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Chapter 7

Brittany wakes up and rolls onto her back, immediately regretting it as her still sore backside throbs at the weight put on it. She realises why she woke up when she notices Rachel sitting at the bottom of the bed with a bowl of soup in her hands.

"I thought you'd be hungry" Rachel murmers, "Quinn said it was ok"

"Thanks Rach" the dancers replies, voice still laced from her sleep. She sits up, wincing at the pain and accepting the soup. She pretends that she doesn't notice Rachel watching her, choosing to allow the diva to find the right words.

"It sounded bad" she finally mumbles and Brittany sighs softly.

"It was, that's what happens when you get in trouble for the same thing over and over again" she replies, setting the soup down on the bedside table to let it cool.

"Can I see?" Rachel whispers, blushing slightly at the surprised look on Brittany's face. The blonde seems to contemplate it for a moment before nodding and turning onto her stomach, pulling her pajama bottoms and underwear down. The diva gasps at the red welts on the usually perfect ass. "Jesus Brittany" she mutters.

"That's what will happen if you storm out of Glee again" Brittany replies, covering herself back up and turning to face the smaller girl. "Don't look so horrified, I agreed to it Rach, we all agree to be spanked"

"I know, I just, I've never seen what the belt can do before" Rachel tells her, reminding herself to never storm out of glee again. " Didn't you want to use the safeword?" Brittany looks surprised at the diva's question.

"No, I don't think I'll ever need to use it, the safe word is for when we think it's going too far. We only thought of it in the beginning of the arrangement, I trust Quinn and Santana's judgement, they'll never punish us more than we need, they'll never damage us Rach, you know that. They know our limits, they know us" the blonde clarifies.

"Yeah, you're right" Rachel sighs.


Kurt gives Brittany a sympathetic knowing look as the dancer joins him in the cafeteria, wincing as she sits on the hard wooden chair. Brittany gives him a small, embarrassed smile as she starts eating her salad.

"How are you feeling?" Kurt asks softly.

"Ok I guess" she murmers, smiling as Santana joins them. "Hey"

"Hey baby" Santana grins, kissing Brittany's cheek. "How was math class?" the latina asks pointedly.

"It was fine" She replies, Santana studies her face for a second, searching for any sign of a lie before nodding, satisfied.

"So things are all good with the fab four?" Kurt questions with a smirk as Santana playfully rolls her eyes before nodding.

"Yeah, it's all good" she chuckles, her face falling as she eyes a couple of passing cheerios. "I'm really glad we quit the cheerios when we did Britt-Britt" the latina murmers, watching them until they were a safe distance away before turning back to Brittany and Kurt. "Have you guys seen Rach today?"

"Yeah but I wouldn't go looking for her, she is not in the greatest of moods" Kurt replies, "She almost bit my head off in biology, it was not a pretty sight" Santana's brow furrows as she listens to Kurt who looks apologetic. The male diva nods his head in the direction of the cafeteria doors to inform them of Rachel's arrival. "She still looks pissy" he comments.

"Hey Rach, you ok?" Santana asks the diva as she slumps down at the table.

"Yes" the diva answers curtly, pulling out her packed lunch while Santana and Brittany share a confused look. The decide not to push the matter any further, not in the middle of the cafeteria anyway, choosing to wait until they finish school for the day and go to visit Quinn who is home with a migraine.

"Hi ladies" The girls turn round to face the speaker and Santana rolls her eyes when she sees Jacob standing there. "How are my favourite quad?" He sneers.

"Get lost Jew-fro" Santana snaps, setting her jaw and glaring at him. She lets out a low chuckle as he quickly leaves, almost wetting himself in fear of the latina who was known for her evil mind. "Ass" she mutters, turning back to her food. "Hey, where are you going?" she asks as Rachel stands and abruptly leaves the table, storming out of the cafeteria.

"Shouldn't we go after her?"Brittany wonders out loud and her girlfriend shakes her head.

"No, leave her to it, we can talk to her after school. If I talk to her now she'll probably just piss me off" the latina replies, her eyes following Rachel as she violently pushes through the door. "She's probably just having a bad day, we all have them baby" she softly tells the dancer, placing a gentle kiss to her temple. "Don't spend the rest of the day worrying"


Rachel groans in frustration, slamming her locker closed as she notices Jacob staring at her from his locker for the third time that day. She couldn't deal with him today, her day was already sucking without his help. She had overslept this morning, not enough to be late for school but just enough to not have time to work out, then she to endure her first class of the morning surrounded by cheerios without Quinn there to make her feel comfortable and now that freak, Jew-fro was following her.

"Stop following me Jacob" she snaps at him as she stalks past, pivoting her hips to avoid the hand that he had thrown out to grasp at her.

"Come on Berry, you know that you want me" he tells her in his whiny voice, "Why would you want to be with anyone but me. I could spank you if that's what you're worried about" Rachel whips around to face him. "Thought that would get your attention" he smirks as she walks back towards him.

"What are you talking about?" she demands innocently, wondering how the hell he would know about that.

"Oh come off it Berry, I know how your dykes like to keep you in line" Rachel surprises even herself when she slaps him across the face. He lets out a girlish squeal, holding a hand to his face. "You'll regret that" he snaps. "Everyone will get to hear all about how bad berry gets punished on my blog" He lets out a surprised yelp when the diva launches at him, her fists flying and obscenities falling from her mouth.

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