Author's Notes

This is one of the stupidest fics I've ever written, but it just popped out of nowhere, so I figured I might as well go ahead and write it up. I never did figure out exactly what colour Kouichi's socks are in the anime anyway. I figured is a cross between brown and purple, not quite beige but that's the closest named colour I can say.

By the way, we Australians spell it 'colour' as opposed to the American 'color.'



Kouji and Takuya can find anything to argue about, even about something as ridiculous as the colour of Kouichi's socks.

Kouji M & Takuya K

'They're brown.'

'I'm telling you, they're purple.'

Izumi looked as though she wanted to interrupt the two best friends, but thought better of it, settling for a simple glare that was ignored.



Junpei shook his head in exasperation. 'Of all the random topics...'

Tomoki blinked at him, before looking at the two still wrapped up in their argument. 'How did this happen again?'

'Those two can fight about anything. Seriously.'

'Are you colourblind or something?'

'Are you? They're obviously purple.'

'You must be shy a few cones. They're brown.'

'Maybe you're just shy a few brain cells. They're purple.'

Izumi face-palmed her forehead. 'Thank God Kouichi's late and doesn't have to hear this.'

'I dunno,' Junpei pointed out. 'He could probably stop them. He'd know which answer's right for one thing. I mean, they are his.'

'What are mine?' Kouichi's voice suddenly said from behind them, causing the three to jump.

'When did you get here?' the youngest blinked, before finding that Takuya and Kouij were still engrossed in their 'conversation'.

'Just now,' the elder twin replied, before looking at the arguing pair yourself.



'They're arguing about colours?' Kouichi asked, torn between annoyance and amusement.

'Actually,' the eldest looked a little awkward here, looking at the other's feet as he took his shoes off. 'Black?'

'Huh?' Blue eyes blinked at him, confused.

'Your socks, they're black.'

They were, as Izumi and Tomoki looked too, causing the boy wearing them to shuffle a little in embarrassment. 'Sure.'

The three looked at each other. 'Black is nothing like brown or purple. What exactly are they on about?'

Kouichi blinked, a small blush starting to form. 'They're arguing about the colour of my socks?'

'Hey!' Kouji had apparently noticed the arrival of his brother. 'What colour were your socks in the Digital World?'

'Oh,' Junpei muttered. 'Those socks.'

'What?' Kouichi was getting increasingly baffled.

'Your socks,' he repeated. 'In the Digital World?'

'And you expect me to remember that? I didn't even remember our exams were supposed to finish off today till I got to school.'

'You didn't have to do one, did you?' the blonde asked, concerned. 'I mean, that was your first day back and all.'

'No,' he reassured. 'The teachers are allowing me to sit them next week.'

'Colour?' Takuya asked.

Kouichi's expression was becoming rather bemused. 'I don't remember.'

'Do you have them?'

'What? Of course not. I don't carry spare socks around.'

'I mean at home.' Brown eyes rolled as a piercing blue glared.

The elder twin thought for a minute, before shaking his head. 'Left them at the hospital.'

'Drat. We'll never know for sure who's right.'

'So, ready to accept defeat?'

'No way! I still say it's purple.'

All four sighed.