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She had always been beautiful to him. Even in first year when they arrived to the castle soaked from the rainy boat ride. But the years had blessed her with more beauty and grace that the year before. Being young and naive, he had never quite known how to gain her attention. Upon subtle perusal of the older students and the, at the time brilliant, advice given to him by his friends, it was decided that shows of magical ability and a cocky demeanour would win the day. Oh how wrong he was.

His efforts to gain her love and admiration over the next six years was met with some very choice words and more snubs than he cared to remember. By seventh year he had all but given up. He lapsed into a cordial relationship. Gone were the days of flirty remarks and fancy wand-work. Even the hexing of Snivellus dropped to a minimum. Self defence only. He stopped being James Potter: Marauder and Handsome Devil Extraordinaire. He simply became James.

And then it happened. She liked him back. Well, that was a bit of an understatement. She pretty much attacked him at one of the Heads meetings during a discussion of when to hold the next Hogsmeade date. Such joy should have been illegal but he felt it every time he looked at her, just like he was doing now.

She was sitting on the window ledge next to his bed in the Gryffindor dorm. Dressed only in her white camisole and underwear she looked like a goddess. The sun was playing with her hair, illuminating all the reds and blonds. Glorious.

"What are you smiling about over there?" Her voice was soft, quiet and more beautiful than any music on earth.

He could only shake his head in response as he slipped out between the scarlet and gold sheets of the bed and over to her.

His fingers traced from her ankle, over her bended knee and up her side coming to a stop just under the soft swell of her breast. His other hand traced her jaw, gently moving her hair back and exposing one delicate ear. He bent slowly toward her nuzzling the soft skin under her jaw until he was able to press a soft kiss to the shell of her exposed ear.

"Marry me" he whispered.

"What?" her voice no louder than his.

He pressed into her closer, the hard plains of his body moulding to the soft contours of hers. The feeling of home.

"Marry me. Marry me because in two weeks we graduate and I can't stand the thought of not seeing you every day. Marry me because you make me crazy with the need to make you smile. Marry me because I can't breathe when I think about a future without you. Marry me because I love you, and I will never stop. Please Lily. Just marry me."

Her hands slid through his hair, pushing him back just enough to look into the eyes that enchanted him all those years ago.

"Yes James. I will marry you."

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