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Chapter 12

Quinn gives Kurt a small smile as she joins him in their home economics class, sitting next to the male diva. She starts digging through her backpack for her homework, her stomack sinking as she pulls out the unfinished worksheet.

"Oh crap" she breathes, turning to Kurt, "I started it last night but Santana came to my room and I got distracted". Kurt gives her a sly smile before sliding his completed sheet onto her desk, the blonde shooting him a grateful smile before quickly starting to copy his answers. She lets out a sigh of relief as she moves onto the last couple of questions, convinced that she would get away with it when she senses someone standing beside her.

"What do you think you're doing Miss Fabrey?" Quinn looks up with trepadition, hazel eyes meeting the cold blue of her teacher's.

"Uh I was just checking some answers" she stutters out lamely, glancing at Kurt who gives her an apologetic look, having been too busy filing his nails to notice the teacher's approach.

"Really? Because it looked like you hadn't completed the small piece of homework that I set you last week and were trying to copy Mr Hummel's. I think two afternoon detentions will be a suitable punishment, one for not completing the homework and one for attempting to cheat" With that the home economics teacher walks back to her desk. Quinn slumps back in her chair in disbelief, after all the warnings she had given her girlfriends, it was her breaking her own rules.

"I'm dead" Quinn murmers, ignoring the chuckle coming from Kurt, "Santana is going to kill me"

"Well, make sure you tell her straight away" Kurt tells her, "Holding off will make it worse"

"Yeah" Quinn whispers, only half listening to her friend, unable to get the image of her over her girlfriend's lap out of her head. She knows that she'll most likely be sleeping on her stomach that night.


Santana watches the way Quinn enters the cafeteria and instantly realises something is wrong, the confident blonde would usually stroll into any room with her head held high but today she has her head lowered, her eyes darting nervously to the table that her girlfriends are seated at.

"Hey" she mumbles as she joins them at the table. "I er.. have something to tell you" Santana places her finger under Quinn's chin, forcing her to look at her.

"Whatever it is" the latina says, "You shouldn't be scared about telling us, honesty works best baby girl" she says softly, looking into hazel eyes. "We can handle it" Quinn nods, feeling some of her confidence come back.

"I got two afternoon detentions in Home economics" she states, Santana nods for her to continue. "I forgot to finish my homework and Ms Gellar caught me trying to copy Kurt's answers before she started the class" Santana lets out a small sigh, glancing at Brittany and Rachel, the taller of them looking back at the latina expectantly.

"Well, baby. You know what the rules are for detentions, especially when it comes to homework" Santana tells her firmly while Brittany nods.

"It's your rule" the dancer chimes in while giving Quinn a disapproving look.

"We'll talk about it tonight" Santana states, "Thank you for being honest with us" she smiles kindly, her face quickly falling when she spots Jacob entering the room, she glares at him, smirking when his eyes widen at the dark look. Quinn spots the latina's expression change and turns to find out the cause, frowning when she sees the boy,

"Rachel" she says and the diva gives her a pleading look, "Go apologise to Jacob" she sighs when Rachel hesitates, "We talked about this" she warns sternly and the smaller girl lets out a huff as she leaves the table.

"Shouldn't one of us go with her?" Brittany asks, her eyes still on her retreating girlfriend.

"No, she's embarrassed enough without having an escort" Quinn murmers, watching as Jacob flinched when Rachel approached him. She could hear Santana's low chuckle as she fought to keep her face impassive. The boy's eyebrows almost disappeared into his hair as the diva apologises to him before walking back to the table, looking most unimpressed with her girlfriends.


Rachel grins as she leaves her last class of the day to find Brittany waiting by the classroom door. The dancer smiles back at her, taking the diva's hand and weaving them through the crowd in the hall and out the main doors, only stopping when she hits the back of the parking lot.

"Hi" she breathes, kissing the shorter girl, pushing her backwards until she's leaning against Santana's car. "How was the rest of your day?"

"It just got much better" Rachel murmers against Brittany's collar bone, laying soft kisses on the pale skin, her hands finding the dancer's trim waist as she leans up to kiss soft lips. She moans into the kiss, slipping her hands down to Brittany's toned rear and squeezing. Quinn and Santana roll their eyes when they find their two other girlfriends having a heated make-out session out in the open.

"If you scratch my car I will beat your asses like a drum" Santana yells out causing them to jump apart, looking at them sheepishly.

"That was mean" Quinn says in a chastising voice as they pile into the car. The blonde feels slightly relieved when she realises that Santana would be dropping Brittany and Rachel off at their respective houses, feeling like she's gotten a slight stay of execution. Once they are on their own in the car, Quinn feels the familiar sinking feeling creep into her stomach, knowing that she's minutes away from being punished. Santana doesn't say anything yet and the blonde hopes that she may not be spanked after all, maybe the latina had another punishment in mind. She feels even more hopeful as they pull up to house and Santana gently takes her hand as they walk into the mini mansion.

"Alright baby, go up to your room and into the corner" Santana murmers, kissing Quinn on the forehead and the blonde feels her relief smash into a million pieces as she makes her way up to her bedroom.

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