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Chapter 5

Santana glares at the passing cheerleaders as she leans against her locker, waiting on her girlfriends. She was desperate to wipe the smug smiles from their faces, only just refraining, knowing that Quinn would be less than pleased. She sighs and checks her watch, Brittany was supposed to be there ten minutes earlier and now both of them would be late for Glee.

"Hey Santana" Kurt approaches her, "If you're waiting on Britt she got held back by our Math teacher to have a chat with her and Ms Pillsbury. I think she's in some trouble" he sighs.

"You're kidding" the latina groans.

"She told me that she'd meet you guys in Glee" Kurt tells her, walking along the hall with her. "How are things with the cheerios?"

"I want to crush Red under my shoe but apart from that it's ok, they've left Rach alone which is the most important thing" she sighs. It seems ridiculous to her that a year ago she would have made a nasty comment to Kurt and then stormed off but ever since he supported the four of them when they came out, she had grown close to the male diva. "How's things with you and Blaine?" she asks, genuinly interested.

"They are fabulous!" Kurt exclaims, "He's having a party this weekend since his parents are out of town, you guys should come! He told me I could invite whoever I wanted" he grins

"Yeah, totally I'll be there and I'm sure the girls would love to come" Santana answers with a warm smile, allowing the boy to hook his arm with hers and ignoring the glare from a passing cheerio as they head into the choir room. She spots Rachel straight away, sitting in the front row, beaming at Santana.

"Hey baby girl" the latina murmers, kissing her softly as she and Kurt sit on either side of her.

"Hi" Rachel chirps, leaning into Santana's side and smiling when she feels are warm arm wrap around her. "Quinn went home a few minutes ago, her mom called her and said she had to talk to her about something important. Where's Britt?"

"She's being held back in Math. She'll be here later" Santana states, willing herself to hear the full story form Brittany before getting mad, choosing instead to focus on Mr Schue who had just started talking. She rolls her eyes as their teacher tells them about yet another singer that they ad never heard of and quite frankly didn't want to hear about. Her eyes wander to the doorway as Brittany hurries into the room, mumbling an apology to Mr Schue and sitting next to the latina.

"Alright guys, groups of four and start talking about which song you'd like to do" the teacher says and the three girls and Kurt automatically shuffle closer together.

"What happened Britt?" Rachel questions softly. Kurt goes to move away to give them some privacy, stopping when Santana lays a hand on his shoulder, silently telling him to stay, knowing that the boy had the same kind of punishment arrangement with Blaine.

"I didn't do my homework again so I got a detention" the dancer murmers, "Ms Pillsbury says I have to find a tutor aswell. I'm going to ask Quinn, she's really good at math" the blonde's eyes stay trained on the floor while Santana glares at her.

"Why did you not do it?" she queries, her voice stern.

"It's too hard San, I can't help it if I'm not good at it" Brittany tells her, attitude creeping into her voice.

"You should have asked Quinn to help you before, you know that we're happy to help you. You always ask me for help with spanish and lose the attitude, you're already in enough trouble." the latina snaps. "Your teacher wouldn't mind as long as you tried but you didn't even attempt to do it, did you?"

"No" Brittany grumbles, realising that she won't be able to talk her way out of this one.

"As angry as I am about this, it's Quinn that you should worry about. She's warned you before about detentions. We're gonna call her after we're done here and you will tell her. I'm sure you know what her reaction will be"

"I don't want to call her" Brittany snaps and Rachel places a calming hand on Santana's knee to stop her losing her temper.

"Cut it out" the latina hisses, "Or you can get a spanking from me too"


"Quinn's on her way so I suggest you go up to my room and wait for her" Santana tells Brittany, sitting on the couch with Rachel, watching as Brittany pouts and shuffles out of the room. She slings an arm around the diva, pulling her close and placing a soft kiss to her forehead.

"Is Quinn really mad?" Rachel asks.

"Yeah" Santana sighs, "She must have had an argument with her mom because she was bitchy when she first answered her cell. I'll need to make sure she's calm before she spanks Britt. How was your day?"

"It was good, Noah and Mike walked me to every class to ensure that no-one bothered me. They were like the secret service" she giggles, repositioning herself so that she was straddling the latina, feeling her hands grab her ass to hold her steady as well as to cop a feel."You're beautiful San" she murmers, kissing her.

"Not as beautiful as you are" is the instant reply. They both jump as they hear the front door slam shut and they turn to look at the door, expecting Quinn to walk in. Rachel throws herself off of her girlfriend's knee when Carmen enters the room.

"What is going on here?" the older latina demands. "You're cheating on Quinn?"

"No, we were just..." Santana struggles to find the best thing to say "Hanging out" she finishes lamely.

"Hanging out? Straddling you is hanging out?"

"Rach go upstairs and hang with Brittany" Santana murmers and Rachel runs out of the room.

"Oh so Brittany is here and you're making out with her girlfriend, what the hell is going on Santana Marie?" the younger latina flinches at the use of her middle name.

"It's not like that Mama" she exclaims, "We're not cheating! We're together" Santana curses herself for blurting it out.

"All of you? Together?" Carmen's brow furrows as her daughter's words sink in. "No! No this is not happening, I won't allow it. It's bad enough that you chose to be a lesbian, you are not being in this sort of freaky relationship"

"I didn't choose to be a lesbian Mama!" Santana spits out indignantly, "I am a lesbian, it's who I am! We're not freaks and you do not get to tell me who I can be in love with. I love all three of my girlfriends and you won't stop me being with them"

"I want you out of this house!" Carmen screams, shocking Santana, "Pack your crap and be out of here before I get back!" Santana stares as her mother leaves the living room, hearing the front door slam closed.

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