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Chapter 10

Rachel feels her stomach drop as she hears Quinn's bedroom door open. She keeps her gaze trained to the wall, waiting for Quinn to call her over.

"Come here Rach" a soft voice says and Rachel is surprised when she realises that it's Santana who has entered the room. The diva shuffles over to her girlfriend, who is seated on the bed, and stands in front of her.

"I thought you weren't going to spank me" Rachel murmers.

"I'm not. I want to talk" Santana replies, motioning for her to join her on the bed, placing an arm around her as she does. "What did your dads say when you called them?" Rachel cringes at the question and Santana sighs, "You haven't called them yet have you?"

"No" Rachel whispers as her girlfriend frowns.

"Figgins gave you a letter for them to signed, you need to tell them" Santana scolds, taking her cell phone out of her pocket and holding it out to the diva who doesn't take it. "Rachel, call them" She warns firmly. "Just explain that Jacob was teasing you, they'll understand" The latina sighs when Rachel still refuses the phone, looking anywhere but her.

"I don't need to tell them" The diva murmers, pulling her bck-pack out from under the bed, reaching into it and pulling out the note from Figgins. Santana takes it from her, noticing the problem straight away.

"You forged their signatures? You're an idiot! It's parent teacher night next week Rachel. Do you really think you can keep hiding your suspension from them?" Santana asks in disbelief.

"I didn't really think about that" Rachel admits, a blush spreading across her face. "I'll tell them tomorrow" she says honestly and Santana nods her approval.

"You'd better tell Quinn about this" the latina orders sternly, looking the smaller girl in the eye, her best 'do not mess with me' look on her face.

"Would you do it?" Rachel asks quietly.

"Yeah, Ok" Santana sighs. She presses a kiss to Rachel's temple before standing up, pulling the diva with her and sending her back to the corner with a swat.


Brittany wakes up to the unmistakeable sound of a hand striking a bare backside in the room next to hers. She knows straight away that it's Rachel being punished but wonders who is actually delivering the spanking. Her question is answered as Santana slips into the room with a glass of water and a bottle of aspirin.

"How are you feeling baby?" she asks softly, placing the glass and aspirin on the bed-side table before sitting next to the dancer.

"My nose hurts like hell but otherwise ok" Brittany replies, flinching when she hears a pained yelp coming from the other room. "Rachel's in big trouble huh?"

"Yeah" Santana sighs, "Our little diva is turning into a little rebel" she smirks, shifting slightly to allow the blonde to sit up and take her aspirin. She waits until Brittany has finished and is placing the glass on the table before speaking. "You wanna go downstairs?" she asks, knowing that Brittany would get upset once Rachel started crying.

"Yes please" Brittany answers quickly, taking the tanned hand that was held out for her. "Will you make me some soup?" the blonde asks innocently as Santana smiles at her with a nod.

"Sure baby, whatever you want"


Rachel lets out a pained wail as Quinn's hand crashes down on her bare behind for what feels like the hundredth time. She can feel the sensitive skin warming up as she tries to stay still over over her girlfriend's lap. The diva struggles to remain stoic as Quinn's hand smacks the underside of the globes, right on the sensitive part where thigh meets buttock. Quinn's expert hand continues to pepper sharp spanks onto the smaller girl's reddening bottom.

"I'm sorry" Rachel chokes out, the first of her tears starting to drip down her face. Quinn brings her hand down sharply ten more times, each spank harder that the next before stopping. She gently rubs the heated flesh of her girlfriend's behind, cringing slightly at the quiet whimpers coming from her.

"This can't happen again Rachel" Quinn's voice is firm as she addresses her girlfriend. "I'm sure I don't need to tell you how disappointed I am that you didn't call one of us instead of attacking Jacob. I understand that it's easy to lose control of your temper but from now on I want you to do your very best to control yourself. Do you understand me?" the blonde asks sternly.

"Yes Ma'am" Rachel answers instantly, not wanting to get into more trouble.

"And you'll apologise to Jacob" Quinn orders.

"What? No I can't" Rachel whines and Quinn quickly lays a stinging smack to the back of each thigh in response.

"You can and you will" the blonde snaps, "We need to be careful from now on, none of us can give Jacob any reason to start writing about us on his blog so you will apologise to him, Okay Rachel?"

"Yes Ma'am" Rachel murmers and Quinn nods, satisfied before leaning forward to pick up the hairbrush from the floor, hearing Rachel gasp softly. The blonde brings the heavy brush down with a loud crack without warning and Rachel bucks, crying out as the pain settles into the muscles of her bottom. The diva sobs, her legs kicking wildly as Quinn relentlessly spanks her. Two sharp swats to the back of each thigh puts an end to her kicking. Quinn continues to lay into Rachel with the hairbrush until all the fight leaves her and she is slumped over the blonde's lap sobbing loudly. She throws the brush down, immediately starting to comfort her girlfriend, rubbing her back gently and softly murmering I love you's. She waits until Rachel is ready before helping the crying girl off her lap and pulling the brunette's pajama's back into place.

"It's done now baby" Quinn whispers, pulling Rachel close, the diva relaxing into the embrace.

"I love you" Rachel murmers into Quinn's neck and the blonde smiles, placing a kiss onto her lips.

"I love you too" she replies before pulling back the duvet and helping Rachel get into bed and onto her stomach. Quinn quickly covers the girl with the duvet and sits next to her, stroking her hair until she falls asleep.

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