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Chapter 3

Santana sucked in air through her teeth as Quinn's hand smacked down sharply on her behind. The blonde wrapped her free arm around Santana's waist to hold the latina in place as he peppered her backside with firm slaps. Quinn didn't lecture during the spanking, she just kept up a punishing rhythm, watching as her hand turned Santana's bottom pink.

"Quinn, I'm sorry" Santana sniffles, doing her best to swallow the sobs that were fighting to the surface. Quinn doesn't answer her as she continues to spank her girlfriend. The difference between Santana's behaviour earlier in the day and the way she was acting now was incredible. The latina always struggled to submit but when she finally did, it was like there was another person in the room.

"Pass me the paddle" Quinn requests, a strangled whimper being the only audible response from Santana as she passes the paddle to the blonde, crying out when it cracks down immediately. Quinn wastes no time in turning Santana's bottom a hot pink colour, bringing the paddle down several times. "Alright Santana, five more. Count them" She orders, swinging the paddle down with a pop.

"One Ma'am" Santana wails out.


"Two Ma'am, I'm sorry"


"Three Ma'am"


"Oww, four Ma'am"


"Five Ma'am" Quinn throws the paddle down immediately and rubs her hand soothingly up and down Santana's back as sobs wrack through her. "I'm sorry" she sobs.

"I know baby, I know. It's okay, you've been punished now" Quinn murmers, helping the latina stand up and pulling her into a loving hug. "I don't want to have to do this again, I'm not asking you to promise that you won't lose your temper, i'm asking you to try"

"I will, I swear Quinn"


Quinn smiled at her other girlfriends as she entered the kitchen, wrapping her arms around Rachel as Brittany worked at the stove.

"Is she ok?" Rachel asks quietly, leaning back against Quinn.

"Yeah, she'll be down in a minute Rach. Did that cheerio bother you again after the slushy?"

"Just a few mean comments, nothing I can't handle" Rachel states with a shrug while Quinn shares a frown with Brittany, both of them remembering back to when it was them calling Rachel mean names and throwing slushies at her.

"Hey San" Brittany says softly as Santana entered the kitchen, the dancer walking away from the stove to kiss Santana tenderly and pull her into a hug. Even though Brittany knew that the fiery latina needed it, she still hated how vulnerable Santana looked after a spanking, the way she looked now. The latina's eyes were still slightly bloodshot from crying and her long black hair was dishevelled. She had changed into a pair of Quinn's pyjama bottoms, preferring the loose fitting material over her tight denim jeans. To Brittany, the pyjamas and her vulnerability made her look very young.

"I'm sorry I let you guys down" Santana says in a small voice.

"Oh honey, it's forgotten"Brittany tells her, wrapping her in another hug, before rushing back to the stove to stop the soup bubbling over. Santana moves to sit at the table, flushing when she notices a cushion on the chair she usually sits on. She sits down, flinching when the cushion doesn't work as well as she would have liked it to. She smiles when Rachel sits next to her, placing her hand on top of hers, while Quinn places a kiss to her forehead before going to help Brittany.

"All good baby girl?" Santana asks the diva who nods.

"All good" Rachel smiles at Santana. "You?"

"I'm okay, I've learned my lesson, clean slate, right Q?"

"Of course, clean slate" Quinn nods.


Rachel grins at Santana as she enters Quinn's bedroom where the latina is sprawled on the bed.

"Hi beautiful" Santana winks at her, standing up and placing a searing kiss on to the smaller brunette's lips. "Where are the others?"

"They're in the shower, you wanna go join them?" Santana grimaces at the diva's suggestion.

"I'd rather have one in the morning, I don't think my ass would appreciate hot water right now" she says apologetically, "You go ahead though baby"

"No, I think I have a better idea" Rachel smiles at her girlfriend, giggling at the smirk that spreads across her tanned face. The shorter girl allows Santana to pull her shirt off for her, blushing slightly as the latina's eyes wander over her skin appreciatively.

"You're beautiful Rach " Santana murmers, pushing Rachel onto the bed and kneeling over her, placing soft kisses on her collar bone. She pulls the clasp at the front of her girlfriend's bra, revealing the diva's pert breasts. Santana trails kisses up Rachel's stomach, smirking when she hears the soft moan. She latches onto a now stiff nipple, teasing it gently with her teeth.

"Jesus Santana" Rachel moans as Santana moves backwards, peeling Rachel's skirt off and cupping her sex through her panties. She grinned when she felt the dampness and slowly pulls the underwear down. "Please San"

"What do you want Rach?" Santana breathes out, looking into her girlfriend's eyes which are clouded with arousal, "Tell me what you want" she coaxes, smirking teasingly.

"You, I want you"

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