Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, just like to have some fun with them.

He was impossible.

No, he was improbable.

Sheldon Lee Cooper stood there telling me that the very way I folded my clothes was wrong, he really thought he knew everything and everyone else knew nothing, especially me, Penny.

He stood next to his silly foldie thingie and continued to fold all his clothes. Sometimes I just wanted to just shut him up.

Shut up Sheldon about cotton thread count and damage to fabric, I really I don't care.

I turned to look at him. Hunched over his fold-a-matic all the time continuing to tell me how to wash and fold my clothes. He was folding a pair of socks, who folds socks? I had to shut him up, and I knew just the way to do it.

I placed down the shorts that I had in my hand and within 2 paces I had reached him, so close to him that I knew it infringed on his personal space, but I didn't care. He moved backwards to try to get away from me, but I soon had him pinned up against the washing machines. He couldn't go anywhere. He asked me what I was doing. I pushed up closer to him, his body felt really warm to the touch, my right hand had moved up to reach his hair and had secured a grip on it, my left hand had involuntary moved itself to his chest. He smelt nice.

I was so close to him now that we were pressed body to body, I could feel his every twitch.

I stood up on tip toe. My lips reached him, I could feel his terror, but I was going to be ruthless. Our lips touched and I bite his bottom lip, he froze at my touch, nothing personal, he just hadn't been kissed before, not like I was going to kiss him that's for sure. I finally found something that he knew nothing about, and I was just going to give him a lesson.

My tongue touched his bottom lip and licked it, his lips were really soft to the touch, such a shame I thought, what a waste. I pushed against his lips with my tongue and felt his lips give way, my tongue ventured into his mouth, he didn't know what to do. All the time I kept biting his bottom lip, and surprisingly he just kept still. He could have pushed me off, but he didn't.

I tilted my head slightly and he did the same, I could feel his lips relax and his tongue touch against mine. I felt his body push towards me, I did an involuntary step back and he followed me, our lips never parting. He bit my bottom lip, our tongues touched and I heard a moan. It was me, I had moaned, this wasn't going the way I expected. His lips parted more and I felt him bite my lower lip again, he was such a quick learner.

I pulled away, I blinked and looked into his blue eyes, which kept a steady glance into mine. Neither of us said anything.

I stepped back from him, all the time not taking my glance away from him. He hadn't blinked.

I grabbed my laundry and I turned and walked out of the laundry room. My god what had I done. I meant it to be a bit of fun, to teach him a lesson, but I think I just learnt something.