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Chapter 11

Santana and Brittany look up from their place on the couch as Quinn enters the living room. She gives them a small smile before slumping down on the other side of Santana, laying her head on the latina's shoulder.

"How did it go?" Santana murmers, turning her head to place a soft kiss into Quinn's hair.

"Fine, she's sleeping" Quinn sighs before looking at Brittany, "How are you feeling?"

"My nose still hurts and I'm mad, San won't let me have sex" the dancer grumbles looking at Quinn for support.

"Well, we don't want to risk hurting your nose babe" Quinn answers, smiling sympathetically at the other blonde, "Just give it a few days" She rolls her eyes at the pout that takes over Brittany's face as she stands up.

"Fine, I'm going to go have a normal boring shower" she says before flouncing out of the room, much to Santana's amusement. The latina repositions herself so that's she straddling Quinn and kisses her passionately, their toungues fighting for dominance until the need for oxygen becomes too much and they break apart, panting.

"Let's get this out of my way" Santana murmers, pulling at Quinn's tank top, her brow furrowing when Quinn's stops her. "I wanna see your boobs while I fuck you" she whines, still tugging at the tank top.

"It wouldn't be fair for Brittany to come back for her shower to find us having sex" Quinn explains as Santana lets out another whine and the blonde smirks.

"I have no idea why people think you're a bad-ass" she chuckles, earning a glare from her girlfriend.

"I am a bad-ass, even bad-asses can get upset when their smoking hot girlfriend gets them all hot and bothered and doesn't continue" the latina pouts.

"Excuse me, You're the one that climbed on top of me Santana, will you stop, you're stretching it" she says firmly, swiping at the tanned hand that is still pulling at her top. "If you rip it, I'll spank you and then I won't put out for a month" she threatens only half serious. Santana scoffs, fixing her with an incredulous glare,

"Like you could go without sex for a month!"

"Oh I wouldn't, I have two other girlfriends that I can have sex with" Quinn retorts, smirking victoriously as the latina's eyes widen and ceases her attempts to pull her tank top off. "I thought that would get your attention" she laughs.

"Yeah well I'm still badass" Santana replies meekly, sliding back onto the couch. "It's not fair, I'm being punished because Rachel broke Britt's nose" she huffs before letting out a small laugh, "Who knew those tiny little hands could do so much damage, pretty funny huh?" Santana's grin falls from her face when she spots the glare on Quinn's face, "Ok it's not funny"


Rachel shuffles into the kitchen the next morning to find her girlfriends already at the table, she pours herself a coffee before joining them, noticing that Quinn is frowning at her.

"Santana told me about your forgery attempt" she states, looking directly into brown eyes that widen in rememberance before lowering to the ground. "You know that it was stupid don't you" Rachel nods and stands up. "Where are you going?"

"I'm not getting spanked again?" she asks, hearing Brittany giggle, followed by a smack and a soft 'ow'.

"No, this affects your parents, it's their decision to make about how to punish you. Which is why you're about to call them" Quinn says, motioning to the phone. She watches the diva intently as she calls her parents, listening to ensure that no detail is left out. Rachel's face falls as she listens to her father's reply, her frown deepens and she glances at her girlfriends who are all watching her.

"I have to go, I'm grounded" she murmers after ending the call.

"I'm going home anyway, I'll give you a ride" Brittany tells her and they each kiss the other girls before leaving. Santana wiggles her eyebrows suggestively at Quinn who lets out a sigh and smirks.

"Well, I guess what Brittany doesn't know" she tells the latina who grabs her as soon as the words leave her mouth. She allows her girlfriend to pull her up to her bedroom, giggling at the latina's desperation as she is pushed onto the bed, her clothes pulled frantically from her body. Santana strips quickly, throwing her clothes behind her onto the floor and straddling Quinn's waist.

"Geez San" Quinn moans out, running her hands over every available inch of coffee skin, her hands eventually finding a toned ass, gripping tightly, her nails almost breaking through the latina's groans as Santana grinds against her, kissing her pulse point. Plump lips make their way to the blonde's earlobe, nipping it gently, her hands groping pert breasts.

"What do you want Quinn?" Santana husks into her ear causing Quinn to shudder.

"You, inside me now" she demands and Santana lowers herself down her girlfriend's body, kissing her toned stomach down to her pubic bone. Quinn jerks when she feels Santana's hot breath on the inside of her thigh. Santana feels her own arousal building as she inhales Quinn's scent, her tongue sliding into wet folds, latching onto a swollen clit. She flicks the bud with her tongue before pushing the muscle into the blonde's tight hole, curling it to hit the spot that her girlfriend loves.

"You taste so good baby" she moans, still inside Quinn, the vibrations driving the other girl crazy. She brings her finger up to circle the blonde's clit as she pumps her tongue in and out, she can feel Quinn's body jerking and knows she is close. Santana pulls her tongue out and bites down gently on her girlfriend's bundle of nerves, sending her over the edge. Santana's name rips from Quinn's throat as she wrives underneath the latina. She looks down at her lover with hooded eyes, noticing the shit eating grin on her face. They lock eyes with each other as the blonde recovers, Santana's head resting on Quinn's inner thigh. Quinn feels her body start to come back to her, flipping the latina over and rolling on top of her.

"My turn."

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