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Chapter 2

Rachel slipped her hand into Santana's as they left the classroom, she let the latina think that it was because she was worried about another slushy but she knew that Santana was nervous and needed reassurance, despite the fact that she would never admit it. Rachel allowed her girlfriend to guide her through the crowded hallway and into the choir room.

"Are you ok?" Rachel asks her as they sit at the back of the room. Santana nods and slings her arm around the diva's shoulders, feeling her stomach drop as she watches Quinn enter the room, she avoids making eye contact with the blonde but she can feel the glare that Quinn is giving her.

"Feeling guilty about something Santana?" Quinn drawls sarcastically as she sits next to the latina.

"Nope, she deserved it" Santana snaps, mentally pinching herself, even though she was already in trouble she couldn't help it, Answering back was like a reflex to her.

"You know that's not what I mean, you swore you wouldn't do anything" Quinn whispers harshly. Santana bites back another retort and settles for rolling her eyes and slouching back in her chair and avoiding eye contact with anyone. Rachel smiles softly as Brittany walks into the room and sits next to her.

"How was geography?" Quinn asks the taller blonde.

"It was ok, we've got a test on Monday morning" Brittany responds with a slight pout.

"Don't worry sweetie, we'll help you study" Quinn smiles at her, choosing to ignore the sulking latina beside her.

"Santana" they look up to see Mr Schue sticking his head through the door, "Principal Figgins wants to speak to us. "Everyone else, you may as well just go"

"We'll wait in the car" Quinn tells Santana as she storms out the door after Mr Schue.


"What happened?" Brittany asks as Santana slides into the backseat beside Rachel.

"Figgins tried to suspend me but Schuester talked him out of it, I just have detention tomorrow instead" Santana grumbles.

"That's not all you'll be getting" Quinn warns from the driver's seat, watching as Santana flinches. The latina knew she'd be having trouble sitting comfortably at dinner, she pretended that she didn't care but her girlfriends knew her too well. She felt Rachel place her small hand in her clammy one and she felt grateful for the diva's presence.

"My parents are out of town so we're going to my place" Quinn states firmly as she pulls her SUV out of the school parking lot. "Unless you need to go home, Rach? Britt?" Quinn ensures that Santana knows she doesn't have a choice.

"Nope, I'm good" Brittany smiles while Rachel nods her agreement. Santana's attitude disappears more and more as they get closer to Quinn's house and the usually bad-ass latina is chewing nervously on her bottom lip while gripping Rachel's hand. She knows that ultimately she can refuse, Quinn would never force it on her but Santana realises that their relationship would never work without the consequences that they had put in place. She also knew that if you looked passed the anger in Quinn's eyes, all you would see is the pure love that she felt for them all.


Santana shifts from one foot to the other as she stood in the corner with her hands clasped behind her. Quinn had left her there to think about her actions and to give her time to accept her punishment and also to give herself enough time to calm dow enough to dole out the puishment. Santana didn't know how long she had been in the corner, there was a clock behind her but she didn't want to risk Quinn catching her looking away from the wall. She guessed that it had been around twenty minutes. She felt impatient,heart racing with the desperate need to get it over with, the guilt from letting Quinn down weighing on her mind. The familiar sinking feeling in her stomach returned with a vengeance as she heard someone, presumably Quinn enter the room.

"Santana" the latina turned round to face Quinn who was keeping her face neutral as she sits on the edge of her bed, beckoning her over. Santana keeps her hands clamped together as she shuffles over to her girlfriend, her eyes cast downwards. "Look at me" Quinn's voice is soft. "Why are you being punished?" she asks, after gaining the latina's eye contact.

"I broke my promise to you ma'am" Santana almost whispers, "And I lost my temper, again"

"That's not all Santana" Quinn tells her, sighing inwardly at the confusion on the latina's face, "You ditched class after, you knew you were in the wrong and you tried to avoid the repurcussions" Quinn clarifies, watching her girlfriend's face for a reaction, smiling slightly when she nods in understanding.

"Yeah that too" Santana says in a small voice. Quinn sighs as she looks at the girl who was feared at school, the one who seemed to be most at home hen she was causing some sort of argument in glee club. She wished everyone could see the side of Santana that she and her girlfriends saw, the side that was sweet and caring and would do anything to make them happy.

"Alright baby, pants off" Quinn waited patiently as Santana slid out of her skin tight jeans, folding them and placing them on the dresser. "Underwear too" Once the latina was naked from the waiste down she pulled her arm, guiding her over the lap, cringing at the whimper that escapes her lips when she notices the paddle lying on the floor beside Quinn's feet.