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Chapter 4

Santana groans as she wakes up, as much as she loved going to bed with her girlfriends it was uncomfortable in the mornings during the summer. She untangles herself from the still sleeping girls and quietly throws on boy shorts and a tank top before slipping out the room. Santana makes her way downstairs and into the kitchen, where her mother is sitting at the table nursing a coffee and reading over a file.

"Goodmorning honey" Carmen smiles.

"Morning Mama" Santana replies, pouring herself a coffee and sitting opposite her.

"I see you had the girls stay over last night, you know there's a reason we have a guest room, you don't all have to squeeze into your bed" Carmen chuckles

"We were watching a movie and fell asleep" Santana quickly replies, "Did you uh come into my room?" she asks nervously. They had all been naked and she knew there would be no excuse as to why they were all sleeping naked together.

"No, Brittany came down for a glass of water about an hour ago and I'm assuming that Rachel is here aswell. It's nice that you and Quinn have another gay couple to hang out with" she smiles at her daughter.

"Yeah" Santana gives her mother a tight smile. She felt bad lying to her about her relationship but it had taken Carmen a while to be ok with her having a girlfriend and she thought that telling her she had three would be pushing it.

"Well I need to head to the precinct and tonight I'm going to Cleveland to help out on a case, I'll be there for a couple of nights so I've left money in the jar for you." Carmen states, kissing Santana's forehead. "I love you"

"Love you too Mama" Santana smiles, sighing with relief when she hears the front door slam. Two nights without the risk of getting caught in the act, the latina mentally cheers.

"Hey" Quinn murmers sleepily as she shuffles into the room and sits on Santana's knee.

"Goodmorning beautiful" the latina chirps, kissing Quinn and wrapping her arms arond her waist. "Hey!" she complains as Quinn steals some of her coffee.

"Is your Mom here?"

"Nope she just left and she's going to be gone for a couple of days" Santana grins, kissing Quinn's pulse point, eliciting a moan from the blonde. "Which means we have the house to ourselves, to do whatever we want" the latina murmers against Quinn's neck.

"Wanna wake the girls up?" Quinn manages to groan out.

"They can join in when they wake up" Santana mutters, running her tongue up her girlfriend's neck and catching her ear-lobe between her teeth. "Unless you want to stop?"

"Don't you dare stop" Quinn glares at the latina causing her to chuckle.

"Yes Ma'am" Santana stands, hoisting Quinn up with her and laying her on the table, leaning over her and kissing her passionately, their tongues fighting for dominance. Santana runs her hand up Quinn's leg, slipping it into her pyjama bottoms and cupping her hot sex through her panties. "So wet already baby" she husks.

"Please Santana" Quinn gasps, gripping the latina's ass, running her nails over the soft skin covering toned muscle. "I want you" she breathes. Santana's own breath hitches at the desperation in the blonde's voice, she wastes no time in pulling Quinn's bottoms and underwear off, running a finger down her wet slit. Quinn's hip buck at the touch, desperate for more. She moans loudly when Santana's nimble fingers suddenly enter her, sliding in and out at a rhythmic pace.

"More, please, more" Santana complies with Quinn's plea, adding a third finger, pumping them in and out faster and faster. Quinn loved it when Santana fucked her like this,almost ruthlessly. She closes her eyes, feeling her release growing closer.

"Come for me baby" No sooner than the words left Santana's mouth, did her orgasm hit her. She came fast and hard, writhing underneath the latina, crying out her name. Santana lazily circled the blonde's clit with the pad of her thumb, helping her ride the final waves of her orgasm. "Jesus Quinn, you're beautiful" she murmers, gazing down at the flushed face of her girlfriend, a loving smile on her face while she places a chaste kiss on her swollen lips.

"Never expect to do that in my kitchen" Rachel grumbles sleepily as she enters the kitchen.


Quinn looks up from the TV when a frustrated Santana stomps into the room, slumping into an armchair and ignoring her three girlfriend's snuggled together on the couch. Quinn watches as the latina takes her iphone out of her pocket and starts angrily typing.

"Whatcha doing?" Quinn asks, her tone light.

"Facebook" Santana snaps, "That fucking cheerio is talking crap about me"

"Don't get into it with her San" Rachel pleads, lifting her head from Brittany's lap and giving Santana her best puppy-dog eyes. The latina nods stiffly and places her cell back in her pocket.

"Not getting into it" she states, turning her attention to the TV and trying to ignore all the awesome revenge ideas popping into her head. It would only guarantee another trip over Quinn's knee, not worth it.

"San" the latina looks up at the sound of Brittany's quiet voice.

"Yeah sweetie?"

"Can you help me with my spanish homework?" Santana nods, glad to have a distaction. She can't help but smile when the tall dancer skips over to her, grabbing her book from the coffee table and drops herself onto Santana's lap. Quinn smiles happily, her arm wrapped around Rachel as she watches the latina murmer quietly in spanish to Brittany. She feels Rachel snuggle into her and knew that the diva was tired, not that she would admit it.

"Sweetie, if you're tired just go to bed" she whispers.

"I'm not tired" Rachel murmers back, laying her head on Quinn's shoulder and the blonde sighs, resigned to the fact that she'll have to carry her to bed later once she falls asleep as she usually had to do on a Sunday night


Santana smiles at Quinn as the blonde enters the living room after carring Rachel to bed. She slumps down beside Santana, the latina instantly placing an arm around her.

"Britt's still in the bath, she says she isn't coming out until her fingers wrinkle" the blonde sighs causing Santana to smirk.

"You'll never get her to break that habit, stop trying" the latina says, placing a soft kiss to her girlfriend's temple. "At least she doesn't fall asleep in there anymore"

"Yeah" Quinn chuckles, sinking into Santana's side and yawning.

"Am I gonna have to carry you to bed?" the latina asks chuckling.

"No, i'll go up in a minute. I'm proud of you by the way. The way you held back today, I know it must have been difficult, those cheerios don't give up." Quinn states.

"I promised that I would at least try so I did" Quinn smiles at Santana's answer, she never could take praise all that well.

"Still, I'm proud of you of you Santana" the blonde sits up and places a gentle kiss to the latina's lips. "I love you"

"I love you too"

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