Title: The Last Day on Earth

Rating: K

Word count: 619

Summary: "No one was more heartbroken than Blaine Anderson who had to sit there and look at the casket that held Kurt Hummel."

Authors notes: This stemmed from listing to Kate Miller-Heidke's "Last Day on Earth" on repeat. Rates and Reviews are love.

Soft music played as everyone filed in. There were somber faces, angry faces, anguished faces and faces that had tears flowing down them. People were sad, angry, desperate or devastated. But none more than Blaine. No one was more heartbroken than Blaine Anderson who had to sit there and look at the casket that held Kurt Hummel. The casket that held his lover, his inspiration, his lover, his soul mate. Blaine watched wordlessly as person after person filed in, some looking more upset than others. Burt Hummel sat next to Blaine, stiff and silent.

There were tears running down his cheeks, a thing Blaine thought he would never see. He was wearing the tux that he wore to Kurt and Blaine's wedding. Blaine was wearing a black shirt and black jeans that Kurt had picked out for him a while ago. He didn't think anything else would be quite as fitting.

Blaine, Burt, Finn, Carole, Mercedes and Rachel all sat in the first row of the church. There were all different people in the rows behind them. Old members of New Directions, work colleagues, friends from college, Wes and David, even David Karofsky of all people. In their senior year of high school Kurt forgave David, they weren't friends per se, but they kept in contact.

Blaine sat numbly through everyone's speeches. He tried to stop the tears, he really did, but they hadn't seemed to stop since Blaine found out the news. And really, how was he supposed to act? His whole world, his Sun, his universe, his inspiration was cruelly torn from this life and now Blaine felt like he could no longer function. Ever breathe was agony, every breathe was accompanied with "Why did he have to be the one who left? Why couldn't I be the one who died? I love him so much. I just wish he were here. I miss him."

"And now, I welcome Blaine Anderson, Kurt's husband, to make his speech." It took Blaine a few moments to register that he was supposed to move. Slowly, he got up and walked to the podium. Placing his speech down Blaine tried to steady the flow of tears. "Kurt… How do I even describe him? Kurt was my life, he was my everything. We inspired each other every day, we thrived of each other." Blaine took a deep, shuddering breath, his voice was cracking and shaking, but he plowed on.

"Me and Kurt had- have been together for eight years. I'll never forget the day that Kurt stopped me own a crowded staircase at Dalton Academy. To have Kurt in my life was… a blessing. He inspired me to follow my dreams." Blaine had to stop to take deep breathes and calm the increasingly heavier flow of tears.

"Every day it still pains me to know Kurt is gone. I'll wake up in the morning and expect to feel his warmth next to me, or hear his voice filling the apartment, or see him n the kitchen eating breakfast. But now he's gone and I don't know what to do. Now he's gone and I feel like my heart has been torn out. I am always going to miss Kurt and I will never stop loving him."

With that, Blaine stepped off the podium and walked over to Kurt's funeral. He gently pressed a kiss to the lid of the coffin. "Goodbye Kurt, I love you, I'll always love you and I'll never stop." Blaine murmured. With that, he slowly walked away from the coffin. Blaine stayed true to his promise, he never remarried, he never dated another person and he never loved anyone else besides Kurt.