I do not own Glee or any of the characters. This takes place early in their relationship

Warnings: Femslash, domestic discipline

Chapter 1

Santana enters the girl's bathroom to find Brittany and Rachel in front of the sinks. Brittany smiled at the latina as she helped Rachel rinse her hair. Santana's eyes wander to Rachel's discarded white jacket that was covered in tell-tale red stains.

"Who slushied you?" she demands.

"San, it doesn't matter, just leave it" the diva pleads. Santana's eyes smoulder with anger.

"Tell me who it was Rachel" She repeats, Rachel sighs.

"It was the red-haired cheerio" Santana spins around and storms out of the bathroom. She marches down the packed hallway until she finds her target. She grabs the red-head, slamming her into the lockers and pinning her there.

"Why the hell did you slushy Rachel? You know she's off limits!" Santana snarls.

"No she's not! You're now a cheerio anymore" the red head sneers. As Santana opens her mouth to retort, she feels strong arms pulling her away from the cheerio.

"Calm down" Brittany murmers in her ear, "Quinn won't like this"

"Yeah, calm down Santana or your other dyke won't put out for you" The latina is enraged at this remark and Brittany struggles to contain her. She is relieved when Quinn appears at her side, helping her to drag their girlfriend into an empty classroom.

"Stop Santana" she orders as her girlfriend tries to run back out of the room. She stands firmly in place, blocking the door. "You're not getting into another fight, calm down!"

"You didn't hear what she said Quinn" Santana spits out.

"Yes I did and I don't care. I love the fact that you protect and defend us but she doesn't matter. No-one apart from us matters, We're in Lima, of course people don't accept us. Being different in this town can be a death sentence if you let it. San, look at me" Quinn's voice is softer now as she looks Santana in the eyes. "Promise me you won't fight" Santana lets out a soft sigh.

"Ok I promise" she murmers, allowing Brittany to hug her from behind. "I just got so angry"

"I know" Quinn whispers, kissing Santana tenderly. "Just no more physical anger. I'm gonna go check on Rach" she says, kissing Brittany and leaving the room.

"Did you mean it? You won't fight people anymore?" Brittany asks.

"I'll do my best Britt"


Rachel walked into the lunch hall with a feeling of relief after making it down the hallway without receiving another slushy. She slid into her seat beside Brittany, giving the dancer a quick kiss as she did so.

"Are you ok baby?" Brittany asks softly and Rachel nods,smiling.

"Where's Santana?" she asks and Brittany shrugs.

"I hope she's just running late, Quinn won't be happy if she's ditching and I'll be pissed off too" the blonde says. Rachel shivers, remembering the last time she had pissed Brittany off. The first and only time so far that Brittany had decided to take care of the discipline.

"But you wouldn't um.." Rachel glances around to make sure on-one is listening, "deal with Santana would you?"

"No, that's not how it works, she'll only ever let Quinn do that, the same as Quinn will only allow Santana to do that for her"

"And all three of you deal with me" Rachel confirms and Brittany turns to look at her, a curious look on her face.

"I don't have to, if you're not comfortable" she says seriously, searching Rachel's eyes. "I'm more than happy to be at the bottom of the food chain with you" she smirks causing the diva to giggle.

"It felt right when you did it, personally I would never feel right to be the one doing it so I've always felt happy with the way it is" Rachel smiles genuinly at Brittany and she nods, satisfied with Rachel's answer. "So you're third in command, ma'am" Rachel winks.

"Where is she?" Quinn demands, storming over to them.

"I don't know Quinn" Rachel answers. Quinn looks at Brittany who shrugs.

"What's going on?" she asks softly.

"I found that cheerio in the bathroom, covered in slushy. Even if she hadn't told me it was Santana I still would have known. She's not answering her cell!" Quinn rants and Brittany takes her hand.

"Calm down, you can't do anything about it here Q" Quinn sighs and nods.

"You're right, I'll deal with her after school" Rachel and Brittany share a knowing look at Quinn's tone of voice.


Santana storms into spanish, disregarding Mr Schue's complaint at her late arrival and sitting beside Rachel. She feels herself calm when Rachel puts her hand on her thigh.

"Quinn knows" the smaller brunette whispers and Santana does her best to ignore the sinking feeling in her stomach. She now felt more mad at herself than that bigoted cheerio. She hadn't planned to slushy the girl, she had meant it hen she promised not to get into trouble but her anger had taken over when she saw the smug grin that was sent in her direction. "She was looking for you at lunch" Rachel's voice interrupts her thoughts.

"Don't worry about it baby girl, I'm not" Santana murmers, smiling at the diva. She knew her face must be contradicting her words but she would never admit to being worried about the spanking that she knew she would submit to later. "I can handle it" she assures her girlfriend.