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Beep Beep Beep

Izaya groaned and opened his eyes, rolling back over in the bed. A hand came out from under the blankets and slapped around on the bedside table, searching for the source of the never ending beeping. His hand came to rest on a small rectangular object and he picked it up, flipping it open and turning off the in-built alarm.


Izaya forced himself up into a sitting position, the phone still open in his hands. He stared blankly at it for a moment, waiting for his mind to catch up with what he was looking at. His sleepy crimson eyes flicked to the small clock in the upper right hand corner of the phone. 11 am, Fuck.

Izaya flew out of the bed, tripping on his blankets as he did so. He was running very late, something his client hated more than anything. He ran around the apartment, throwing on his normal outfit and not even really bothering to brush his hair. His hand was on the doorknob when he stopped, paralyzed. He could feel himself go pale as the familiar feeling rose in his stomach.

Izaya quickly ran into the bathroom and lent down over the sink, throwing up what little food he had in his stomach. His legs gave out beneath him and he collapsed onto the floor, shaking slightly. Izaya sat there on the cold hard floor, panting. He used a towel to wipe the bile off of his mouth. The informant gripped the edge of the sink and hauled himself back up again. He straightened out his clothes and turned around, making his way out of the apartment.

No one paid any attention to the usually cheerful informant that morning. He kept his head down as he walked through the busy streets of Ikebukuro. His hands in his pockets and his hood over his head. Despite getting the most sleep he had in a long time, he felt exhausted. His head was pounding, he just felt like crap.

Izaya sighed as he turned into the alleyway he was supposed to meet his client in, only to find it empty. He cursed, he wasn't that late was he? Okay so maybe an hour and a half was pushing it a bit. Izaya lent back against the cold brick wall, letting his hood slide off his head. He dragged his hand through his jet-black hair, wincing in pain as his fingers snagged on a few knots.

He let his tired frame slide down the wall until he was in a sitting position. The informant couldn't help but be surprised at how tired he felt, he was even slightly out of breath. That client was important, but he couldn't help but feel relieved by the fact he didn't have to talk to anyone. He just wanted to go home and sleep.

Izaya let out a tired chuckle at his thoughts. Who would have thought that a day would come when the famous Orihara Izaya didn't want to spend time with his precious humans? He stood back up and pulled his hood back up over his head. Making his way out of the alleyway and towards the train station.

"Ohh~ Izaya~! You in Ikebukuro I see~! Come, have sushi~"

Izaya looked up from under his hood at the tall Russian, shoving fliers in people's faces as they walked past. They all accepted the fliers, being to intimidated to say no.

"Not today Simon, I'm not feeling very well…"

"Ohh~ Sushi can fix all that, we got new ootoro in~"

"I said not today!" Izaya snapped, glaring up at the tall man in front of him

A surprised expression came upon Simon's face at the sudden outburst.

"Oh… Well next time, Izaya get better and eat more sushi~!"

Izaya grumbled something and stormed off. Why couldn't everyone just leave him alone! Was that so much to ask! The informant threw his arms up in the air at his thoughts, lowering them quickly. He didn't want to bring any unnecessary attention to himself, especially since he was in that monsters town…

"Ohh Izaaayaa~!"

Izaya felt panic shoot through his system as he heard the familiar singsong greeting. He spun around to see that familiar blond standing in front of him, he groaned. Of all the days he had to bump into Shizuo, it had to be the one where he felt like crap. Although, it wasn't just today…

"I thought I told you that I never wanted to see your ugly face in Ikebukuro again!"


Izaya's eyes flicked around, making a quick escape route in his head.


He heard the familiar groan of metal being crushed as Shizuo ripped a street sign out of the ground. It was time for him to leave.

Izaya turned around and sprinted through the many alleyways of Ikebukuro, hearing that monsters screams and heavy footsteps not too far behind him. Ugh, why was he so slow today! He ducked as the street sign went whizzing past, just missing his head. He heard the blonde curse and stop running.

Izaya's legs gave out as he collapsed in the alleyway, panting heavily. His whole body shook as cold sweat ran down his back. He felt hot, even though he knew his body was cold. He stripped his jacket off and threw it across the alleyway. The informant felt the urge to throw-up again but he suppressed it, instead lying down on the cold pavement. He drew his knees up to his chest as he tried to calm himself down, taking deep breaths.

The sickness passed after a few minutes and Izaya hauled himself back up again, using the wall for support. He was about to pick up his jacket when he heard the familiar footsteps coming his way again.



Izaya turned around to see a street sign flying in his direction, there was no time to avoid it. His eyes met panicked ones as the debt collector realized Izaya couldn't avoid it, an expression of pure horror on his face. The informant would have laughed at the blond's comical expression, however pain surged through his body as the sign hit him in the chest.


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