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Chapter 14

Quinn's stomach starts doing backflips as she hears the front door to the house open and close. She can hear Brittany and Santana talking, the latina asking where Rachel is and Brittany murmering an answer that Quinn can't hear. She turns back to the wall, feeling much younger than her eighteen years as she stands in the corner, naked from the waist down. Quinn feels herself fill with dread as she hears Brittany and Santana walking closer to the dining room, resisting her urge to turn around as they enter the room. Her brow furrows in confusion when she hears her girlfriends moving things from the dining room table, wondering why they were doing it.

"Turn around Quinn" Santana orders softly and the blonde turns to face them, surveying the table, sighing internally as she notices a pad of lined paper and a pen sitting on the table next to their new leather covered paddle, she knows that she'll be writing lines, something she hates with a passion. She walks over to Santana when the latina gestures to her, standing in front of her, feeling extremely small under her intense gaze. "Why are you being punished?"

"Because I broke one of my own rules after punishing Brittany harshly for breaking it, ma'am" Quinn murmers, keeping her eyes trained on Santana, guilt that she hadn't felt until now stopping her from looking at Brittany. The latina turns to look at the dancer, searching her blue eyes, silently questioning her, receiving a nod from the taller girl.

"Brittany is going to give you your warm up" Santana states as Brittany pulls a chair out from under the table and sits down. "You can say no, I can do it if you need me to" the latina murmers softly to Quinn who shakes her head, moving to stand next to Brittany. The taller blonde shoots Quinn an expectant look, watching as the signs of an internal struggle appear on her face. "Remember what I said Brittany, it's harder for Quinn to submit" Santana whispers to Brittany, who nods and takes a hold of her girlfriend's arm, swiftly pulling her over her lap, Quinn exhaling loudly as she lands on the dancer's knees. The girl doesn't know what to expect, having never been punished by Brittany before. She hopes that she wouldn't be too harsh but knows that Santana is watching and she trusts the latina, knowing that she would guide Brittany through the spanking if it she needed to.

"Ok Quinn, no reaching back" Brittany tells her firmly as she lays down the first smack. Quinn lets out a small yelp, more out of surprise than pain. She does her best to remain stoic as her girlfriend keeps up a steady stream of stinging slaps, slowly turning the girl's porcelain skin a light shade of pink. Brittany stays quiet as she spanks, saving any lectures she wanted to give until the second part of the punishment, she starts smacking the underside of Quinn's perfect globes, Quinn letting out a cry at the firm slaps attacking the most sensitive part of her backside. She attempts to throw her hands back after one particularly hard spank, Santana instantly crouching down and taking a hold of each hand, her stern look saying everything. The latina keeps Quinn's hands in her tanned ones, allowing Brittany to continue without any difficulty.

"Ow..please" Quinn whimpers, her attempts to pull her hands free from Santana's strong grip failing. Brittany ignores her girlfriend's plea, continuing to lay down firm smacks all over Quinn's bottom, only stopping when the whole area is a deep shade of pink. The dancer soothingly rubs Quinn's back as she sobs, still draped over her knees. Santana gives Brittany a reassuring smile as she strokes the back of Quinn's hands with the pad of her thumb. They stay in position for a few minutes, the room in silence apart from the smaller blonde's sniffles.

"Alright baby, five minutes in the corner, hands on your head until we call you back over to finish your punishment" Santana says gently, helping Quinn up from Brittany's lap and ushering her back to the corner. She turns back to look at Brittany, walking over to her and pulling her up into a hug, knowing she is upset. Brittany smiles as she melts into her girlfriend's embrace, comforted by her warm arms and familar scent.


Rachel lets out a sigh as she lets herself in to the Fabrey household, heading straight to the dining room, noting that Quinn is in the corner, naked from the waist down with a freshly spanked backside.

"I thought you weren't coming" Brittany murmers as she pulls out of Santana's hug.

"As much as I don't want to be here, I figured it'd be best if we showed a united front" Rachel replies, allowing Brittany to take her hand as Santana wanders over to them. The latina studies Rachel's face, looking deep into her brown eyes.

"Are you sure baby girl? I know you hate being around when one of us are getting punished, we won't hold it against you" Santana tells her sincerely, tenderly cupping the diva's face in her hands. She watches as the girl battles against tears, brushing her thumb over the one tear that does escape.

"I'm fine" Rachel says, giving her girlfriends a small smile before moving backwards, not keen on being a part of the punishment. Santana keeps her gaze trained on Rachel for a few more seconds before nodding.

"Quinn" she says softly, waiting for the girl to turn around and gesturing her over. She takes Quinn's arm and guides her to the table, stopping in front of it and bending the blonde over and pushing the paper and pen towards her. "I want you to write 'I will follow the rules of my relationship' twenty five times" The latina orders, picking up the leather paddle, waiting until Quinn has written the first line before swinging it down onto her girlfriend's exposed behind. A sharp gasp escapes from Quinn's mouth having not expected the strike.

"Keep going" Santana orders and Quinn writes the line down again, squeezing her eyes closed as another sharp pop sounds in the room, pain exploding in her behind. Santana forces her guilt at making her girlfriend cry to the back of her mind, punctuating every full stop with a hard smack with the paddle, cringing at the pained squeals ripping from Quinn's throat. She stops after after twenty, handing the paddle to Brittany who takes it, moving to the space that Santana has made for her. The blonde waits for Quinn to write out her five final lines before bringing the paddle down quickly, five times, the girl crying out loudly in pain.

"You can get up now" Brittany tells her sobbing girlfriend, feeling stunned when Quinn throws herself into Brittany's arms, choking out apologies. She gently sits down on the floor, pulling Quinn with her and cradling her in her arms. Santana and Rachel join them on the floor, the three of them murmering soothing words to their well punished girlfriend. They stay there for a few minutes until Quinn's crying has slowed down, only letting out the odd whimper.

"We're almost done sweetheart" Santana tells her quietly, standing up and pulling out a chair for Quinn to sit on. "Another twenty five lines and you're finished" She kicks herself when a fresh wave of sobs take over Quinn. "No more spanking" she assures, "Just the lines, ok?" Quinn nods and stands up, hugging Santana before gently lowering her tender backside onto the dining room chair.

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