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Chapter 13

Santana slumps down on to the sofa as Quinn makes her way up to her bedroom. The latina sighs, running a hand through her raven hair and wishing her other other girlfriends weren't at home with their parents. She knows it's only fair though, they were always here, why shouldn't they hang out with their family for a few hours. She wonders how to deal with this, knowing it would have to be a spanking that would be impossible for Quinn to forget. In the back of her mind she knos that she shouldn't be too harsh, Quinn barely even got any stern looks from teacher so it wasn't as if this was a on-going problem. The problem is the fact that she got two detentions so soon after strictly enforcing her no detention rule.

"Just one week without someone screwing up would be nice" she mutters to herself. Santana listens to the floorboards squeaking, knowing that Quinn isn't in the corner yet, waiting patiently until she hears the blonde walk to the corner of her room and stay there. The latina walks to the kitchen and pulls a bottle of water out of the fridge, noticing a piece of paper stuck to the door. She pulls it off and reads Judy's neat script, telling them that she and Russell wouldn't be home until morning and that there was money for pizza in Russell's office. Santana smiles slightly, an idea popping into her head as she pulls her cell-phone out of her pocket, dialling Brittany's number.


Quinn curses herself as she stands in the corner, hands firmly clasped behind her, shifting from foot to foot nervously. She prays that Santana isn't too hard on her, well if she's being honest, she's hoping that the latina wouldn't spank her at all, even if she does deserve it. The blonde feels her stmach drop as she hears Santana walking up the stiars, each step the latina takes sounding agonizingly slow in the blonde's mind. Santana knows all too well what is going through her girlfriend's mind as she pauses in the doorway, watching her girlfriend wring her hands anxiously, her rear end clenching and unclenching in anticipation. She thinks about what she's about to do, asking herself if she should go ahead with it before setting her mind and stepping into the room, standing in front of Quinn's bed.

"Come here Quinn" she orders firmly and the blonde shuffles, standing in front of her girlfriend and staring at the ground. Santana patiently waits for eye contact, satisfied when hazel eyes finally her brown ones. "Why are you being punished?" the latina asks sternly.

"Because I broke my own rule and got two detentions" Quinn murmers, a pink tinge of embarrassment creeping over her face.

"That's right baby, there's going to be two parts to your punishment but that won't happen until after dinner and the girls are here. Your parents left money for pizza so I'll order one while you do whatever homework you have" Santana tells her sternly, leaving no room for argument. "I'll call you when it's time to eat" With that, the latina walks out of the room, leaving behind her slightly stunned girlfriend. Quinn stands there, wondering what had just happened before coming to her senses and quickly grabbing her backpack, pulling her homework out and sitting on her bed to work on it. She's glad that the questions are relatively easy as her mind keeps going back to her what Santana had said, the words 'two parts' sticking in her blonde rushes to finish her homework, the curiosity building up inside her. It was so unlike either of them to keep the other one waiting, it only ever happening if one was too angry to punish the other. This is what confuses Quinn, Santana seems pretty relaxed, maybe slightly irritated but not mad.


Quinn glances at Santana as they sit on the couch with their pizza, the latina's eyes are glued to the screen as she gets her daily dose of reality tv. Quinn looks down at her untouched food, sighing and putting her plate on the coffee table, she never could eat before a punishment.

"You should eat something" the latina tells her girlfriend, giving her a sideways glance. Quinn shrugs, staring at her hands. Santana sighs, putting her plate beside Quinn's, muting the TV and shifting her body to look at the blonde properly. She can see that her girlfriend is getting annoyed. It wouldn't be noticeable to others but Santana knows Quinn extremely well, the tell-tale hint of defiance in her hazel eyes, the way she is sitting, the way her jaw is set. "You know why you're getting punished and I know that you hate having to wait for it but the others need to be a part of this. They need to see that you not only hand out spankings but receive them too" Santana tells her gently. "Especially Brittany, she got pretty severe spanking when she got a detention."

"I know" Quinn mumbles, refusing the eye contact that she knows Santana is looking for, clinging to the last bit of control she has in the situation.

"I know it's hard for you to submit baby girl, trust me I know. I struggle with it every time I go over your lap just like you struggle when I spank you" Quinn feels guilty when she hears the latina's soft tone, looking into her dark eyes, seeing the love that fills them. "It's not a bad thing Quinn, to not want to be punished. I hate doing it, I'm always scared that you guys will resent me for it and I know you get scared of that too but after it's done, I realise that I've done the right thing, wiped the slate clean for all of us, don't you?" Santana searches the blonde's face, giving her a soft smile when she nods.

"I just hate waiting" Quinn pouts and Santana lets out a small laugh, throwing her arm around her girlfriend. She feels her cell vibrate and pulls it out of her pocket, frowning slightly when she reads the text.

"Brittany's on her way, Rachel's not coming, her dads said she's still grounded" Santana tells Quinn, noticing fear cross the beautiful features. "Don't worry, I won't make you wait any longer, we can do it without Rachel" she says, placing a soft kiss to her girlfriend's lips. "Go into the dining room, jeans and panties off and stand in the corner" she orders gently, giving Quinn a stern look as the blonde starts to ask a question. "You'll find out when it's time, now go" the latina tells her, sending her out of the room with a firm smack.

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