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"You sure you're okay with this grandpa?" Colt asked his grandfather as the family is set around the table having breakfast. "Because we could go with you this summer instead?"

"Jeffrey." His mother replied to the offer for her father; voice stern and telling her second child to mind his manners as their father is sitting right at the other end of the table. "Your dad has been planning this trip for months. You boys can't always spend your summers with your grandfather. He needs some alone time too."

"As opposed to the partying he does throughout the non-summer months." Colt retorts, then turning his grandfather he places a hand on the man's shoulder. "Grandpa, you should really cut back on that, you need some alone time."

Sam and Jessica Douglas didn't find it as amusing as Mori had, and the elderly, but still sharp as a tack, ninja master cut his laughter short. Deciding to get on his daughter's side, Mori cleared his throat and offered his respectful go ahead to the teen. "Your mother is right, you need to spend some time with your father."

"Mom's in the same boat he is when it come to time share- ow!" He glances at his older brother, who's seated beside him. "But you don't see her coming along- Rocky, kick me again and I swear!" The fourteen year old balled up his fist holding it to his brother's viewpoint to show he meant business.

"Colt, give it a rest." Rocky replied to the threat. "This is gonna be cool, and besides, we can always spar with each other out in the woods. Maybe we can even teach dad a thing or two?"

Sam smiled at the thought. "Oh sure, a rusty guy like me needs more work with his hand to hand combat skills. I'd love to see what you've learned."

Under his breath, and with a bite of cheesy scrambled eggs before his chattering mouth, Colt says. "Never cared to see before."

Tum Tum shook his head in disbelief. Why does Colt always have to be impossible? Camping sounds really cool. And honestly, he does want to spend some time with their father. Its about time in Tum Tum's book! He was beginning to think that the man loved his job more than them, secretly of course, he would never share these feelings outloud. Deciding to steer the conversation to a better place, the youngest of the Douglas brother's says. "Can we fish over at the Arklay mountains, Dad? Is there a river or pond?"

Glad that at least 2 of his kids wants to hang out with him, Sam nods. "A river filled with silver fish, and snapper."

"Awesome. I've never fished before- except for with Corey's dad that one weekend, but I didn't catch anything."

Corey Rosenberge is Tum Tum's best friend, he does everything with the boy.

"I'm more looking forward to the mountain climbing. Going up rock walls and the youth center isn't the same as the real thing." Rocky chimes in on the list of fun-filled activites that can be done on this camping trip.

Colt could take a hint, he wasn't going to naysay anymore about the trip. He'll just roll with the punches. Besides, he's not against the great outdoors. Their grandpa had them sleep in a cave once- a ninja has to find shelter in various places; if a ninja must rest that is. Usually its downtime from a really hectic battle, and you need to recover. Colt wondered if they'd see any dangerous animals out in the forest. Will their dad bring his gun along for just incase? It seemed like a smart idea to him because Colt isn't exactly sure how ninja would fair up to a bear or mountain lion.

"Tell me when you're going, I wanna make sure the boys have a few things." Mori questions.

"Don't worry, Mori, we've got everything we need for the trip." Sam informs his father-in-law.

"I'll just pack a few kunai, maybe a shurikan or three?"

Colt snickered quietly. He could always count on grandpa to truly be on his side. He understands him; a fitting nickname like 'Colt' is proof of that. Not like Jeffrey, I mean really, where was the pride in that? At least he isn't Samuel. Poor Rock', just one of the unlucky breaks of being born first. Parents always want a legacy, although, having 'the II' after his name would be pretty cool.

"We're fine." Insists Sam finishing up with his meal in the last few bites. "We'd better get moving if we're gonna get there in daylight."

"Awesome! This is gonna be so cool!" Jumping up from his seat, Tum tum was sure to nab three more muffins from the basket before heading into the living room to grab up his backpack.

Its equipt with everything he needs; their father took them shopping on Tuesday for supplies: compasses, fishing lures, pocket knives, cantines, new sleeping bags, and lunch boxes for holding fruit. Mom insisted they eat something other than fish, and packed them some raw vegetables for sides. Their hiking boots and climbing gear came last since it was the most expensive and needed the most attention put toward it.

Everyone seemed to be in motion all at once after the youngest departed from the table. Their mother was gathering her men into a firm hug, kissing them, and saying that she loves them, to have a good time, and not to give their father a hard time, and for Sam not to lose his temper- Tum's farely sure that that comment was meant mostly for his and Colt's sake, since the two always seemed to be butting heads. Tum tum waited for her to move in on him and opened his arms to the onslaughter of love.

"Bye mom, bye grampa. I'll miss you guys."

Colt smiled at how open youth could be about their feelings. Tum tum would have to man up a bit while their out in the woods. Otherwise the squirt could get eaten by a raccoon or something. "I'm gonna pack the car," He says to anyone listening, which he doubted that anyone was over their 'so long' commotion. Opening the front door, he isn't the least bit surprised that he almost ran into Emily Heart, Rocky's girlfriend- in her dreams anyway.

"Hi, Colt." She greeted in the usual, I-was-just-minding-my-own-business-when-I-noticed-you-coming-out-of-your-home-and-thought-I'd-say-hi-, kind of way.

Colt never bought it, Tum tum never bought it, Rocky didn't either but he played along pretty well. He was only really shy around Emily because he knew that she liked him and he doesn't really want a realationship like that. Its understandable to act a little cautious and hesitant about what you say in the presence of a girl who can't take a hint after knowing a guy since kindergarten.

Shaking his head in disbelief that she couldn't even try a new act out, he replied nicely. "Hey." Before moving on to the car to do as he'd said he would, which is pack it full of the items they've bought through the week.

Being outside, gear in hand, he really feels an air of excitement rush through him. True, he'd rather be doing ninja this summer, but this camping trip could turn out to be pretty cool too. Maybe he and Dad will really find a new kind of appreciation for each other. Closing the driver's door after he popped the trunk open, Colt glances at his advancing family. Laughter rang from his throat the minute he spots his father beneath the kakhi colored safari hat. How can his father dress like Steve Irwin when he's trying to be cool? They're not going on a safari, they're going camping. Oh well, at least he isn't sporting heavy sunblock on his nose. Now that would tip the scale of 'extremely embarrassing'; and Colt would sooner get lost in the woods than be seen within ten feet of a man who looked like that.

"Catch a lot of fush, boys!" Jessica called from the doorway. "Oh, hello Emily." She seemed to say, almost as if she were alerting Rocky that the girl was kind of ampted for his attention.

Mission successful, the older male cast his dual colored gaze to the girl. "Hi, Emily. Did you hear that we're going camping?" He assumed Colt would have told her.

"No. Is that what all this commotion is about?" She smiled, her posture shifting completely when Rocky spoke to her. She was like a puppy in the park, glad that a human decided to give her some food- she didn't even have to do tricks.

"Yeah, we're going with our Dad."

As if it were his cue, he called to his eldest son. "Give me your bag, we have to get this stuff in here neatly."

"Okay!" He called over to the man, and to Emily he says. "Excuse me," Before walking to the car to hand off his bag. It would be another five or so minutes before the car is packed properly, so he came back over to speak to the girl.

"I'm glad that you guys are gonna be around this summer. I'm used to you going to your grandpa's place in the next city."

"Oh, we won't be as close," Rocky shakes his head. "we're going to Montana, up in the Arklay mountains. We checked it out online, the place is really beautiful- I'll make sure to show you the pictures when we get back."

Grinning, she nods. "That'd be great. How long will you be gone for?"

"About two weeks."

"So after that, you'll be at home?"

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, unless grampa wants to take us to his cabin afterwards?" With a shrug of his shoulders, he adds. "I'm not sure."

"Oh. Well... I'll see you when you get back then."

"Yup. See ya Em'."


Mori and Jessica had to feel for the girl. She just didn't take the hints, but it was sweet to watch all the same. Young love. Mori had to think that Sam was lucky that Jessica had 3 sons, and maybe would never experience it with a girl. Its much more different when its a girl. Instead of being happy for them, you wanna get out your katana and tell the suiter that he'd better make curfew or else. The three watch the car roll down the street until its out of sight; they could hear the 3 boys singing away some idiotic song involving Batman and Rudolf the red nosed reign deer.

"Well their gone." Jessica says to no one in particular. "Would you like to come in for some tea, Emily? We have muffins?"

"I'd love to." Following Jessica and Mori into the home, she closes the door behind herself.

"Can you believe how many different birds I've seen already?" Rocky lowers the binoculars from his eyes. "Almost five!"

Rolling his eyes, Colt lowers his gaze back to his comic books, mumbling under his breath. "You know how many times I've said you're an idiot for watching birds?"

"I heard that," Rocky retorts, though his tone bares no fang. "And its really cool, Colt. You should have look." Holding out his binoculars to his brother, he's a little surprised that they're actually taken from him. And he's not surprised at all when they are thrown into the woods.

Sighing, in aggitation, Rocky swats his brother on the head when passing by to retrieve his abused item. Tum tum and Sam are gathering sticks to burn so they can get dinner going. The 4 days that they've been out here, so far were great. They've hiked up a trail and looked down into the sweep of forest green. The view is amazing from up high, miles of green all around them, and blue mountain peaks. The humidity isn't as hot here as it is in L.A., which was a real treat and break from the heat.

"I hope we catch some fish." Rocky says while off in the distance. "Maybe we could try to cook them in a way other than charring them today."

Chuckling, Colt shakes his head. "Doubt it. Unless you know something that none of us do?"

"Maybe. We clean fish for grampa all the time." Dropping himself down beside his brother, he grabs a free comic flipping through the pages. "I've seen this recipe on the cooking channel for fruit that you can put on fish."

"I hope it doesn't taste too sweet. You know I'm a salty guy." Colt grinned cheekily.

"Yeah, yeah."

A loud boom called their attention to the left. It was right then that their Dad and Tum tum emerged from the forest; a large pile of sticks in hand.

"What was that?" Tum tum wondered as if his brother's were onsight with the sound.

"Don't know." Rocky stood up as if his field of vision were much farther than it is. "Maybe a tree fell?"

"I don't think a tree sounds like that," Colt chimed in.

"Could be coal miners." Sam guessed. "They could be blowing through a mineshaft."

"That's cool." Tum tum decided, and then turned his attention to the bigger picture. Dinner. "We've got more sticks. I got bit up by more mosquitos than I wanted to, but it was worth it for a meal." He's already setting them up, ready to start a fire.

The kids already know how to do such things, but when they arrived they allowed their father the pleasure of feeling as though he were the one spreading this knowledge to them for the first time rather than Mori. Although, secretly, every guy pretty much knows how to start a fire at anytime, and anywhere. Its a guy thing. The boys once got a fire going by just rubbing 2 bricks together rigorously, before dropping them onto a small pile of straw. It lit up like a brush fire, which they quickly put out by stamping on it. At the time, it was hilarious and cool, but they'd never do something like that now. Much too dangerous.

"Fire's going." Tum announced backing away from the crackling flames. Hands brushing against his pant legs to remove the bits of twig clinging to him.

"Rocky's gonna make us a fruit salsa." Colt informed them.

"I saw it on the cooking channel." Rocky shrugged as if for a man it were no great feat. "I just need a pan."

Sam dug around in the supply bag until he located one. Handing it off to his son, he smiled. "Its gonna be nice to have something other than charred fish."

"I said that same thing." Colt offered the man a smile.

"If that's the case we should break into the hot dogs and beans." Tum tum said after swallowing a gulp of water.

Another boom caught their attention.

"Hope they don't get too close. That could be dangerous." Tum tum perked his posture trying to gain some of that long-range sight as Rocky had been.

"We should be fine." Sam flips the fish over in the pan. He set up a long little rack that transfers into an almost grill in appearance, with the way it heats up to double as a stove. Rocky is occupying the other side of it with his pan of fruit.

"Tell us about when you were younger Dad, was it easy starting out on the force?" Rocky asked to break the slowly growing silence in the area.

"The force... it wasn't easy. I failed my arms test three times."

Snickering, Colt comments. "And you're always getting on me to study. I didn't know you had life experience of failure."

"What? You actually believe that your oldman is perfect?" Sam seemed humored and almost proud at the idea of that.

"Full-grown with a briefcase, Dad." Chuckled Colt.

The other two snickered as well.

Shaking his head, Sam replied. "Not me, I was a real pest- just like you. But my oldman would never let me get away with it. It was his idea that his son fly straight, and like him, I joined the force. I hated it at first, all the other startes seemed to know their stuff... I was just kind of there for my Dad's sake."

"But you like it now, don't you?"

"Oh sure! Its not just the little things anymore. My job has become a whole big picture now." Sam looked up at the sky as if his childhood were projecting there like a movie. "I thought you'd have all the girls in the world, they love a man in uniform." He laughed when his kids scrunched their noses in thought of himself getting a lot of female attention other than their mother. "I thought awards for bravery, donuts," He laughed about that as yes, he has had a lot of donuts in his policing days. "But no, its saving people that makes me feel how much I love my job."

"Sort of like how we love ninja, huh, guys?" Tum looked at his brothers, who nod in agreement.

"Yeah." His brothers agree.

"I'm glad that you boys have ninja..." Sam said in a serious tone. He wanted the boys to know this, and has been meaning to say so for a long time but, its just so damned hard to bring up when the kids beam at you, but not because their happy to see you but rather that they've had a wonderful summer, via someone else, and can't wait to share. But to Sam it stung and came off more as rubbing it in rather than sharing the wealth of joy. "You may think that I disapprove,"

"Because you do." Colt chided.

"Colt, shh!" Hissed Rocky.

"No, its true. You boys light up when you're back from your grandfather's cabin." He's picking bits of bark from a twig. "Its good to see. But I often wonder if I'll so much as get the chance to make you that happy. I can teach you a lot of things as well."

"I'd be glad to do anything with you, Dad." Rocky exclaimed. "Just name it! Camping with you now has been a blast! Grampa will be sure tp hear all about it."

Colt had to somewhat roll his eyes at his older brother's enthusiasm. It always cusped on the verge of lacking in Colt's opinion. But their father seemed to bite, because he grinned like a school boy.

"Really? How 'bout after dinner I teach you kids how to shoot a gun? And you can, uh, teach me some ninja tricks."

That seemed to grab Colt's attention. "Would you really teach us how to shoot a gun?" He didn't even know that his father had brought his gun.

"Sure. Its not the same as with your video games," This he said to Rocky, who is addicted to shooter games right now. "You actually have to work on aim, get past the recoil."

"Recoil?" Tum tum seemed to almost taste the word in his mouth. "What's that?"

"Its the time it takes for the gun to be ready to fire another bullet, the fire also pushed the gun back at you- depending on the strength of the fire."

Sam was almost glowing with how enthralled his children seemed to be with the conversation. He was sure that they'd be responsible with the knowledge. It might even save their life one day- well, maybe not. Which is why, deep down, he's very proud of the boys for having ninja skills. It keeps them away from guns. It also helps them defend themselves from bullies around the neighborhood or at school. He doesn't want to acknowledge it with his own children, but he knows that their are children who pick on them from time to time; trying to get them riled up. When it comes to Jeffrey that's not exactly hard to do as just about anything will set the boys mouth off, which in turn makes the aggressor even more liable to react and bully him back harder. Rocky tries to alleviate the situations but that only gets him involved as well. His older brother Anthony was a Rocky, helpful and trying his hardest to keep him out of trouble. His son would probably be very surprised to know just how similar they truly are. Maybe he'd share some of his past with them while they're teaching each other methods of self defense.

Dinner was delicious; Rocky should watch the cooking channel more often it seemed, as they all came back for seconds of his fruit salsa. They discussed what to do with the hot dogs they'd be having tomorrow, and Tum tum whipped out a bag of marshmallows for a quick s'mores while he watched Rocky taking his turn with the gun. Sam showed them where the safety was, and how to put it into place and remove it for when they want to fire. How it keeps the gun in an almost safe mode while you're moving about. They had no idea that guns could misfire by being jostled too much. Sam set up a target by using some tape to make rings on a piece of paper. Hanging it from the tree, he explained the best method to get the aim exact was not to focus on the front of the gun but the little knot at the front of the barrel. He told them to look between the slit.

"Take aim..." Sam nodded. "Fire."

The gun went off, and Rocky felt the shake through his arms. He actually felt like a novice for squeezing the trigger with two fingers instead of one. It was amazing how strange it felt in real life rather than the virtual one. "Amazing." He grinned like a happy little child seeing bubbles floating in the air for the first time. "Can I fire it again?"

Proud, Sam nodded. "Now that you've got the feel of it firing off, steady it by holding one hand underneath and the other around the handle. Part your legs a bit, now fire."

This time instead of flying completely beneath the target as the first bullet had, the paper flapped hard in the breeze as the middle ring took a direct hit.

"Good job, Rocky." Tum tum cheered over a mouth full of gummy bears.

"Thanks." He grins. Taking aim, he fired too more shots but never hit the bullseye. He didn't care though, he was very proud of himself for hitting the target at all. "Here Colt."

Colt was gung-ho and couldn't wait to fire the gun off. "Shit." He spat out when missing the target. It really didn't seem that it should be hard, but he missed the target time and time again, he'd even struck the tree! Thankfully his brothers weren't laughing at him, and if they were they kept it too quiet to be heard. Their father came over to him and helped him get into a better position.

"Usually, you should keep the gun leveled with where you neck begins and your chin ends." Explained Sam.

"Oh yeah?"

Nodding, their father then takes the gun from Colt. "You see, its merely a shift up." The gun went off hitting the target in the center. "Or down," Again the gun fires off hitting the target just below the bullseye. "to the center points. But those are kill shots, if you want to injure but not kill- which I think you should aim for when in combat- you keep it even with your chest and aim down diagonal." Try to hit that fern growing beside the trunk."

Taking the gun into his grasp, Colt took aim remembering to keep the level to his chest as his father instructed. Wetting his lips in concentration, he fires. "I hit it!" He cheered. "Did you see that?" He looked to his brothers, who nodded and gave him a thumbs up. "Where did I hit the guy?" Colt asked their father.

"That's equivalent of a knee level. Its good to fire at a persons knee if you don't want to kill them."

"Oh. Well can you lower the target? Maybe I can nail the guy in the chest." Colt walks over to the target to do just that.

When Colt was finished lowering the target, Sam told him to reposition the gun at neck level. "Just aim up or down."

This time when Colt fired he hit the bullseye right off. "Yeah!" He pumped his fist in the air.

"Me next!" Getting up from the laying position he was in, Tum tum- with sticky fingers- takes the gun from his brother. "Where should I aim, dad?"

After going over all the safety rules and exampling it to the younger child, who might have needed a refresher course, Sam moved the child into position. "Aim up or down for a chest shot. Or, for your height, you can go for the knee."

"Grandpa tells me that same thing. He said it when we were much younger, how we should aim low to bring to opponent down to our level then we strike at the higher locations like the head or chest since they've come down to our size."

"That's very smart of Mori; and true to life whether it be hand to hand combat or a gun."

"I'm going for the knee." Tum tum says while aiming the gun for the fern Colt had shot.

The 3 boys practice 3 clips away easy, then their father gave them a bit of impress with how well a shot he is. They loved it, and readily jumped at the chance to go to the shooting range with their father once they got home. Sam, embarrassed but willing, stands now in first position to do a rolling kick. In his boots he managed to stay on his feet, but he still wobbled terrible in the turn. It gave the boys so much to laugh about, but they just ate it up that their father was doing it, and with zero complaint other than he should tug his pants up a bit for certain moves, his crotch is getting squashed. The kids thought they'd meet their end from laughter when Sam went for a flying jump kick right into a shrub.

With such a wonderful day it was hard to imagine that anything could go wrong right then.


It was so weird how it had happened. One minute they were sleeping, almost, they had just finished chattering on about this and that that they've missed in each others lives- the kids aren't always around each other- and that conversation turned into looking at the stars. The serene of star gazing closed their eyes in a drowsy fog, but before they could hit dream land they all shot up in their bags.

"What's the matter?" Sam asked, flash light in hand on and shining. He isn't ninja intuned as they are, so he assumed it was a bear or something.

The boys have been awaked by their grandfather many a morning to know when they're falling under attack- even a false one. But this was no practice run, something was out there and moving in fast.

"Get up..." Rocky says authoritavely. "Everybody get up." He's in battle stance waiting for the attack. Good thing he didn't change into nothing but boxers and a t-shirt. Last thing that Rocky would want is to open combat in his underwear. Colt and Tum tum take position next to Rocky.

Sam, on the otherhand, gets up and grabs his gun. He wasn't as amped to watch the boys fight first-hand when it could just be a hiker. "Is anybody there?" He called out. "I'm an F.B.I agent. If you need help then-..."

His words are cut off when sprinting through the forest thick is a mangled looking-...

"Is that a dog?" Tum tum asked trying to get a better look by craning his neck and bobbing his head back and forth to get a better patch of moonlight to see with.

"Uuum, it seems like its a lot of dogs." Colt chimed in.

They were surrounded within seconds of the first dog revealing itself. And they would have been damned confused about exactly what was the meaning of it- believing it to be hunters and their pack of track dogs- but one of the dogs lunged at Colt only to be knocked over the head by the butt of the handgun his father held. The other dogs didn't seem to take this lightly and they charged them. Sam shot a few; the boys kicked and punched a good many of them to back off but that didn't keep them from trying for them again and again.

"These dogs must have rabies or something!" Tum tum exclaimed, he was already heading away from the area. "We have to get out of here." He called over his shoulder.

"Tum tum!" Rocky called after him running.

"Samuel, Michael! Don't run off!" Sam shouted.

"Come on, come on!" Colt grabbed his father by the arm, tugging his father away from a bite on the leg he didn't see coming his father's way.

Colt would never run from a dog, not normally. But these dogs were anything but normal because the ones that their father shot didn't seem the least bit phased by it. Infact, they stood back up ready to charge again! That's the kind of thing that you'd understand of a bear but a dog? Its crazy!

"Tum tum, this way!" Rocky snagged his brother's wrist tugging him along to the right.

They can hear their father's gun going off behind them, Sam called on ahead for the boys to keep going and that he would try to hold off the dogs. They had to believe him, because nothing that they were doing seemed to be working. Growls seemed to surround them; how could those mutts have covered so much ground in such a short amount of time. They had a good leg up in the run. Could there be more than what were at the camp? This whole forest could be crawling with the crazed animals; they could have mated and crossbred with just about anything. It was possible, right?

"Ow!" Tum tum cried out when he'd tripped over a rock. He didn't care for being dragged, but he wasn't exactly going to pull himself free- what are a few scrapes compared to being mauled to death?

"I'm sorry, Tum," Rocky panted out.

Rocky wasn't sure where he was going but he was going there pretty damn fast. The sounds of their father grew further and further away but the sound of the hellhounds bounding behind them seemed to strengthen. The boys were on their last breath, they could tell they had to stop running and soon or they'd black out from overexertion.

"There! Do you see that!" Rocky cried out sprinting ahead with a sudden burst of new energy. "Its a house!" He knew he'd seen one when they took that hike the other day.

Out in the middle of the woods stood a large mansion of a home. It seemed like there was no path to it, it honestly didn't even seem like anyone lived in it. But someone had to! Unless its a vacation home, and the owners are out. Whatever the story, Rocky hoped that they were kind people and would let them in. Maybe they could call animal control once inside. The 3 boys nearly smacked into the double doors they were running so quickly; fist pounding on the doors they cried out over and over: Let us in! Let us in! But no one came to their aid. Tum Tum tried the door bell but got no response.

"Oh move, we can't wait!" Colt bellowed, grabbing the door knob and giving it a good turn he plowed on in when the door swung open.

Not about to be foolish and wait for an invite, Rocky and Tum tum followed after him. They slammed the door closed just in time to avoid the lunging rottweilers. The 3 ninjas collapsed to the floor instantly, they were so thoroughly out of breath they wondered if it would ever even out. Not even on their heftiest training days with grandpa were they ever this out of breath.

"Is it over now?" Tum tum asked, eyes closed and leaning heavily against the door.

4 loud bangs sound off in the distance. The 3 turn their heads in that direction.

"Dad!" Colt figured when he realized that the sound was gunshots.

"Colt," Standing, Rocky placed his arm before his brother's chest to stop him from rushing off. "it might not be him. Let me go check it out first. You two wait here."

"But Rocky, that sounds stupid. What if it isn't Dad? People don't just fire off guns without a reason, they could shoot at you too?"

"I know how to handle that... we all do. But incase something does go wrong-..."

"Rocky don't even say that." Tum tum commented.

"I know, but..." He shrugged. "Just wait here, please."

"Rocky?" Colt looks kindly at his brother. "Be careful."

After a nod of assurance, Rocky went left to a set of thick wooden double doors. He half expected to be met by a barrel of a gun but there was no one inside. Closing the door behind him, incase someone should leap out at him they at least won't see his brother's right away and that would give them a chance to escape. Looking from left to right as he moves down the length of a long dining room, Rocky wondered if maybe they had been mistaken about the sound. The windows revealed a tell tale sign that it was going to storm as flashes of lightning lit the darkened sky. Regardless of being on alert, Rocky had to admire the place. Its gorgeous. A long room decorated with beautiful light fixtures sticking out from tucks into the wall, a large grandfather clock is in the center of the right wall, a painting with two men in medievil combat is at the clocks right. It looked as if one man were stabbing the other in the chest, and that man was stabbing him through the head. Who'd want a painting like that? Two large windows with many panes takes up nearly all of the left wall Rocky is beside; his fingers are running along the tops of the many seats place beneath the very long dining table in the center of the room. Its rich mahogany color could almost be felt through his skin. The table was set for a meal it looked like: plates, silverware, glasses, napkins. Everything but the meal itself lay out on the table. The most noticable thing that someone lived here is that a fire is crackling away at the end of the lavish room. It looked fresh lit as well. Whoever was shooting at something definitely lives here. He hoped like anything that it wasn't some back-woods family that ate people, and sent their hellhounds out to find hikers, campers and the likes for dinner. And as far as their living in a mansion, he's seen the Beverly Hillbilies dozens of times. The lucky creeps could have hit the gas station lotto or something.

"Hello?" He tried out. Making first contact would let the owner know that they are friendly. "I'm sorry to just barge in like this but, we were being chased through the forest and needed shelter. We only need to wait around for a little bit, if you'll let us." Rounding the table he sees a single door on the right wall; its cracked open. The shooter must be on the other side through there. "Hello?" He called again, inching closer to the doorway. "Excuse me?" He gives the door a slight push open.

His ears are met with an odd sound that he can't right away identify. Like... maybe if you wet up a big old beach towel and squeeze it out really well, or maybe just plopped it into a large tub and stomped and squished the water out. Poking his head in a bit further when a bolt of lightning lit the hall, Rocky says a little louder. "Hello?"

There, in the short distance ahead of him, is a shadow of a person bent over some heap on the floor. Rocky hoped that it was one of those dogs, and that the shooter was just as lost and confused as they all were- or maybe if the shooter were the home owner and unfortunately one of the mutts got in through an open door or window. Walking into the dark hall, nothing but brief lightning flashes assist his handicapped vision. There is definitely a man crotched on the floor.

"Sir?" He assumed because of the pale bald head he's looking at. "Sir, would it be alright if he stayed here for a while? We were out camping in the forest when..."

Rocky silenced himself when the man seemed almost hyper alert to the fact that Rocky was only two feet away from him. How did he miss him speaking? Was he deaf? Maybe his hearing was only a bit impaired. But when the man began to slowly, very slowly, turn his head to face him Rocky's eyes bugged up wide enough to make an onlooker believe they'd come right out of his head. He tried to say something but no words were coming out; but his legs worked on their own and backed him up towards the door. The man's mouth was covered in blood! Bits of what looked to be dog food were speckled here and there around his mouth, thick spats of blood caked his broken teeth. Blind eyes look hungrily at Rocky and almost instantly when Rocky's hand hit the door knob to the dining room does this... he can't even consider him a man, he looks not a bit human to Rocky, but he stands abruptly up and comes rushing toward him. Hands reaching from outstretched arms and it staggered heavily, which seemed to be Rocky's saving grace because he'd made it through the door.

The light in the room illuminated the attacker making him look more gruesome than the lightning blinking hallway. He's a monster! And bleeding from holes that are in his chest, the dripping blood leaves a dotted red trail on the black and white checkered floor. Whomever was shooting was shooting at this thing. But... where is the shooter then if this thing is still...

"Oh no." Rocky concluded what happened to the man when remembering the blood around this things mouth. This steadily approaching thing!

Getting into battle stance, Rocky knew that he had to get this thing before it got him or found his brothers. Keeping quiet about his attack so that Colt and Tum tum don't come running to his rescue- if they could hear it over the loud booms that have started up. The storm must have gotten closer. The monster groaned as it sped forward to receive a hook kick from Rocky to the left side of its head. Staggering as if it never had balance at all, Rocky leapt into the air shooting his leg backward to kick the murderer in the chest. Landing so that he's still facing the monster, battle stance firmly in place, he felt kind of bad when seeing the creature stagger backward before it fell and cracked its head on the rim of the solid stone fireplace. A sickening, loud sound that could have easily split the back of its head open. But the sad part, kind of sad anyway, was watching it shrink lower to the floor after that and its head fell right into the roaring fireplace. At least he knew it was stopped. He'd better get back to Colt and Tum tum.

Rocky turned away and hurried to the double doors, he couldn't wait to meet up with his brothers. Hard as it was to admit it, he was pretty scared. What the hell was that thing anyway? He knew deep down, but he damn sure was not going to believe it. Grabbing the handle to the door, he froze. Behind him, it sounded as if the hall door had just been tugged shut. It couldn't be? No. Its better to just leave, regroup, and hopefully find their father. He should be catching up to them soon anyway.

"You guys, we need to go." Rocky says to his waiting brother's. The two are seated on a large staircase that breaks off in the middle heading left and right.

"Why? What did you see?" Colt asks.

"Was it Dad?" Tum tum stands to greet his brother.

Rocky shakes his head. "We just... shouldn't be here. It isn't right to break into someone's home without their consent."

"Rocky, screw consent. Do you wanna be mauled by those dogs out there?"

Honestly, Rocky would rather take his chances with the dogs than encounter another one of those mutant canibal things. But he knew his brothers knew nothing about that, and trying to force them out regardless would raise too many questions that he would have to answer, since to them leaving made no sense. So he shakes his head.

"Good. Don't lose your head. We'll stay here and wait for Dad."

"Right. Stay here." He stressed the 'here' for a reason. Taking a seat on the stairs, Rocky keeps his gaze on the dining room doors.

The three sit silently, listening to the raging storm outside. The large room seemed to absorb the booms going on outside, making them sound like nothing much but someone dropping a heavy pan to a bare floor or something close to that.

"Rocky, what about the shooting though. Did you find the person doing it?" Tum tum asked.

"No. I think they might be in a deeper part of the mansion by now. Those doors led me into a dining room."

"Oh." Tilting his head back, Tum tum takes in the expansion of the place. Its enormous! He can't image what the rest of the place must look like.

Pilars hold the frame to the large staircase that runs up either side of the upper floor, and 2 catwalks are at the top from there. A huge window is boxed in by 2 big paintings beside it. Tum tum stood up and walked up four more stairs for a better look. He can see that to his right is another set of double doors, and to his left is a single door. He can't tell what's beyond that because from the height he's standing the back end is blocked by the biggest chandelier he's ever seen.

"Wow." He muttered before returning to his seat beside his brothers.

"Rocky, we can't wait here forever. Maybe Dad found a back way in and he's looking for us. We should go find him." Colt insist.

Shaking his head, Rocky cast an unsteady glance at the dining room doors again. "No. We'll sit here."

"But who knows how long it will be before anyone finds us. We should go and look for the people who own this place."

He knew that his brother was past the point of figity, its Colt's way. When he sits too long he has to get up and go somewhere, anywhere or he'll explode.

"Colt, I think that waiting here is the best idea for right now. At least another hour."

"Another hour! Rocky, come on!"

Tum tum listened to his brothers argue for a moment, and when the time seemed right he made sure to be loud enough to be heard when he butted in. "Guys, I guess this would be a bad time to mention that I have to pee?"

There, Tum tum had Rocky. Rats.