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Chapter 9

Jacob lets out another small sob as the nurse presses the ice-pack to his eye. She gives him a reassuring smile, "I'll be right back Jacob, I just have to go talk to principal Figgins about your injuries" He gives the nurse a small nod as she leaves the room and lets out a pained sigh before grabbing his laptop bag. The boy freezes as Puck, Mike and Kurt enter the nurses office.

"How you doing?" Puck asks in a faux polite voice. "Looks like Berry got you good"

"What are you doing here Puck?" Jacob squeaks out.

"Well you know I had that you were trying to spread rumours against my girls and we're not going to stand for that" Puck growls, stepping into Jacob's personal space.

"We thought we'd let you know that there will be consequences if you post your lies on your blog" Mike tells him, squaring his shoulders.

"I only write the truth, you don't scare me" Kurt laughs at the boys lies.

"I'll tell you this once Jew-fro, you will not post anything about the girls, you get me?" Jacob gulps loudly as Puck cracks his knuckles, glaring at him.

"Ok I won't post it" Jacob surrenders.

"Good, now leave" Mike snaps, his glare silencing any argument the boy may have about needing to be here. He lets out a laugh as the scared boy runs past them and out of the room.

"Well that was easy" Puck grins, "What an idiot! No-one would have believed him anyway, As if Lopez would go over anyone's knee" he laughs.

"Totally" Mike smirks.


Santana sighs as she enters the living room, slumping onto the couch next to Quinn. "She's sleeping, painkillers knocked her out" Quinn nods, not taking her eyes off of Rachel who is sitting quietly in the recliner opposite them.

"Rachel" the diva looks up at the sound of Quinn's voice, "Tell us everything that happened baby" The blonde says, sliding away from Santana to make room for Rachel in between them, smiling when the diva complies.

"Jacob was taunting me, saying that I should be with him. That he would, you know..punish me if I needed it" Rachel blushes, staring at her knees as her girlfriends look at each other warily over her head.

"How do you think he knows?" Quinn directs her question at Santana who shrugs.

"He's a little creep, he was probably eavesdropping on us, Puck's dealing with it anyway. He won't be passing any information on" she smirks and Quinn rolls her eyes before turning back to Rachel.

"We understand why you got angry at him and we know you didn't mean to hurt Brittany. She knows that too. What we're mad about it is that fact that you attacked him Rachel. You can't just attack people" Quinn states sternly.

"Santana gets into fights all the time" Rachel replies petuantly, causing Santana to glare at her.

"Yeah and you remember what happened after it, don't you?" the latina snaps."And you know what'll happen if you have a bad attitude towards us" Rachel at least has the good grace to look ashamed of herself. "If you hadn't interrupted, we would have told you that I'm not going to spank you, not for something that I struggle with as well" Santana concludes.

"But I will be getting spanked?" Rachel asks, looking at Quinn who nods.

"We have to talk about this first though Rachel" The blonde states, "You got suspended, we talked about this when Britt got detention last week, getting suspended is much worse"

"I know" Rachel murmers, "I am sorry, I just lost it" Santana takes Rachel's hand in hers and squeezes gently.

""I get it Rach, It's easy to lose control of yourself and we appreciate the fact that you were defending our relationship but violence doesn't solve anything. I know I sound like a hypocrite but I now how you guys feel everytime I lose my temper and get into a fight." Santana murmers gently, "It's something that I need to learn to control and I'll get punished when I slip up, just like you do with your tantrums in Glee" she smirks and Rachel blushes.

"Which room is Brittany sleeping in?" Quinn asks.

"Mine" Santana answers, "I figured you'd want to use the room with the empty corner"

"Thanks" Quinn rolls her eyes before turning her attention back to Rachel, "Are you staying here tonight?" Rachel nods. "Ok well, go to my room, pajamas on and in the corner please" Quinn orders gently and the diva pouts before leaving them alone in the living room.

"I'm worried Q" Santana says quietly, "What if he still tells people anyway? We get so much crap already" Quinn is surprised to see the latina looking so vulnerable, she wraps her arms around her, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead. "People already think we're freaks" she hears her girlfriend murmer. "My mom does, hell she hates me for it" the latina says, quickly swiping at her face in an attempt to hide the tears that had already fallen.

"She doesn't hate you sweetie" Quinn whispers soothingly, "She's just in shock and doesn't understand it, she'll come around eventually, I promise you. As for Jacob telling people, well if he does then we'll deal with it together, you don't have to be the protector all the time. "It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, we all love each other and we're happy, that's all that matters" Quinn uses her thumb to wipe a tear from Santana's face. "I know you miss your mom but it will get better baby"

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