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Chapter 25: What no one expected to happen…

6th of August

Blue eyes scanned the area. The sun shone in his eyes, making them glister almost like a sapphire blue diamond as the light seemed to enter his irises and lit them up from the inside. He squeezed his eyes a little to protect his eyes from the bright light before turning his head further. He was in the middle of the forest, with the high trees surrounding the open space fully in bloom. Those trees were a perfect hiding place for any ninja. The green of the leaves was a fresh, young green, meaning that the leaves had not been there for a long time yet. He looked at the different kinds of green nature had produced. There was no way that he could give every colour a name.

The wide open space he had chosen to sit down in was perfect.

The wind blew through his hair, making his fringe move over his eyes. He didn't even bother to get it out of his eyes, he just closed them and took a deep breath. His red tail drifted in the wind behind him, and he leant back on the huge boulder he was sitting on. The stone was so very warm, it almost burnt his hands.

When he opened his blue eyes again he blinked a couple of times to focus on a tall person walking towards him. He had bluish dark hair wildly blowing around his face as the wind picked up some. The expression on the face could not be seen, because the sun was too bright. However, the body language of the man was clear. Big strides made him quickly come closer.

The blue eyes closed while he sighed. He pulled up his legs and wrapped his arms around them as finally he could see the dark eyes of the man approaching him.

"What are you doing?" the calm voice drifted over the wind, making it seem distant.

He looked up. "Sitting," he simply said.

Sasuke lowered his eyes over the body of the other.

He felt the eyes looking for something, and of course he knew what they were searching for. He pulled his legs even closer to his stomach. While his left arm tightly held his legs close to his body, his right arm moved over his troubled stomach. He felt skinny and strangely empty.

Sasuke of course noticed this. He said nothing for a while as he looked down at the other.

Blue eyes finally looked up again and met black. He sighed and then the tall man sat down beside his small form. He did nothing else, Sasuke just sat down and looked up into the clear blue sky.

He looked up as well, seeing small wafts of white drift by. "I wanted to be alone," he finally said.

Sasuke looked down at him. "I know."

Blue eyes lowered, and once more he pulled his legs closer to his body when he realised he had relaxed too much. He closed his eyes again as he felt the dark eyes upon his frail body.

"You should not blame yourself," the raven said.

His tail twitched, but he refused to look up at Sasuke.

"It wasn't your fault," Sasuke continued, a sad note in his voice as the wind carried it into the open field. It was like the small form next to him hoped they would not reach his ears.

For a while only the wind could be heard as it blew over the tall grass, through the leaves and over the few boulders in the field. It was like the silence made his thoughts echo in his head. It was too much for him.

Suddenly he couldn't take it any longer. Tears welled up in his blue eyes and he felt them glide down his cheeks as he blinked, his eyelashes slowly turning heavy from the tears.

"It's not fair," he said sadly into the open field. "I don't understand it."

"It's just a part of life. It's not always easy to accept, especially when… when it is ended so suddenly." Sasuke looked down sadly and saw the blue watery eyes stare into the distance.

The markings on his face slowly got wetter, and he bit his lip in sadness and pain. He heard Sasuke part his lips once more.

"Death is-"

The blue eyes suddenly looked up and his hair waved to all sides due to the wind, but the anger on his face was clear. "How could you just say that?!" he yelled angrily. "He didn't deserve to die! No one deserves to die! No one…" Sasuke placed a hand on his shoulder, but he roughly removed it. "How can you accept something like this?"

Sasuke looked down at the small boy in front of him, frail, skinny and pale. He was a mess and clearly not how he should be. He had let him mourn for a while now, but this had gone on long enough. He needed to get him back. The scar would always remain, but that didn't mean he had to succumb to his wounds.

"No one can just accept something like this. Itachi, when he died-" Sasuke started, but he was interrupted.

Blue eyes looked up at him, pleading him to help him. "I'm so confused," he said. "He didn't deserve to die. We'd been so close for so long. Why did he…" He sniffed and more tears welled up. "Why did he have to die? Why couldn't it have been me?"

Sasuke wrapped his arms around the small person beside him, who seemed to have shrunk a lot lately. He wasn't sure what to say.

All of a sudden they both looked around as yet another person was standing in the open field, right in front of them. Yellow hair almost lazily drifted in the wind, making it into a mess. For a long time the three of them looked at each other before finally the blond came closer and stopped in front of the other two, looking at them sadly.

Finally everything fell apart inside of him. He closed his blue eyes and gripped Sasuke's haori so tightly that the fabric might have torn. "Tou-san!" he screamed.

Sasuke moved his hand to the boy's head, stroking the red hair out of his wet face. The long red tail of the boy violently blew back and forth in the wind. Once Sasuke had removed the bright red hair, two black lines became visible on each cheek. They could have been whiskers like Naruto's, but their angle was more like-

"Itachi," Sasuke said once more, moving his 12-year old son so that he would look up to him. "You're going through something horrible that no one your age should go through." Sasuke's face hardened. "Losing someone…" He stopped himself.

The blond suddenly moved closer and smiled, to the surprises of the others. "You two worry way too much. You can be so alike in that matter." He waved his hand in front of his face. "Don't be so gloomy, sitting here in this bright and beautiful sun." Naruto straightened up again, spreading his hands. "The weather is good, this is a sign."

The red headed boy looked up to his other father. "But my best friend died," he sniffed, remembering the mission that had gone so horribly wrong. The tears just didn't stop from forming and he hiccupped.

"And he wants you to remember him, but not like this," Naruto said, his face serious all of a sudden, no longer smiling. "You should not remember his last days, you should celebrate his life. Go live yours, and then when it will be your time to go -in a very, very long time- you tell him of all the adventures you've been through. Make sure he misses none of it."

Itachi looked almost dumbfounded at his blond father.

Naruto looked down at the pale boy, usually looking so healthy and tanned. "Don't throw away your life. It's hard to loose someone, I know that, and I'm not telling you that you can't be sad, just be happy too. Happy that you had the chance to have met this wonderful friend."

Itachi didn't seem quite convinced yet, but Sasuke was still hugging him and the tears weren't forming that quickly anymore. "Hm," the boy said softly, closing his eyes while he gripped his father's haori once more.

"Listen to your stupid father. Every once in a while he actually says something that makes sense," Sasuke said softly.

Naruto's fox ear twitched in annoyance, but he didn't respond to it.

The blue eyed boy let his father lift him off the bolder onto the grass. He felt even more empty now as he stood there in the sun and wind, but this time it was because he was hungry. His stomach growled loudly and Naruto laughed. "Let's go get some ramen, I haven't been to Ichiraku's in ages."

Sasuke placed his hand on his son's shoulders and couldn't believe how much he had grown. His red fox tail, along with his same coloured long hair, wafted in the wind as he looked up to Sasuke. The blue eyes the same as Naruto's, the face the same shape as his own. Itachi in many ways resembled his namesake, yet there were enough differences to set them apart.

Sasuke peered up into the sky, the sun blinding him. It was such a different day from twelve years ago.


A flash of lightning made him wake up; that in combination with Naruto's gaze at him. Sasuke blinked when again the lightning lit the entire room, followed by loud thunder and the strong wind blowing against the window. He saw the tree next to the window move violently, even hitting the window. Outside the streetlights flickered on and off.

Sasuke felt the gaze directed at his face as he lay peacefully in the warm bed, safely inside, away from the bad weather. Slowly he turned his head to the side and opened his eyes. Blue eyes, blue damp eyes to be precise, were looking at him.

Sasuke was surprised to see Naruto crying. Silently tears glided down his cheeks onto the bed when they had reached his chin. He wasn't sobbing; the tears just soundlessly flowed down his face.

The raven furrowed his eyebrows, concerned something was wrong with his beautiful blond. "Naruto?" He asked softly and stretched out his hand to the whiskered cheeks. "What's wrong?"

Naruto bit his lip. "Nothing really," he said, trying to sound happy. "I just can't help myself."

The raven stared back into the watery blue eyes as Naruto sniffed and winced. Sasuke moved his hand to the wet cheeks. Mood swing?

"It's so stupid, I just wanted to watch you sleep for a bit longer…" Naruto lowered his eyes.

Mood swing. Sasuke saw no reason to cry over something like that, so his conclusion was quickly made. He moved closer to Naruto, who stopped him by placing his hand on Sasuke's bare chest. "This fucking hurts so much," the blond then said through gritted teeth.

Sasuke froze. Naruto wasn't referring to not being able to see Sasuke sleep for a bit more.

Gently his thumb brushed away the glistering droplets on Naruto's soft cheek. Concern growing by the second as he had a vague idea of what might be going on. "You need Tsunade, don't you?" He had no idea why he was so calm. Perhaps it was because Naruto was too.

Sasuke felt Naruto's hand groping under the blankets for his hand. It finally found it and squeezed very hard in it while he flinched. "Yes please," he whispered almost. "I think the baby wants to get out."

Hearing the words echo in his head Sasuke froze for a while, unable to move as his suspicions were confirmed. The hard reality didn't really want to settle in, but after a while he saw Naruto calmly open his eyes and smile at him. "Sasuke," Naruto said softly, his right hand moving over Sasuke's cheek and brushing his hair aside, "Now, please?"

His voice had been so calm, so gently that Sasuke had almost been caught in the spell, that was until it finally sunk in. Naruto was having the baby… now!

Sasuke got up and quickly grabbed some clothes. "Will you be okay?" he asked, turning back one last time while lightning made his profile stand out against the window.

Naruto slowly sat up, clutching his huge belly. He nodded, closing one eye against the bright light from outside. "Just hurry," he said softly.

A bright flash of light along with a deep, roaring, loud thunder strike sounded while Sasuke turned around and once a new flash of the light cleared, Sasuke was gone.

Naruto whined softly under his breath, both hands around his stomach. It was a strange feeling, the baby pushing to all sides. It wasn't like when it tried to move or turn around. It pressed hard against his skin, obviously trying to get out. When he lifted his shirt he could clearly see a small profile of a tiny foot in his skin, and felt the baby's head push hard against his ribs. It felt like it tried to stretch out.

Slowly he shuffled closer to the edge of the bed and stood up, one hand on the headrest, one on his belly. Once he had straightened up he took a deep breath and started to move toward the staircase. When he passed the bedroom of their children, he heard their soft breathing, meaning they were both still asleep.

Downstairs he slowly started walking circles in the room, rubbing his belly and wincing when it pushed hard against his insides. This was the worst he had felt during the entire pregnancy. He was relieved though, this wasn't nearly as bad as last time.

Suddenly he stopped walking when a loud thunder clap made him startle. He moved closer to the window. The weather was crazy. He saw small branches and leaves on the road, puddles of rain never seeming to get smaller as the water had nowhere to go. Another flash was followed by a crack and he saw a branch of a tree a little further away come down to fall into the wires of a hydro pole. Right then the lights of the streets flickered one more time before their light was gone.

Naruto looked around and saw that all the electricity was gone. "Great," he muttered and sat down on the couch while he felt how the child inside him picked him hard in the bladder. He groaned in pain.

Soon he heard footsteps upstairs. A door opened, the small feet walked on, then another door opened and voices could be heard only by Naruto's keen fox ears. He turned them on his head and heard Akira mutter softly before Ren's small voice sounded.

"Akira, I'm scared, can I come sleep with you?"

Naruto smiled. He heard some movement and understood Akira had held up the blankets to let his little sister so that she could get into his bed. "Alright," he said sleepily.

Naruto groaned softly when he felt bile rise as a head was pushing against his stomach. "Hngg."

Then the front door opened. Rain was blown inside before the door was quickly closed. Sasuke stepped into the living room, completely drenched. "I'm sorry Naruto," he said, noticing the blond wincing on the couch.

Naruto looked up, looking for Tsunade, but she wasn't there. "Where's…"

"She is gone, doing your Hokage duties as replacement. It's really crazy outside. The electricity went down and roofs are blown off. She's out to take care of things." Sasuke looked down at Naruto as he sat on the couch, both arms around his enormously round belly, looking up at him through slightly narrowed eyes. "I'm sorry."


Sasuke was peacefully reading while he sat on the couch. He was enjoying a good book after a long day. He looked up when he all of a sudden noticed a certain blond had snuggled next to him and was watching him. Apparently he had been caught up so deep in his book that he hadn't even noticed Naruto had come to sit next to him. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and noticed Naruto's face was very close to his own. It grinned at him.

"What are you doing?" Sasuke asked, looking back at his book.

"Nothing," Naruto answered and started massaging his shoulders.

Sasuke turned a page, and after a while another one. The hands kneading his shoulders felt good. He smiled when Naruto moved behind him, leaning forward when Naruto tried to squeeze behind him. He felt fingers move up his hairline every once in a while.

"Maybe you should work a little less," Naruto said while a soft purr sounded from him.

"Only if you don't send me on missions anymore," Sasuke said, keeping his eyes on his book. Goosebumps and a pleasant tingly sensation crawled up his scalp.

"I guess I shouldn't."

Naruto went on with his massage while Sasuke read. The massage felt very good, but when he felt a nose in his neck he couldn't prevent the hairs in his neck from standing up. It just felt so good, and a little ticklish, still he didn't look up and continued reading.

Naruto started to kiss his open and vulnerable neck. In the corner of his eyes, Sasuke noticed Naruto's fluffy tail swish back and forth behind the blond. When Naruto didn't receive the expected reaction, he moved his head back. He moved his legs up under Sasuke's arms and put his hands around Sasuke's chest, placing his chin on the raven's shoulder.

All Sasuke did was move his book away from Naruto's arms, turned his head to the side when Naruto placed his own head next to his and continued his reading.

Naruto pouted, not liking this reaction. "We are finally home alone after all those years. Akira working on creating his own family, Ren moving out recently, and Itachi is staying over at his friend's place. You don't want me?"

"Don't stop now," Sasuke then said, glancing over his book, which made Naruto pout. "I think I was enjoying it though." He tried to look at Naruto. "A lot. Maybe you should continue."

Naruto smiled and started kissing Sasuke again. Naruto's tail swept up his leg while his soft lips made a trail on his neck and continued over to his shoulder when his haori was lowered down his arm. Naruto's hands roamed further over his partly bared chest, as well as under his haori. Every now and then Naruto licked him and he could feel two long fangs graze his skin softly along with the soft tongue. Naruto moved his fingers over his chest until they encountered a nipple, and started to play with it while his other hand moved over Sasuke's well-trained body.

Just when Naruto was creating a hickey on his shoulder, his dark fox ear twitching in Sasuke's neck to try find a comfortable position, Sasuke finally lowered his book, unable to keep on reading. He couldn't keep his thoughts with it anymore, and he had enough of pretending, he needed to touch Naruto. He manoeuvred out of Naruto's grip, leaving a trail of saliva between Naruto's mouth and his shoulder while Naruto looked up both surprised and disappointed, before turning around and pinning Naruto against the couch. He attacked Naruto's lips, while his hands moved up through the blond spikes of hair, around the fox ears. Naruto's tail swept against his legs and behind while his hands moved over Sasuke's back, getting rid of the haori. He untied the obi as Sasuke continued to kiss him and push his tongue through his lips.

Finally Sasuke's chest was bare and Naruto threw the piece of clothing aside while he felt Sasuke lift up his sweater. Once their chests were bare Sasuke pushed Naruto sideways onto the couch where he started kissing the naked skin of Naruto's chest. Naruto moved his fingers through Sasuke's dark locks before wrapping his legs around Sasuke's lower back.

Sasuke then lowered himself on top of Naruto and buried his face in Naruto's neck, which tickled a little, but Naruto hummed softly in pleasure at this, leaning his head against Sasuke's. His purring hummed in his chest as they lay there like this. "You haven't lost your touch," Naruto purred in Sasuke's ear.

Sasuke grinned in his neck. "You thought I had?"

Naruto let out a soft breath that was also a laugh. "Maybe."

Sasuke then bucked his hips forward, against Naruto's crotch. "Maybe you should reconsider." He kept moving his hips until Naruto's cheeks turned red as he started to pant erotically in his ear. Then finally Sasuke lifted his head and lowered Naruto's pants before doing so with his own as well.

Naruto gasped when his half erection touched Sasuke's and turned his head to the side when Sasuke continued rocking his hips, making their erections rub against each other. The purring got louder as did the sounds Sasuke made. He moaned and groaned in Naruto's ear, making sure he heard it all. Naruto held Sasuke tightly in his arms as the pleasure inside his lower region grew.

Sasuke's hand keeping their erections close together, Sasuke's hair tickling his neck, Sasuke's erotic breathing hitting his skin, Sasuke's arousing moans vibrating into his four ears, Sasuke's presence hovering over him, Sasuke's hips moving toward his, Sasuke's legs wrapped around his, Sasuke's bodily heath heating up his own skin, Sasuke's whisper in his ear as he started to tell him arousing things, Sasuke's love for him, Sasuke's forehead moving against his shoulder abruptly, Sasuke's loud cry for him, Sasuke's cum spraying up his body, Sasuke's cramping muscles, Sasuke's erratic breath against his skin as he had his orgasm, Sasuke's body relaxing, Sasuke's hand on his erection, Sasuke's tender words telling him to come.

And so he did.


"How do you feel?" Sasuke asked as he knelt down in front of a pained Naruto, clutching his stomach tightly.

Naruto crunched up his nose, which said 'what's that for a stupid question?'. "Could be better." He held out his hand to Sasuke, who immediately took it. "So?"

"I can't take you outside," Sasuke said, "it's too dangerous." He placed his other hand on Naruto's belly. Then his eyebrows went up when he felt the baby's knee push hard against his hand. "Wow," he said softly. He looked up to Naruto as he realised what strength this little person inside him was using to get out, let alone how that must feel against your intestines. "I'll go get Saku-"

Naruto suddenly groaned softly, nearly squeezing Sasuke's hand in his grip, while gritting his teeth. "I think I might have a bruised rib," he wheezed softly.

Sasuke let go of Naruto's belly and was about to turn around. "I'll go-"

A flash of lightning made him unable to see Naruto's face, but he could hear his voice saying a definite "no".

"But-," Sasuke protested, placing his free hand on top of Naruto's hand he was holding in his other hand.

"Agh, you do it," Naruto begged, slipping off the couch onto hands and knees. "Aagh. Now, it needs to get out now!"

Sasuke lowered himself. Placing his hands on Naruto's shoulders. "I'm not a medic ninja, I can't do it."

Naruto looked up to him, tears streaming down his face. "It hurts too much." He groaned again before his right hand moved to his groin.

Sasuke was about to stand up, not seeing any other way than to get Sakura when the tree in front of their house fell down, splitting in two. The branches hit the glass in the window and from the hall he heard the force had been too much for the front door to handle. Glass broke and wood cracked.

When he looked down again at Naruto, who had his tail between his legs and his fox ears flat on his face, a hand suddenly shot at his throat. Nearly being choked by Naruto, Sasuke did not move. His eyes scanned Naruto as he still leant on hand and knees, his face lowered to the floor. Sweat mixed with tears was dripping off his face now, the little moonlight could still show him this. Naruto heaved heavily, and his hand tightened around Sasuke's throat before it loosened its grip. Sasuke could actually hear something break at that very moment. His eyes widened at hearing the loud and awful crack coming from Naruto.

Naruto gasped as two ribs broke from the force of the baby pushing against it from the inside.

"What do you want me to do?" Sasuke asked finally, knowing full well what to do, but making sure Naruto understood that he was now prepared to help.

"What was that?" A voice entered the room.

"Look, the front door!"

Akira came around the corner, Ren in his arms, holding her arms securely around his neck. She seemed afraid. Akira's eyes widened when he saw the two on the floor. "Are you alright?"

Naruto let go of Sasuke's throat, and Sasuke immediately indicated them to leave. "Go back to bed," he said.

However, Akira didn't move. He let Ren down onto the floor and quickly walked over to his father, looking down at the panting Naruto. "I think I can help."

Sasuke considered his son for a moment before looking down at Naruto who was wheezing something that sounded like "okay". The he turned to Ren, who stood with wide eyes watching the three.

Akira sat down in front of Naruto, and together with Sasuke helped him to lean against the couch. Naruto grunted before he moved his head to look up. Akira backed up when instead of blue, red eyes stared back at him in combination with sharp, long fangs in the corners of Naruto's mouth. He actually whimpered softly when the lighting outside lit up Naruto's dark face.

Sasuke squeezed Naruto's shoulder as he looked down at the transformation of his lover. Without saying anything he stood up and turned to Ren. "Let's get some candles," he told her. He quickly pulled his hand through Akira's hair, whispering 'it's okay' before walking over to a little Ren, who had made a small ball of herself in fear. He picked her up and moved to the kitchen. With a final look toward Naruto, who was obviously in so much pain that it hurt Sasuke to see him like this, he made Ren get some candles while he got some water and towels.

Akira's hand shivered for a moment before he pulled Naruto's shirt up. Naruto looked up to his face. "Sorry," he said, "for scaring you".

Akira smiled weakly and looked down at Naruto's stomach. Before he placed his hand on it he watched how a foot was permanently visible, obviously pushing hard from the inside. Naruto's hand moved to the top of his belly, to his ribs. "They can't heal," he gasped. "It keeps pushing." He seemed to have difficulty breathing too.

Akira nodded and his hands started to glow when he finally placed his hands on Naruto's skin. He tried to feel the position of the baby, which was actually quite easy to do. It's head was against Naruto's ribs, feet in his lower belly, an elbow more to the back and probably its backside down toward Naruto's sensitive private parts.

Naruto's belly was damp from sweat and he panted erratically, while his eyes almost calmly followed Akira's movements. Another rib cracked, yet Naruto did no more than flinch while a small trail of blood tickled down his chin from the corner of his mouth.

Akira heard the awful crack and looked up, but Naruto's hand prevented him from moving his hand away from Naruto's belly. "Keep going, I can handle it." He had dark rings under his eyes from pain, but even so, he managed to smile.

Akira nodded and then Sasuke came back and handed him some water which Akira used to clean Naruto's belly. He then took a deep breath before focussing chakra in his hand like a knife. He knew what he had to do, and focused on concentrating chakra into his fingertip. He took a soft deep breath before he moved his finger over the top of Naruto's belly. He knew this wouldn't hurt Naruto too much since he numbed the skin with his chakra.

"Will you get some more towels?" Sasuke said to Ren when she peered around the corner from the kitchen. Making sure she was gone for a while, he turned back to Naruto and grabbed his hand as he watched Akira make a deep cut.


Ren sighed deeply when she turned to her silver haired friend. "Stop it, Satake," she ordered him, straightening her chuunin vest before turning to look the other way.

Again Sakumo chuckled, unable to help himself. Ren shot him an angry stare which only made him laugh louder. "Haha, I'm sorry Ren, but… you have to admit this is funny!"

"It's not!" Ren grunted, crossing her arms. "That girl broke my heart and you laugh about it. It hurts you know!"

Sakumo wiped away a tear rolling over his cheek before placing his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry, I do feel sorry for you, but… you can see why it's funny though… right?"

"No, I cannot!" Ren said, standing up and walking away. Sakumo reached out for her and turned her back so that she faced him.

He stopped laughing and his face turned serious. The wind blew, ruffling up his askew hair as well as Ren's short hair. A long thin tail wafted in the wind behind her though. He looked up into her dark black eyes before wiping her two long blond locks, framing her face, out of her angry eyes. "I'm sorry Ren, I really am." She was almost as tall as he was. "You couldn't prevented this from happening. She was just not meant to be."

Ren looked away without turning her head. Her pale cheeks turned a soft pink. "Maybe."

Sakumo pressed her against his chest and stroked her hair. "Of course… any girl taking you for a boy, and only finding out you are a girl when you say you will join her in the female side of the onsen, is a stupid-"

Ren angrily slapped Sakumo on the face and turned away, striding off. "I hate you!"

Sakumo couldn't help but laugh through the pain that stung his face. He might have lost a tooth there, but it had been totally worth it. This was the second time Ren had been mistaken for a boy, while she had not purposely led them to think so. He remembered the boy she had dated first, and who had completely turned her down after he had tried to undress her and found out she had breasts, no matter how flat-chested she was.

Ren just had the unfortunate appearance of looking either like a handsome boy with feminine character traits of a cool girl that acted rather tom boyishly. That she covered up her feminine shape with her chuunin vest and haori might not be such a good idea if she did not like to be mistaken for a boy. However, Sakumo had a feeling she did it on purpose.

He straightened up and sprinted after her, jumping up the roofs and chasing her. He had expected her to go to her small apartment, which she shared with him, but instead she took a left turn. This took him off balance, and he nearly fell before he swiftly spun around in the air and changed his direction.

He was not able to catch up with her until she had reached her destination. He landed in the beautiful and big garden of her parent's house and followed her inside through the open doors. Ren's little brother, Itachi, rushed past him toward the garden, his red fox tail swishing behind him. "Hey Saku-nii," he said in his passing.

"Itachi-kun," Sakumo greeted back before he held up his hand in greeting to the rest of the family present. "Sasuke, Naruto," he said.

On the ground at the round table sat Naruto hunched over a stack of papers with his hands in his hair before he looked up. Sasuke sat beside him, holding some of the papers in his hand while he was watching Ren sit down next to him.

"Sakumo-kun," Naruto said in surprise. Then he frowned. "Did the two of you have another fight? I told you to-"

"No, papa," Ren said, "besides, you have absolutely nothing to say when it comes to fighting with your friends." she glared at him and Sasuke.

Sasuke grinned at this while Naruto huffed and turned to the kids. "Alright, fine, so then what's wrong?"

"We had a fight," Ren said, crossing her arms, glaring at Sakumo. "Why did you follow me?"

Sakumo sat down opposite her and looked from her to Sasuke and Naruto. "I shouldn't have laughed at you," he then finally said.

Ren's eyebrow twitched in annoyance as this was his third time apologizing. She huffed and looked away. "Tell him to leave, otou-chan," she told Sasuke.

"Get out," Sasuke immediately said.

It was silent for a moment in which Sakumo wasn't quite sure yet to follow the order or stubbornly stay, before Naruto waved his hand at him, telling him he had no reason to leave. "Sasuke, maybe we should listen to what they have to say first."

"No," Sasuke said. "Ren wants him out, then out he goes. I never really liked the boy anyway." He glared at Sakumo.

This time Sakumo did feel like leaving, even after having been threatened like this for many years, he still never got used to it. "Sasuke…san," he started softly, "it's not what you think it is."

"Did you touch her again?" Sasuke asked, narrowing his eyes.

Sakumo shook his head vigorously. "No, sir!"

Naruto elbowed Sasuke, but missed when Sasuke grabbed his arm before it could hit. They had a little staring contest before Sasuke let go of him. Then Naruto opened his mouth. "Stop it! Sakumo is a good boy, you know it. Stop testing him." He kept staring at Sasuke until the raven finally gave in.

Sasuke sat back and turned to Ren, placing his hand on her thigh. "What's wrong Ren?" he asked.

Ren bit her lip while her face turned grim. "I got dumped again," she muttered.

Naruto and Sasuke exchanged looks before Sasuke stroked his hand comfortingly over her leg. "It will be alright," he said.

Then Ren sighed deeply and lowered her head. "No otou-chan," she said. "It won't." She glanced up at Sakumo for a moment, giving him an angry stare to make sure he wasn't going to start laughing again. "She thought I was a boy."

"She?" Naruto asked surprised.

"Tell me her name and I will-"

"It's okay, otou-chan, that's not necessary," Ren calmed her father. She leant over to him and put her head against his shoulder.

"You're still young," Naruto said. "Look at your brother. He just finally realised who he should be with." Naruto's lip quivered. "I still can't believe they just got married." Sasuke suddenly was awfully quiet while his face showed how proud he was of his son.

"But Aki-nii was a fool for not figuring out that his spouse had been by his side almost his entire life." She shook her head. "He might be sensitive and considerate, but when it comes to receiving love from others he is absolutely blind. Everybody knew he and Akane were meant to be."

Sasuke did not seem to agree with Ren's words. "You're wrong, he was careful and made sure they were meant to be before acting upon anything."

Ren ignored this and instead stood up. "Enough of this, I'm hungry." She went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

"Sasuke, you forgot to tell your daughter something," Naruto said, burying himself in his paperwork again.

"I don't need to tell her, she's smart." Sasuke turned his dark eyes to Sakumo. "Is Kakashi home?"

Sakumo shrugged. "I think he is."

Sasuke nodded before he stood up. "I need to have a word with him." He leant over to kiss Naruto on the cheek before walking off.

As Sasuke stepped into the garden to leave the house, Naruto leant forward over his work toward Sakumo and whispered softly, making sure even Ren wouldn't hear it. "Since when has she been dating this… girl?"

Sakumo shrugged. "I guess about three months ago." He then leant forward. "You didn't know?" The look on Naruto's face was enough to say that he didn't. "Oh." Sakumo awkwardly fiddled with his green vest while looking around the room.

There wasn't much in the room, there never had been more than the low table, the couch, a coffee table, a bookshelf and a dresser. But over the years small additions had been made. On the dresser was a fruit bowl standing next to a family photo that had been made only couple of years ago. Some photo albums were stacked up on the bookcase and some new plants were scattered through the living room.

Naruto sighed softly before he put his signature on some papers he had read. "You two should come over more often," he said. "Sasuke is really missing seeing you." Naruto looked up at a surprised Sakumo. "Yes, even you. You're practically family. Sasuke might be a bit… strict on you at times, but he means well. He thinks you're a great shinobi."

Sakumo didn't know what to say, so he didn't. Then Ren got back and sat down next to him, putting a bowl with freshly cut fruit on the table and laying down three forks. Naruto looked at the bowl placed on his papers before he let it go. Ren handed Sakumo a fork before she started to prick fruit from the bowl.

"We could stay over tonight. I forgot to do groceries so we have no food to eat anyway." Ren grinned at Sakumo, who turned to her.

"I told you to-"

"I forgot. My girlfriend just broke up with me, give me a break." Ren put some more fruit in her mouth.

"Oh, that's okay," Naruto said. "Akira and Akane were planning to come over too." Naruto smiled widely. "Yay, everyone will be here."

Sakumo grinned and finally decided to start eating as well. "Great."


Naruto cried in pain as Akira moved his small hands around the baby inside his belly, trying to get it out while Sasuke whispered soft comforting words to Naruto. Sasuke held open the incision while Akira did his best to get the baby out as smoothly and quickly as possible. The baby moved violently before it seemed to realise what was going on and relaxed.

Naruto gasped for air while the baby was pulled out, and then a loud crying started. Sasuke let go of Naruto and quickly wrapped the baby in towels while Akira moved back to Naruto, making sure he was alright.

Naruto panted, but the pain on his face soon slipped away now that the baby was out. He was shaking and sweat was still dripping down his face, but at least now the healing could start. Akira closed the incision carefully, making sure the peritoneum wouldn't get infected or cause for problems before healing the wound completely. It was as if the cut had never been there.

Finally Akira could look around, his hands covered in blood, but that didn't matter, for there was his new baby brother. Sasuke had cleaned it up and showed the small baby boy at the other two. "Look Naruto, we have another son."

Naruto's hand, shaking, reached out for the baby. "He has…" Naruto said softly while the baby kept crying.

"A tail," Sasuke said softly as the still bloodied red tail hung down between the baby boy's legs.

"No," Naruto said weakly. Then he smiled. "He has your face." He lowered his hand and closed his eyes.

Sasuke handed Akira his new brother and cleaned Naruto up before he helped him onto the couch. Once he was laying down Naruto showed a weak smile and closed his eyes. "Everything is alright," he mumbled softly before he drifted off.

Sasuke knew he needed to heal up, and sleeping was what helped best. He stared down at Naruto while outside the weather was still raging. He stroked his hand through the wet blond hair before he moved over to Akira.

He knelt down in front of his son and carefully took the baby from him before he pulled Akira into a hug. "You did wonderful, I don't know what I should have done without you."

Akira smiled at this before he kissed Sasuke on the cheek, which made him look up. "But tou-chan, I'm a medic ninja," Akira said proudly.

Sasuke smiled back while he rocked the baby in his arms carefully, trying to make him calm down. "Will you get your sister?" he asked and so Akira went to get Ren, who was sitting in the corner of the kitchen with her hands covering her ears.

She looked up at him when he rounded the corner and lowered her hands. "Akira?"

Akira smiled at her and helped her up. "Do you want to see our new baby brother?"

Ren's eyes widened before she quickly hurried behind Akira into the living room where Sasuke had managed to hush the baby some. "Did the lightning free him from papa?" Ren asked in amazement, her eyes wide as she looked in admiration at the small wrinkled person in Sasuke's arms.

Another thunderstruck sounded and Ren covered up her ears again. Sasuke let the three of them watch the small baby for a while longer before he put him down next to Naruto, for the baby too needed some rest. He tied the towel a bit tighter around the tiny body while he watched the small red tail twitch once or twice as it stuck out of the made-up blanket. He studied the tiny face, seeing the two markings on his cheeks like two whiskers, but closer to the nose. It was familiar, a mix between Naruto's facial markings and those of his brother. A tuft of dark blond hair stood on top of the baby's head.

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered to his lover, and two blue eyes opened to look back at him, "our family is complete."


Naruto sat between the high grass, which tickled his left fox ear, so he kept twitching it every time the grass blew into his soft black ear. His tail swiftly swept over the ground behind him, playing with the grass. He looked down from his higher position on the small hill toward the company down in the garden, laughing and talking.

For some reason after dinner some kind of get-together had happened, though Naruto wasn't sure how it had come this far. There was Kakashi, standing talking with Itachi. Itachi's similar tail as his own slowly moved back and forth before he laughed at something, showing the same smile as Naruto. Itachi was a very quiet boy, and kind too, but when it became to being a ninja he was a lot like Naruto. He could study, that wasn't his weakness, but the practical classes had never been his best thing. Yet he had conviction and perseverance. He believed he would be a good ninja, and wanted to help protect not only his family and friends, but the rest of the village as well. He was smart and in ways understood the world better than even he did, and he would do anything to reach his goal.

Naruto stared at his youngest son for a while longer. His long red hair had been braided. Itachi's hair reminded Naruto of his mother's hair, the colour of the Uzumaki. It had been a dark blond when he had been born, but within a couple of months it had turned more and more red until it was the dark red it had now. Though he was timid he could still be a bit of a carefree kid after all; for example when it concerned his fox tail. Maybe it was because he had grown up with it, or maybe he was just a kind person like that, but he never seemed to have had any trouble having it. In fact he had turned it into something that made him able to make friends fairly easily. He didn't mind to talk about his tail with strangers at all, and often brought it up himself. Maybe this was also why Itachi had so many friends.

His old sensei, Kakashi, rubbed his hand over his ever present mask before he eyed his daughter, sitting on the porch next to Sakura and Kiku. Aiko was a unique child, she had the same colour purple hair as her mother, but it was tied into a long ponytail while two small locks framed her face. Her eyes were like those of Kakashi, narrow with dark irisses. She laughed loudly, her voice almost like the cry of a wild animal, but she didn't care. She was a confident and carefree girl, she stood her own and wasn't easy to mess with.

Next to Aiko sat Kiku, she could get on with her mother perfectly, but there were times they were just too alike and that could give some conflict and loud conflicts since both she and Sakura could yell quite loudly. Kiku's hair was darker than Sakura's bright pink and reached till her shoulders, making her resemble Sakura when she was younger, except that Kiku's hair was more straight like Sai's. Her skin the same pale colour as her father's and dark green eyes that could fairly easily swoon the boys in her class along with her ability to charm people into doing what she wanted to be done.

Sai had always said he would like some more children, maybe 7 or 8, but Sakura had always believed one was good enough. Although Naruto knew that the real reason was that after a certain ANBU mission Sakura had no longer been able to get any children.

Then suddenly Kiku closed her eyes and proudly puffed her big breasts, especially for such a young girl, forward (must have come from Sai's side of the family) and hit her fist on her chest. She was younger than Aiko but they got along perfectly. They were quite similar, bold and saying whatever was on their minds. She put her other hand on her hip and swore how she would do the dishes the rest of the week, Sakura stared at her impressed. "That's my girl!" she said, making a fist of her hand.

Sakura's partner, Sai, sat to the left on his haunches next to the pond, where Sakumo and Ren were too, along with Anko. Sakumo was trying to push Ren into the water while Anko cheered him on. Ren was giving Sakumo a good fight though, so he had difficulty trying to execute his plan. He had his arms wrapped all around her, but she seemed to be able to wiggle out every time, though Sakumo never let her get free either. The two had always been a good match for each other. Sai was observing the best friends, maybe wondering who he should help. Naruto wasn't worried about his daughter at all. She and Sakumo had always played around a lot, even till this day.

Inside the house he could hear sounds coming from a conversation Akane and Akira were having, though he couldn't make out any words. For some reason they had been holding back all evening.

Suddenly Naruto looked up as Sasuke sat down next to him, looking down as well. "You still thinking of what the Daimyou said?" he asked.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke. "No? Why should I?"

Sasuke smirked before he looked away. They sat in silence for some time until Naruto leant back, while trying to slap the annoying grass away from his ear. "Sasuke?" Sasuke turned his head to the blond. "We're really lucky, aren't we?"

Sasuke stared at Naruto and his sudden revelation, but waited for the rest to come before he spoke.

"Everything turned out fine. Akira is married and a great medical ninja. Ren is healthy now that her seal is stable and has grown into a fine young lady, and Itachi is growing to be a fine leader now that he's doing much better. I hope he won't feel responsible for his friend's death much longer." Naruto stared down at Itachi, still looking thin and a bit pale, but much more livelier than he had a couple of days ago.

"He'll be okay. He might be gentle and caring, but he's also strong and stubborn," Sasuke said.

Naruto grinned. "Yeah, he has that from his father." He turned to Sasuke, showing the smile on his face.

Sasuke, however, didn't respond to the joke at all, so Naruto continued talking, although sounding somewhat disappointed. "It's sad though that Tsunade can't be here."

Sasuke glanced over to Naruto but again said nothing. Instead he moved his hand over Naruto's arm, knowing how difficult this was for him. "Sasuke?" Naruto then asked once more, leaning against Sasuke's shoulder, looking up at him while his ear tickled Sasuke's neck. Sasuke looked down at him. "Shall we take a walk through the woods later on tonight? I want to be alone with you for a while."

Sasuke smiled and looked for Naruto's hand. "What do you think?"

Naruto twitched his tail against Sasuke's back before he heard Akira and Akane coming up to them. They were holding hands as they came walking up to them. Then Akira knelt down in front of them, and Akane did too. It was amazing how much Akira still always resembled Sasuke till this very day. Aside from the locks that framed Sasuke's face but did not frame Akira's face and the green colour of Akira's eyes, the two could almost be copies.

Sasuke and Naruto looked at the two, seeing how Akira seemed a bit nervous before he turned to Sasuke. "We uh… we have to tell you something." Akane reached for Akira's hand while she smiled brightly, stroking her hair behind her ear.

In the short silence that followed Sasuke's eyes widened as he already saw what was about to be said. Naruto however had no clue. "Hm?" he asked.

"You're…" Sasuke said, turning to Akane before looking back to Akira for confirmation.

Akira smiled nervously. "You're going to be a grandfather soon." He looked over to Akane, who was still smiling brightly.

"H… How long have you known?" Sasuke asked, stammering a little, not sure how to respond.

Naruto leant closer to Sasuke as he finally realised what was going on and grinned widely. "Congratulations," he told the two. He put his arm around Sasuke and swayed together with him for a bit.

"We wanted you to know first," Akane said. "Beside my mother that is." Her red eyes hovered over Akira.

Then suddenly Akira leant over to Sasuke and hugged him, throwing an arm around Naruto as well. Without saying anything he moved away again and stood up before holding out his hand to his wife. Together with Akane they moved away from the hill. "We'll be going home." They waved goodbye and left.

Naruto couldn't stop grinning while Sasuke needed to process the news.

Soon everyone had left except for Ren, Sakumo and Itachi. Ren and Sakumo stood side by side at the corner of the house while Naruto, Sasuke and Itachi stood in front of them as they were saying good bye.

"We have an early mission tomorrow," Sakumo said, straightening his chuunin vest. "Going to help some Kumo ninja."

"Oh, are you?" Naruto asked. "That's great."

"Might take some weeks this mission, so try not to worry too much, okay?" Ren asked while she played with a lock of hair.

"You've grown into a fine kunoichi, why should I?" Naruto grinned before he looked up at Sasuke. "Oh, Ren, did you clean up the seal? You have to do so before you go."

Ren rolled her eyes. "Papa," she said. "I know, I know. Sakumo will help me with it later, okay?"

Naruto nodded contently. "Alright. Just don't forget, we don't want you to get sick on your mission."

"I know, I know." Ren turned to Itachi instead. "Let's go practice again when I get back, okay?" Her dark eyes sparkled.

Itachi smiled. "Sure." His tail swept back and forth happily.

Ren put her hand on his head. "You look pale and thin, you should eat more." She let go before turning around and waving goodbye. "Ja na!" Sakumo followed her to their apartment.

"Still up for that stroll?" Naruto asked Sasuke, who looked down at the blond.

"Sure." Sasuke looked down at Itachi. "You want to come along?"

Itachi shook his head. "No, I think I'll go to bed."

Naruto ruffled Itachi's red hair. "Yeah, you do that."

Itachi moved Naruto's hands away before he went inside, already yawning. Sasuke started to walk off and Naruto quickly followed him, his deep red haori swaying behind him. Once inside the forest Sasuke took Naruto's hand, which made Naruto look up at him, but Sasuke was only looking in front. Naruto swayed his tail and placed his head against Sasuke's arm before he softly started to purr. "The forest is nice this time a year."

As if he had spoken some kind of code, Sasuke stopped and turned to face Naruto, placed his hands on his face and lowered so that he could kiss him. Naruto lowered his ears and accepted the kiss, moving his own hands onto Sasuke's upper arms while he moved up on his toes.

Sasuke's right hand lowered over his face to his neck while the left hand moved into his hair. Naruto moved his arms around Sasuke's back, one over his shoulder blades, one over his buttocks. Sasuke then rested his forehead against Naruto's to catch some breath while his right hand played with the hairs in Naruto's neck, which felt very nice.

All of a sudden Naruto moved away from Sasuke, who dropped his hands, and they both stood side by side when an ANBU landed on the forest floor. "Hokage-sama," the bird masked man said.

Naruto looked down upon the kneeling man. "Tori, what is it?"

The ANBU looked up. "We have urgent news from the land of Grass… There's a war about to start. They need your aid."

Naruto turned to Sasuke. "Are you up for the next challenge?"

Sasuke looked down at Naruto. "I'm going to be a grandfather soon… compared to that nothing is a challenge."

Naruto laughed and turned back to the ANBU man. "Gather everyone in the strategy chamber. Konoha will prevent any war from happening!"

The ANBU disappeared in a whiff of smoke. Naruto turned to look up at Sasuke when he pulled Naruto closer. "You're so hot when you get fired up for work."

"Too bad that it can't wait." Naruto kissed Sasuke tenderly for several seconds before he was gone in a flash.

"Yes, too bad," Sasuke muttered softly, but he was smirking nonetheless.

The End


A/N: I know, I know, I'm sorry… but it had to end… and there were getting too many OCs (I myself usually don't like reading about OCs …). So there… I guess I still cannot write descend endings though… sigh… I apologize for that.