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Life's Choices


The wedding of King Endymion and Neo-Queen Serenity was a beautiful affair. The people of earth rejoiced as Endymion and Serenity took the throne. Everyone fell into their new roles quite easily in the newly formed Crystal Tokyo.

A few months after the wedding, Serenity was very happy to learn that she was pregnant again. She went running through the palace to Endymion's private office. Savannah was playing quietly on the floor by her father's desk.

"Good afternoon, darling." Endymion greeted his wife as she burst into the room.

"Endy, you will never guess what I just found out!" Serenity said excitedly, trying to catch her breath.

"Well, if I am never going to guess, why don't you just tell me?" Endymion rose from his chair and went over to his wife.

"Do you remember a certain pink haired little girl from our past?" Serenity asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Rini? What about her?"

"She will be here in a few months." Serenity smiled at her husband's confused expression. "I'm pregnant, Endy."

"Oh, Sere, that's wonderful!" He pulled her into his arms and swung her around. Savannah, who had been watching them, toddled over to her father.

"Me next, me next, Papa." She said with her arms lifted in the arms. Endymion chuckled as he set his wife back on her feet and picked up his daughter. He did as she asked and swung her around like he had her mother.

"Vannah, you are going to be a big sister. Mommy is going to have a baby." Endymion told his child.

"Baby?" Savannah questioned.

"Yes, sweetheart, a baby." Serenity laughed at her daughter's innocence, knowing that in a few years she would probably lose that sweet innocence forever. But she pushed those thoughts from her mind as she thought about how in a few months her little family would finally be complete.

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