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Chapter 6

Quinn enters Santana's bedroom to find the latina throwing clothes into a duffel bag while Rachel and Brittany were gathering all her personal items.

"What's going on?" she questions, looking at each of her girlfriends in turn, noticing that Brittany doesn't return the eye contact.

"My mom walked in on me and Rachel making out on the couch and freaked out accusing me of cheating on you so I told her the truth and she threw me out!" Santana informs her bitterly. "She thinks it's bad enough that I chose to be a lesbian and now I'm in a freaky relationship" Quinn walks forward and engulfs Santana in a hug.

"I'm so sorry baby, you'll stay with me. My parents are never there anyway, they won't even care. Yeah?" Quinn smiles when she feels Santana nod against her shoulder. "Good" Quinn smiles, kissing Santana on the forehead before pulling away and helping her pack her clothes. Brittany keeps her distance from the other blonde, hoping that she's been given a stay of execution.

"Will I leave a note to tell your mom that you're going to Quinn's?" Rachel asks, picking up a pad of paper from the bedside table.

"No, she doesn't care" Santana mutters.

"We'll call her tomorrow, once she's had time to calm down" Quinn tells her.


Quinn kicks opens the door to the guest bedroom in her parents' house, leading her girlfriends in and dumping the bag she's carrying onto the bed.

"There's no way my mom would let us share a bedroom" Quinn sighs apologetically as the others place the latina's belongings on the bed.

"It's cool, I can sneak into your room after your parents are asleep to get my lady loving" Santana smirks, placing a kiss to Quinn's lips. "Thank you" she murmers.

"Not a problem" the blonde smiles before schooling her features and turning to Brittany, "Go wait for me in my room, put your pajamas on and I'll be through in a minute" Brittany pouts slightly as she turns to leave the room, kicking herself for believing that she had gotten away with it.

"She's going to bed after it?" Santana questions, as Quinn nods.

"Yeah, she's been warned several times. My mom and dad won't be home tonight so I'm going to spank her and send her to bed, hopefully she'll realise that I'm serious." the blonde states with a nod. "Both of you can take this as a warning, I'm not putting up with detentions, we're seniors, not children"

"Alright" Santana murmers, praying that she can control her temper in future while in school.

"Good" Quinn simply replies, "I'm gonna go have a shower, make sure Brittany stays in my room" she finishes, leaving the room.

"God she turns me on when she gets all stern on us" Santana groans pulling Rachel towards her, their bodies fitting perfectly together. "I just want to throw you all on the bed and ravage you" the latina smirks when she hears Rachel whimper. She presses her groin against the diva,her hands gripping her firm ass. "Fuck you all night until you can't even stand up" Santana whispers seductively, catching the smaller girl's earlobe between her teeth. "Would you like that baby?"

"Yes" the diva breathes, big brown eyes pleading with the latina, allowing her shirt to be roughly pulled from her body, her bra quickly following. "Please"

"Please what baby" Santana asks teasingly as she coaxes the diva's skirt down. "Tell me what you want"

"Fuck me, please" Rachel chokes out as her girlfriend rips her panties down, bending her over the dresser, running a single finger down the diva's wet slit before plunging two fingers into her,eliciting a moan from her. The latina keeps up a steady rhythm, ploughing in and out of the smaller girl, relishing the sounds that escapes from her mouth.

"More" Rachel groans, her hips bucking as her girlfriend adds a third finger, ruthlessly fucking her harder and harder, the pad of her thumb circling a her swollen clit. Santana can't help but groan in appreciation as Rachel's walls tighten around her fingers, she slows down, helping the diva ride out her orgasm, hooking her other arm around the small brunette's waist to stop her sliding to the floor in her post-orgasm haze.


Brittany sighs in disappointment as she faces the corner in her pink pajamas, she could her girlfriends having sex in the next room and here she was waiting to have her backside blistered before being sent to bed. She felt her stomach muscles clench as she heard the shower stop running.

"Oh crap" she whispers, her heart thudding heavily in her chest as she unconsiously rubs her bottom. She knew that it would just be a few minutes until Quinn was dressed and ready to spank her. She tried to think of something else, anything else apart from being over Quinn's knee, bare bottom in the air. She hears Quinn leaving the bathroom and walking down the hall to Santana's new bedroom, a few minutes passing before she hears Rachel and Santana running to the bathroom, giggling and kissing as they close the door. For a while all she can hear the shower running and the occasional moan from one of the brunettes. The dancer sighs, shifting from one foot to the other, impatient to get her punishment over with, freezing when she hears Quinn walking down the hall.

"Go bring me the belt" Quinn orders as she enters the room. Brittany rushes to obey her, quickly entering the blonde's closet as Quinn sets her pillows on the edge of the bed and pulling her desk chair into the middle of the room. She accepts the black leather belt from a demure Brittany, placing it next to the pillows before sitting on the desk chair, Brittany standing in front of her. "Why are you being punished?"

"I didn't do my homework and got another detention after I promised you I wouldn't ma'am" the dancer murmers.

"Yes. In future I expect you to come to one of us for help if you need it. You can't just not do your homework Brittany. Do you understand me?" Quinn stares into Brittany's blue eyes as she asks, searching for understanding.

"Yes Ma'am"

"Alright then, come here" Quinn states, pulling Brittany's pajama bottoms and underwear down and guiding the dancer over her lap. Brittany braces herself while making sure that her body is relaxed, knowing that Quinn won't start if she's clenching. The first smack bites into her flesh and she forces herself to stay still, her eyes squeezing closed. Quinn spanked with a different technique than Santana, preferring to build up the heat with fast stinging slaps, whereas the latina would really put her arm and shoulder muscles into it, laying down strong, slow smacks.

"Ow" Brittany murmers as Quinn continues to light a fire on her behind. She feels Quinn's other hand pressing on her back, firmly holding her in place as the spanks rain down. The strict blonde brings her hand down Five more times before stopping. She rubs soothing circles on her girlfriends back before helping her up.

"Over the pillows Brittany" Quinn tells her sternly. Waiting until the tall blonde is in position over the pillows before picking up the belt. She lashes it across Brittany's pink behind, her heart breaking at the wail that rips from her throat. She quickly whips it down again, not asking her girlfriend to count them, knowing from past experience that you couldn't make out a word Brittany said during a spanking. Quinn cringes as she continues to leave red stripes on her perfectly toned behind, the tenth and final one being the hardest of all. She throws down the belt as though it's burning her hand and climbs on to the bed, cradling Brittany's head in her lap as she cries.

"I'm sorry" the dancer croaks out once her sobs calm.

"It's ok baby, it's all over with" Quinn soothingly says,leaning down to kiss her forehead. "Let's get you into bed ok?" Brittany nods, crawling off of the pillows and waiting for Quinn to put them back at the top of the bed before she slides under the duvet.

"I love you Quinn" Brittany whispers and Quinn smiles warmly at her.

"I love you too baby" she replies, placing a tender kiss to the dancer's lips, "Goodnight"

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