jutsus Sakura would never even have dared thinking of.

He was very sneaky and secretive, but then ninja from his country had spotted him near Konoha. Team Kakashi had been called to handle things along with the Hidden Grass ninja.

Sakura suddenly wondered why it had been just them that Tsunade had appointed to this mission.

As the reports she'd read about him flashed through her head, her fists tightened more and more. Pictures of mutilated children, of grown-up man crying, begging to be killed, and bodies cut open while still being alive. This doctor they were fighting was some madman that liked to test his new jutsus on humans.

Her fist moved before she could stop herself, and she hit the man on his hip. The hit made an awful breaking sound while she felt bone crumble under her fist before the man was blown away from her.

Sakura was tired. She wanted this man… did she actually wanted him dead? She wasn't sure, but part of her truly wished he would die right here and right now. Though another part of her told her he had to pay for what he'd done.

She wanted this mission to be over and go home, forget all about it. Perhaps have something to eat with her team, before a good night of sleep.

Her eyes lowered over the ground she had just stepped on and realized a little too late why she shouldn't have gone out to beat that man up. The ground was littered with explosive tags, and she had stepped right onto them. She lowered through her knees, ready to jump away, hoping she could make it, when two warm hands wrapped around her waist. She let the familiar feeling run through her while the person behind her pulled her away.

From a distance she watched how the explosives went off, and she was sure she would not have gotten out of it without severe burns to at the very least her legs. Until she realized the explosive probably had more to them than just bombs as a slight green mist drifted off from the same area.

The hands let go of her.

"Thanks," she said, turning to the man that stepped next to her. Between his bright yellow spikes stuck out two black fox ears, turning to every sound they picked up. The face showed two bright blue eyes, kindly smiling at her as the whisker marks on his cheeks moved along with the grin. A soft red tail with a white tip swished behind his back.

"Be careful Sakura-chan," Naruto said. "But that sure was a nice hit." He held up a thumb to her.

Sakura couldn't help but smile back before she moved away from him, dodging a few more kunai. She landed three meters from Sasuke's right, and noticed Kakashi was to his left, standing back. The two were preparing a jutsu.

Naruto slipped to a halt a little behind Sasuke, his tail madly swishing while he moved the back of his hand over his mouth. Blood covered his hand, but as soon as he lowered the hand, the cut lip had already healed. He whispered something to the tall dark raven while the Uchiha went to a series of hand signs, similar to those of their sensei.

Yet it seemed that the doctor had different plans. It was clear he saw he was losing, and that he started to get desperate. He got out a syringe and held it to his hip, only to realize it was empty. He swore loudly while he couldn't keep his weight, and fell down to his knees.

Sasuke and Kakashi finished their jutsu and held their hands to the side, electricity blazing around their right arm. Sakura, her kunai in hand, still on guard noticed something before the others did. The doctor was smiling.

"Wait!" she yelled at Sasuke and Kakashi, feeling something ominous coming from their opponent, but her words had not been necessary.

Naruto stepped forward, closer to Sasuke, before he needed to close his eyes.

A bright light shot from the doctor's hands through the round shaped seal he had made.

The light was fast, faster than any of them had expected. There was no time to react, no time to even think. It was like time had stopped or even that the jutsu went back through time; that it had happened seconds before they had seen it happen. The light was too bright, but it was clear that a yet of light shot out like a laser and hit Sasuke first. It hit him right in the abdomen, but his body didn't stop it. The light went right through Sasuke and hit Naruto, who had been standing behind him, in the belly. Again the light did not stop there, and went straight through Naruto.

Sasuke arched his back in pain as the light hit him, and Naruto doubled over toward Sasuke, moved against his back. The light intensified and was so blinding that it could not be seen what happened. The light that went left Naruto's body, though, was small and quickly died down into nothing.

This all lasted less than a second, and as soon as the light had died down, Sasuke fell on his hands and knees, shaking violently while Naruto collapsed on top of him; the suddenly heavy weight of the light blond, slumping unconsciously over his back, making him double over as well.

Before any of team Kakashi could realize what had happened, or even have taken in its effect, the doctor made a new hand sign, but this time directed it toward Sakura. Sakura ducked away, knowing that once more a jutsu might hit before she could even protect herself, while Kakashi put his palms to the ground.

Lightning shot from his hands and shot toward the man, ripping open the ground as it made its way toward the man.

Cool grey eyes widened right before a red light lit up the area, originating from his hands. Then a soft explosion sounded and the light of the lightning and the red from the doctor's seal made them squeeze their eyes once more. This lime the light wasn't as bright and both Kakashi and Sakura saw how the jutsu of the doctor backfired.

When the light dispersed the doctor fell screaming to the ground. After a minute of clear agony he passed out.

Sakura stared at him in shock until the man fell silent, and she quickly hurried to Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi jumped to the madman and found out he was out cold.

Sakura landed next to her two teammates and moved Naruto away from Sasuke, rolling the blond onto his back. Sasuke was growling in pain, so Sakura quickly turned to him after checking Naruto's pulse. She helped him sit on all fours, and was about to make him lay on his back when Kakashi came over to them. Sakura glanced over to Naruto, who stirred and turned her attention to him instead.

Sasuke gagged before he began to vomit, heavily shaking. Kakashi sat down on his haunches beside the raven and steadied him, preventing him from falling over in his own vomit.

"Wh-what w-was that?" Sasuke asked shakily, rubbing his mouth off on his sleeve.

Sakura pulled Naruto up next to Sasuke and Kakashi and started slapping his face, which made Sasuke and Kakashi look around at her.

When Sakura stopped her slapping and turned her head around, only to meet dark angry eyes from a certain raven, she explained to him what she had been doing. "He seems fine except for the fact that I can't wake him up," she told them after a while. Naruto seemed to be in a deep sleep. Not a coma, he was just sleeping.

Sasuke stared at her and Naruto for a while longer, seeing Sakura kneel beside him with Naruto heaved up on her arms, but quickly turned his head away, just in time, and began throwing up again. He was heavily transpiring and shaking like he had a fever. He was cold and his body was tingling. He felt weak, had no power to control his bodily functions, and felt ill. He leant further into Kakashi's arms, no longer caring about not being able to keep his own weight up and gave in to the sleep spreading over him. Just as Naruto, he decided to close his eyes, and he finally he lost consciousness as well.

Kakashi looked up to Sakura, and saw his own concern reflected in her green eyes.


Sasuke opened his eyes. He was lying on the hard ground, feeling rather cold. He shivered and turned his head slowly to the side. There he saw Naruto lying right next to him, breathing slowly. The blond looked like he was sleeping soundly except for the small grunting sounds he made every now and then, even though he didn't seem to be in any pain.

Sasuke rolled his head to the other side and saw Kakashi's silhouette against the fire. Sakura had her side to him, and looked as if she was about to fall asleep, her head nodding. Against a tree opposite of Sakura, so that she could face him, sat the doctor limply leaning against the trunk. He was tied up. Unlike Naruto, he certainly was in pain. He was twitching and giving soft moans and groans of pain. His face was dark and he breathed harshly. Sweat tickled down his cheek toward his chin.

Sasuke tried to sit up, shivering feeling ill, but nonetheless managed to get up.

Kakashi turned around to face him when he sensed the movement to his right. Sakura shot up suddenly, standing on her feet and looking around as if ready for an attack. She soon noticed how Kakashi was watching a conscious Sasuke, and feeling relieved, she walked over to him.

"Here, drink this," she said as she gave him a flask with water. Sasuke took it, shivering all the while, trying to tighten the blanket around him. Sakura felt his forehead, stroking some hair away. He felt very warm.

"How are you feeling?" she asked as she fumbled in her medic bag and finally took out a small light.

"Cold and dizzy," Sasuke confessed.

Sakura shone the light in his eyes and he moved away from her, almost falling over as he lost his balance. Sakura held him firmly at his arm.

"Do you feel any pain?" she asked, shining the light in his pupils ones more. "No matter how small," she added, knowing him well.

Sasuke frowned, wanting her to move the annoying light away and brushed her hand away from his face. "No..." he said, but her intense stare made him reconsider his words. "Perhaps… perhaps some cramps in my abdomen and-" He suddenly stopped his sentence.

Sakura's eyes lowered over Sasuke's covered torso, wrapped in the blanket and hidden from view. "There where the light hit," she suggested.

Sasuke looked away from her and gave her a short nod.

"Do your groin area's hurt as well?" She looked him straight in the face, watching him.

Sasuke looked up to her. "Yes and my hips ache a little, but nothing serious." He sighed. "Nothing serious," he added annoyed, wanting her to let him sleep some more, but he knew she was just being thorough. She was a medical ninja after all. It was her job to question him.

"Of course," she answered while her hands tried to find a way under the blanket. "It seems like you're running a fever. Do the pains feel like stabbing pains, continuous pains or like muscle cramps or...?" She let Sasuke decide while she found his chest.

Sasuke tensed up ever so slightly at the touch of her searching hand as they lowered over his front. He finally lowered the blanket, hoping she would leave him be if she saw how cold he was. "Stabbing at times but not really painful, more like muscle cramps... annoying." He looked up toward Kakashi before his eyes moved to the blond beside him. He started to shiver and even more so when Sakura pulled up his shirt. "Do you have an extra blanket or something?" he muttered.

Sakura pitied him a bit as he cutely shivered and looked at her with his red cheeks and dark eyes. She almost smiled, but she knew better than to do that. She finished moving her glowing hands over his abdomen and he quickly wrapped the blanket closely around him. "I'm sorry. For the time being you'll have to do with curling up to Naruto. I can only give you his blanket." She pointed to the moaning man behind her.

Sasuke nodded and lay down while Sakura took the blanket away from the doctor and handed it to the shivering raven. Sasuke tried to snuggle closer to his ever warm Naruto. Naruto was working way better than any of the blankets wrapped around him. Naruto was nice and warm, not too hot or sweaty, not too cold or clammy; just right. Sasuke laid his arm around Naruto's waist, moving it under the dark shirt he was wearing, which earned him a moan. He loosened his grip immediately. Apparently this area was sensitive to Naruto as well.

At the end of the day they reached Konoha, and Sasuke was given another check-up. Yet nothing interesting was found; he seemed fine except for the fever. So he was ordered to get some rest and stay in bed until his fever was down. Naruto, however, still hadn't woken up, so he was held at the hospital just to be sure.

Sasuke stepped into the bed beside Naruto, somehow not feeling all that angry about staying the night in the hospital when Naruto was joining him.

With a final glance at the sleeping blond he closed his eyes and immediately drifted off.


His eyes were set on the blond locks that fell over Naruto's face. He had been staring at them for so long that he was about to set them on fire.

Sauske sighed and finally took his eyes off the blond, the first time since he had arrived here beside his bed that morning. His shoulders slumped and he turned to look out the window.

It had been two weeks since he had been dismissed from the hospital, only a few days after entering. Yet it was like he had never been discharged since he was still so often at the hospital that it seemed he was still admitted; especially because he was still ill. The pains had subsided, but he was still cold all the time, and sweated even at doing the smallest of things. He tired very quickly.

Currently he wore a thick sweater and had a blanket around him as he sat at Naruto's bedside.

The blond still hadn't woken up even once. Tsunade had said he was asleep, almost similar to a coma as he wouldn't wake up, but he showed all the signs of someone sleeping.

The mad doctor hadn't been of any help since he had actually gotten himself into a coma. They knew next to nothing about the jutsu he had cast upon Sasuke and Naruto or the one he had accidentally set on himself due to Kakashi's jutsu interfering. And since both Naruto and Sasuke showed no real physical change from before or being in life threatening situations, they could only presume the jutsu was either designed to put someone at a deep sleep or give them a fever or, like his other jutsu, failed to work.

Sasuke would just sit staring at Naruto for a while, lay down next to him or read a book. After the visiting hour in the afternoon was over he would finally return home, and go to bed.

Even though he wasn't looking like he had a fever anymore, he still felt lousy and exhausted just from walking from the hospital to the house.

Sasuke exhaled as he saw it was nearly time for him to go home. He stood up and looked down to Naruto.

"Wake up soon, dobe. It's too silent at home... and cold."

He took off the blanket, and after folding it neatly, laid it at the end of the bed. He would go and get Akira from the academy as he'd promised the other day.


As he stood waiting at the gates, leaning against a stone pillar of the gate, he tried not to look too exhausted.

The bell rang and soon children were running outside, happily screaming and chatting. Sasuke's eyes roamed over the children, looking for his own son. Soon he found the boy.

It wasn't hard to notice Akira between the other students. Akira stuck out above his classmates by at least seven centimetres. Unlike a year ago when he had been a bit small for his age, he had outgrown his peers and even kids from a year above him. He was tall and lean and his dark hair stood out as well as much as Sasuke's did.

Sasuke saw how a few girls looked admiringly at his son, and remembered his own academy years. But instead of ignoring the girls, like he had always done, Akira went to them, and happily chatted with them before noticing his father waiting at the gate.

"Tou-chan, look I got my report card!" He waved the card back and forth happily, proud of his grades. "Look, look!" Akira practically pushed the card in Sasuke's hands when he reached for it.

"I'll look at it at home," he said as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. He was tired.

"Are you okay?" Akira asked softly, letting his father lower the card.

"Just let's go home." Sasuke turned away from the gate and started walking away.

"How's Naruto?" Akira asked as he grasped his father's hand.

Sasuke looked down. Akira normally didn't like to walk hand in hand, as he was still in the range of his friends, and they could see him in this embarrassing situation (he was at that certain age).

"Still sleeping," Sasuke answered curtly, folding his fingers around Akira's smaller hand, finding it held some comfort.

Akira had asked about Naruto every day as he got home. Sasuke had always answered the same curt response.

Akira glanced up. "Can we eat over at Sakura no oba-chan's? Because of my report card?" He added, looking down to the card still in Sasuke's hand.

Sasuke sighed, not out of annoyance, but out of habit and tiredness. "Sure, you can ask her when we pass her house. I believe she hasn't got any missions or hospital duty."

Akira smiled and nodded.


When they arrived home, Akira happily running through the house because they would go to Sakura later that day, Sasuke fell down on the couch. He held up the card to his face to take a look, but his eyelids were heavy as well as the card.

He shifted, letting the card rest on his chest, but still the card felt like led. He closed his eyes just for a moment, or so he had thought. Before he could even think about opening his eyes again, he had fallen asleep, the card resting in the hand on his chest.

When Akira entered the living room once more he saw his sleeping father. He was a bit disappointed that he hadn't even looked at his report before falling asleep. Sadly he went upstairs to get some shuriken to practice his throwing in the garden.

When Sasuke woke up a little later, he noticed it was already six. They were supposed to be at Sakura's at six. Grumbling he got up, and the card fell on the floor. He stopped halfway trying to get up and looked down at the forgotten card and reached for it. He picked it up and walked to the back of the room before he opened the sliding door to the porch.

"Akira? Come inside. What are you doing practicing shuriken in this cold?" He looked around the garden where he found a dark haired boy turn around his way, shuriken in hand.

Akira looked around to his father, panting a bit. The tree he had been throwing the shuriken to, was covered with the four-pointed objects.

"Oh, no we're late, aren't we?" Quickly he climbed up the porch.

Sasuke laid his hand on the smaller raven's head when he passed him, and directed him to the couch. Akira looked questioningly at his father, when he as directed toward the couch, and sat down at it after his father had done so as well.

"Since we're late anyway, I think I will have a look at your grades first." Sasuke grinned ever so slightly without looking away at his son.

A smile spread across Akira's face, and Sasuke couldn't help but make his own smiled a bit bigger as well. He didn't want to have the boy think he wasn't interested in his marks. Memories of his own parents came to mind.

He looked at the card and saw some very good grades. First of class and of his year in 'Senjutsu' and 'Individual'. 'Taijutsu': second of class and third of his year. 'Ninjutsu': second of class and of the year. 'Teamwork': third of class.

Sasuke was proud.

"You've got some fine grades there." Sasuke smiled at his son as he ruffled his hair.

"Hm," Akira blushed a bit.

"Keep up the good work."

A shy smile crept on Akira's face along with some blushes.

"Now, let's go before Sakura punches us back outside through the walls before we even have time to enter."

Akira stood up and hurried to the door. "Come on, tou-chan," he said as Sasuke slowly rose from the couch.


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